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    Veteran cod player ( MW1,MW2,MW3, BO1,BO2,BO3, GHOST, AW, IW, WW2, BO4 )
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  1. nunogsm

    Dedi server?

    but portugal dont have dedi server, maybe the host are in portugal close to me
  2. This Id is a dedi server????? I have 8ms ping. And I can destroy this Spanish kids. its a pristine con omg
  3. Good morning Gentlemans, this year we go receive the netduma secret santa?
  4. nunogsm

    Patch 1.09

    Thankyou sir, tonight i will test, i hope i can melt and destroy the lobbys
  5. nunogsm

    black ops 4

    So at this moment the game have about 80giga, already left 4 dlc, and 4 ou 5 events winter / summer/ lepreuchan.......etc etc etc...... i think this game in the end have 500giga, what do you think?
  6. Zero is crazy, tryarch go nerf soon
  7. nunogsm

    Firmware for netduma r1

    you use R1 to play uncharted?
  8. nunogsm

    Patch 1.09

    Sir i use the "old" firmware version 6j, in this old versions, its automatic the cloud update?
  9. nunogsm

    Patch 1.09

    ps4, but last night at 1am, game settings changed, and i think the problem its solved.
  10. nunogsm

    Patch 1.09

    New patch, Old problems again. same crap like the patch 1.08 i can’t find a single game with my regular configuration. even the dedi server in Spain 🇪🇸 find. if I open my radar, disable strict mode . I find games all impossible to play, 80/90/100ms Ping omfg this game and updates are so disgusting
  11. nunogsm

    Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Lobby Problems

    Saem problem update 1.09
  12. nunogsm

    Dark Matter BO4

    Last night i get the Dark Matter skin. I record the gameplay of that great moment Netduma ping assist 0% , strick mode on, Dedi server madrid 18ms,
  13. nunogsm

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    bandwidth 8062 in ps4 ? how did you have those values?
  14. nice amigo i love the original r1 firm