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  1. sabarblade

    peer location query

    Also just a note, im also having this weird problem that's causing me to have to reset my password every time i want to login to the forum, i know that im not alone, any idea when this will be fixed?
  2. sabarblade

    peer location query

    yeah ik that i couldn't prevent people from joining, i would just leave myself, its not all bad i guess, at least now its going to be harder for scummy players to pull ip's in competitive to get free wins
  3. sabarblade

    peer location query

    I know that peers are not pinged when searching for a host, but after you have entered the lobby, does it ping other players? I want to try and avoid playing Japanese players with 150+ ping on dedicated servers/p2p
  4. yeah it really seems that way, same with steam, goes from 10 ish mb/s to around 50 mb/s then back down, never gets anywhere near my actual download speeds with the duma, psn is more consistant at around 70 mb/s but yeah EDIT: Found out my HDD in both my laptop and ps4 are limited to 73mb/s on the ps4 and 48mb/s on my laptops HDD, they were the reason i had download speed issues
  5. I just wanted to see if I could improve the download speeds for updates, but it seems that psn is only pulling 60-70% of my connection anyway, thanks for the reply
  6. Looking for any suggestions on how to improve the max speeds of the r1, my speeds without the router and with the router are 930 down and 387 up without and with is 734 down 412 up, i do have super turbo on (not too sure why my upload is higher on the r1)
  7. YES! it has finally worked, found lobbys within 10 seconds, thanks
  8. i have attempted what you said and servers are coming up its just that they dont connect, i think my best option is to buy a decent vpn and go from there as its kind of a hassle to try and get working, any idea how much extra latency that would add to my current connection if i was getting a ping of 160ms in the first place, im going for express vpn, thanks
  9. Thank you for the helpful advice, i will attempt to follow what IIIRL has said tomorrow and will let you know if it works, yes there are still aussie servers but its locked to only 1 game mode, tdm, I'm trying to get into some infected or dom lobbys as its gettin kinda stale playing tdm all the time. Anyway thanks again
  10. i have strict enabled and have reset my ps4 multiple times *edit* it will only work for ww2 not infinite warfare
  11. Thank you for the information
  12. is it possible to connect to us lobbys using the geo filter for infinite warfare? the lobbys in oce are almost completely dead :/