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  1. Matthew_D

    is it me or is it more peer to peer now?

    since the update on bo4 I can say that everything is back to normal on my end with dedicated servers an stuff today. maybe not all was p2p but pretty sure it was cause I was connecting to people cause the domain id's was Comcast , an Verizon that are here in the U.S. but everything is ok now for me as of today. still people rubber banding around but that's treyarch lol
  2. does anyone know when the new os will come out for the xr500? or have an idea
  3. Matthew_D

    is it me or is it more peer to peer now?

    yes it does! haha I didn't wanna seem like I'm going crazy or the only one
  4. so pre update everything was fine now I can't join a game to save my life an the other thing was no matter how many times I reboot none of the dedicated servers pop up in my geo maybe like once in a blue moon. not like before where that's all that came up. now I'm getting peer to peer ? an that goes for the xr500 an then I switch to the r1just to see
  5. now I can't even find dedicated servers to pop up on the xr500 I switched over to on both its just peer to peer. nor get into a game! with this update on the game. I've tried resting the game multiple times with both routers an nothing just that or if I am to get a dedicated server I'm use to like 9 or 13 ms its all the way up to 100
  6. ok.. but it says 0-100 ping column on the side an the line going across when I was play was at 86ms or 90 ms on a dedicated server but I will give it another shot an reboot everything an retry today
  7. I just updated the r1 an been playing with it an trying to use the ping v2 feature but no ones really popping up. but when I click on the dedicated server its showing like 90 ms. I get like 10 or 12 or somewhere low around there on the xr500 any idea why this would be? Or has something changed with the update an I'm not getting what's going on ? I read something about tick rate an that tip at the bottom that close to 100 is good for gaming. so I don't know looking for help or it explained to me. I put the pin assist feature at 25 an then it did give Me around what I usually get for ping but idk if that where I should be or what?
  8. I can't even get on the website to even upgrade the r1. i type in the ip but it won't load.
  9. do you think I could use the xr500 for my router/modem I live in the U.S an have Verizon Fios an have a ethernet cable connected to the ont box. to use as my own
  10. Matthew_D

    Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

    never mind I already signed up an got the email for dumaos im assuming so an upgraded it once.
  11. Matthew_D

    Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

    where can I sign up for the open beta or just sign up so I can get a email when it goes live to upgrade ?
  12. well I got a tech out here I guess I made the mistake of not using my own router. but he did swap their modem out to see if it helped for a new one. an he actually ran a ethernet cable down stairs to the basement to the ont box this now added an connected to my router. he really didn't understand what I was saying an I showed him the pictures from my tests. I can only assume its the line to my house or its their router/modem of theirs even though I just got a brand new one. but when I ran a speed test it actually my ping dropped from like 14 to 8ms but....its still inconsistent on ping plotter. if I were to I guess to go my own route to fix this what router would you go with I have the xr500 or would you get like an actual router like a arris/Motorola or something else? obviously without the puma 6 chipset
  13. lol it's ok. yea no an it bothers me so much. But yeah I have Verizon Fios over here in the U.S an its possible that I can swap my modem for a new one of theirs. or I can use my own but idk if I wanna go that route. but for sure can swap the one I have to get a new one. But thanks jack I'll get on it an swap for a new modem see what happens an hopefully try an get this resolved!
  14. I mean since it doesn't go over 20ms an my ping average when I do a speed test is like 14 so. but whatever advice you can give me or think I should do or not really worry would be great the screen shots are up above this post
  15. sure I mean I know I've seen like almost lines on here that are like straight but hey if its not to bad then it works for me. I mean I'm not lagging in game or nothing. this is on Verizons router to the same trace I ran twice. I mean its pretty up an down but within only like 10 or so ms. other thing is it ok for me to keep my Bufferbloat sliders at 70% .