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  1. Thanks but it updated to the 22110 firmware during initial setup. I wonder if the wifi thing is the Broadcom radios in the ASUS routers and the Qualcom in the Netgear don't like each other??
  2. Hi, new guy here and new owner of XR500. Got it all set up a couple days ago on a 1gig fiber connection at my house. Connected all of my devices and everything and played around with it for a couple days and here's what I found. CPU usage averages were between 7 and 8 all the time even if there wasn't much traffic. Seems kind of high compared to my ASUS AC88U which is usually below 1. I also tried using a couple different routers as media bridge's connected to the XR500 from a building outside my house with a couple other computers connected to them and it would lose the wifi connection between the routers and not reconnect itself automatically. I tried using SmartConnect on and off, unchecking 20/40 coexistance box, and it would still happen after about an hour. Not sure I'll be keeping this router as I need reliability above all else. Thanks.