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  1. Hi, for some reason I no longer get the auto ping host option when I play games. I used to see the ping to my host when connecting to lobbies on call of duty but its not there anymore. Any ideas? I haven't changed any settings but I really miss this feature. Its definitely selected on the options also. Ohh another issue / Suggestion, is it possible to change the default zoom factor on congestion control? I find it very frustrating that I need to change it every time I go to this screen on every device, PC, mobile, Tablet etc? I'm on1.03.6g, is it worth upgrading not sure if any new features have been added since this version dropped. Thanks for any advice
  2. anybloodyname

    Connect to netduma from main router wifi

    Yeah in think my setup is pretty solid now, got WiFi extended on the duma so now using its wireless as the primary. Also spotted moderate nat on my ps4 so sorted that by setting a static IP. I'll probably end up disabling the BT hub WiFi alright. Find my wireless speed not great with the extender connected to the duma but still enougj for most needs. Getting 5 mb on the extended WiFi with duma but was getting 15 or so with WiFi extender connected to the home hub.
  3. anybloodyname

    Connect to netduma from main router wifi

    Got it sorted extended my WiFi on the duma now instead of the home hub yay!
  4. anybloodyname

    Connect to netduma from main router wifi

    Hi Jack the extenders are BT , I just renamed them with same ssid and password as the duma wireless. Maybe I missed something , I'll take another look , id defs like to be able to reach it from the other part of my house and make the WiFi extender extend the duma wireless instead of my BT hub. Maybe I missed a security setting
  5. anybloodyname

    Connect to netduma from main router wifi

    That doesn't sort the WiFi , my netduma only covers half the house so I have extenders connected to my homehub to cover the other half. I'd boost the duma WiFi but couldn't get it working as it doesn't have WPS. Tried changing the Ssid and password on extender to match the duma but no joy. Someone suggested that but it didn't work.
  6. Hi folks I want to connect to my netduma via my other routers WiFi, I have extenders connected to my BT home hub but want to connect to my netduma through the other routers wireless. Any ideas how? Page doesnt load unless I'm connected via netduma WiFi. I have the duma connected to man prort of my other router as usual and added to DMZ but it doesn't connect via wireless.
  7. Good job guys this product really has evolved into a premier piece of kit, nice one. Its come a long way since the first firmware!