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  1. Thanks Fraser..my Vigor was the problem.. i dont know why but after a reset was everything fine.
  2. Nop work Not..how i say the last 4 weeks was everything fine..but After Update work nothing..Downgrade to the last Firmware.. same issue..the last 10 times with the setup Assistent he scanned my Internet corrret with 47 down 9.4 Up..but After 13 down 1 up and 40ms (befor 20ms). I resetet my Router zur Last 12 Hours more as 10x.. Ps: sry for my english + German Auto correcture on my Phone Edit: and yes disabled qqs..unpluged every device/ aa 100% /aa never and deletet every device on device manager x reboots
  3. Hey Fraser, i have a problem after updating the newest Firmware. I have a 50k Down and 10 Up Internet (Telekom Germany) edit: PPPoE After that Update: 13.3 Mbit/s Downloadgeschwindigkeit 1.32 Mbit/s Uploadgeschwindigkeit Tryed Factory Reset Settings/Admin Hard Reset on the Router. Reuploaded the doesent work. PS: your Inbox is full