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  1. What are good settings for dumaos to get good games in bo4
  2. Kev


    thank you i wasn't sure if they changed that or not
  3. Do i have to set my speeds or is it do for me in Qos
  4. I didn't notice it at first and it doesn't always happen
  5. i think upgraded last sunday or this monday and it did come back
  6. no I don't i opened the when to network setting and that happened it happen to me last night also so i restarted my r1 and it seem to work for a little bit but then kept happening after the factory reset I did as jack said to do it seems to be working fine now
  7. when I go from the dashboard or any other page to the network settings i get a Script error.
  8. that's what i thought i was just checking thank you
  9. I was wondering if upnp or port forwarding is better for Xbox or does it depend on the user
  10. Why do i get kicked from good matches I'm having is that do to my settings on my r1 or is that the game its self? I use COD Ultimate profile and 40 ms ping assist
  11. thank you that seem to help a lot
  12. I need setting for WWII on r1 for north America for best connection on xbox one x