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  1. i get open nat without vpn
  2. nord vpn is there a better one to use i am use vpn hybrid
  3. with dumaos I'm get double nat when useing vpn
  4. Kev


    ok thank you
  5. Kev


    I'm looking for a vpn for gaming and watching videos any ideas i was using nord but i don't if that's the one i should be using or if there's a better one
  6. 100 down and 10 or 20 up
  7. any idea what i should set my anti bufferbloat sliders to i've tried 70/70 and doesn't seen to work for this what network generally looks like
  8. settings after ping assist update r1
  9. Kev

    ipv6 on xbox

    OK thanks for the info
  10. Kev

    ipv6 on xbox

    I was wondering it it made a difference to have ipv6 when playing fps games on Xbox?
  11. when are these features coming to r1
  12. What are good settings for dumaos to get good games in bo4
  13. Kev


    thank you i wasn't sure if they changed that or not
  14. Do i have to set my speeds or is it do for me in Qos
  15. I didn't notice it at first and it doesn't always happen