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    Veteran cod player ( MW1,MW2,MW3, BO1,BO2,BO3, GHOST, AW, IW, WW2 )
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  1. nunogsm

    r1 duma os

    hello gentlemans, i´m back again to forum, any news about the duma OS ? realese dates? im out since abrill the month they anounced the free R1 duma OS update. i hope you have good news to me lollll
  2. nunogsm


    I´m from portugal, my ping to the host in the maches are about 40ms. but in this lobbys i found only prestige 1 our 2 players good players for rape
  3. nunogsm


    Hello guys
  4. nunogsm


    guys any news about the duma OS. 7g are ungry with you guys,
  5. nunogsm

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    any actual news about the duma OS in R1?
  6. nunogsm

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    2554857856565546513564864352156 days left for duma OS R1 users
  7. creat a party in the ps4, invite your friends, when you see the red dots in netduma that are your friends, alow them ,
  8. nunogsm

    Hi All

    welcome sir.
  9. nunogsm

    hello all!

    welcome sir. R1 are great machine.
  10. nunogsm

    show host

    jack its true, slider are really small, i just want catch spanish guys
  11. nunogsm

    show host

    loool, i forget to plug the cable in the netduma
  12. nunogsm

    show host

    i already saw the problem my close
  13. today i cant see the host descriptor, already test in the ww2 , and bo3 any problem?
  14. nunogsm

    (HOT)) BROWNIE lobbies ?

    OMFG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, guys you have to listen him at 13:35mn, i feel blessed hahahaha. its hilarious
  15. nunogsm

    (HOT)) BROWNIE lobbies ?

    already coment the vid, "thankyou gentleman, for the 30minuts video, i fall into sleep, 4 times"