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  1. Killhippie

    Openwrt on xr500

    Nope The XR500 and XR700 run on Netgear firmware and DumaOS like a sandwich, Netgear provide the base firmware that controls the router, Open GPL and OpenSSL packages as well as the Qualcomm drivers etc. DumaOS is an overlay as such on top of Netgears firmware. They work in tandem, which is why it takes so long for updates, as Netgear have to make sure it all runs with their firmware too. A bit of a unholy union. The beta of the XR500 was in fact a R7800 with DumaOS as a download, they later released the XR500 with the same hardware but just added 128MB more flash and a new casing. That's also why the settings are Netgear settings. in the menu, its not a pure DumaOS device like the R1.
  2. Killhippie

    Openwrt on xr500

    Netgear is not the best software by a long mile. Thats why OpenWRT exists because companies like Netgear don't update their code and also at times refuse to publish GPL for current routers (R7800) for instance, so people like Voxel spend huge amounts of time replacing packages that are as I have mentioned before are years old,, in the case of the R9000/R7800 miniupnd was ten years old and just botched by netgear, not replaced and recompiled. There is no excuse for lazy firmware writing and for it to not be patched properly, not when people with full time jobs can fix things and add the latest packages that are not proprietary ones that Netgear cant be bothered to do themselves. Look on smallnetbuilder at how much Voxel replaces for the R9000 and R7800 and then you will realise that in all probability the same underlying issues are likely occurring with the XR700 and XR500 as they are just R9000's and R7800's with DumaOS as an overlay which is the only part that is kept up to date, or as up to date as Netgear allow...
  3. Killhippie

    Netgear xr500 router

    From looking online you cant put that modem router into bridge mode, I would google it further and see what others advice. You may find a better way to use it with the XR500 or you may have to just use your ISP gear or the DMZ option, more ISP's these days are requesting use of their own equipment and that makes it hard to get the setup you want. Do some research and come back with any questions. :) Good luck.
  4. Yet oddly there used to be netgear beta firmwares available. They were even given out in the forum via pm. I wonder what’s changed ☹️
  5. Killhippie

    Please advise

    I would tbh avoid powerline adaptors as they can introduce noise into the system. Personally I would run a Ethernet cable and switch, or use an Extender. Tbh though 110Mb should be more than enough for bedroom use, 4K HDR streaming uses about 25Mbps tops, so 110 should be fine, Wi-Fi has its limits, Ethernet is always the way to go. Are you using 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz separated or just one SSID?
  6. I hope so Fraser. It’s just the weak link here is Netgear. Seeing what you can do with the R1 so quickly has made me realise the XR500 will never be the router it should be because Netgear are so slow in pushing out updates, and that’s never going to change. . I really do miss DumaOS though. In fact I think I would rather be using a version of DumaOS that’s partly crippled than using the bland featureless wasteland that is the R7800. Let’s hope a update comes out soon that fixes the issues and shortcomings so I can put the XR500 back into use.
  7. Killhippie

    Netgear xr500 router

    You need to bridge your modem then connect it to the wan port of your router, and if you need to enter your settings to logon into the router, you don't want to put the XR500 into bridge mode. What router do you have from your ISP as we may be able to help with setting it up in bridge mode if we know the make and model. Ideally it should go Modem -> Router -> xbox. I also agree than putting the XR500 in the Modem/Routers DMZ is not the best way forward.
  8. Sadly ive gone back to the R7800. I miss DumaOS but streamboost works well enough and I'm using Voxels firmware so I know the GPL packages that he can change will be much more up to date than either the XR500 and XR700, both which are using old versions of OpenSSL to begin with yet again <sigh> Tbh I have a great line, without QoS I get pings to London of 7ms from he south coast and 33ms to Germany, I live on my own so things are more under my control, and I have very low latency, in fact I started getting better results on the XR500 with everything turned off towards the end. None of this is the fault of the Neduma guys, but Netgear should realise you cant run a gaming router with quarterly (ish) updates and now the XR500 is at the back of the line behind the R1, a router with a 600Mhz processor that seems to preform better than the Qualcomm/ Annapurna units with their bigger more powerful cores and more powerful wifi. I just need a router that I can game with and stream with and the XR500 was not really good at being a gaming router with the issues it has any more for me, and its way to buggy after being out 9 months as a home router too. I cant even have basic access control, let alone work out what's online and offline as things get stuck in the Network monitor sometimes and when I'm not gaming I would like to be able to use IPv6, no matter what it is 2018 and my ISP natively supports it. IPv6 may not help gaming much but if DumaOS can't use IPv6 maybe it should recognise non gaming traffic and let IPv6 work when its just being used as a non gaming router. Maybe this could be possible in a future update? I'm not sure about Netgear though as their IPv6 implementation filters ICMP, which it shouldn't. They wont change their mind and i'm guessing it would mean maybe a major overhaul of their firewall code maybe, who knows but they are certainly not bothered about it as its been going on since way before the R7000 was launched. Asus routers manage to deal with IPv6 this just fine. Netgear are way to slow with updates too, they even left in a bug using the '/' symbol that effects passwords that I found and reported on the R7800 which was fixed last year. ( The R7800 has exactly the same internal hardware as the XR500 with 128 MB less flash memory as its not running DumaOS, so it has 512MB ram 128MB flash compared with XR500's 512MB ram 256MB flash) You can see really see here that a smaller company that cares about its product can push out updates very quickly, unlike Netgear, whose firmware in my opinion feels like its just getting worse with each update. I'll go back to Netduma when they make a more powerful router, I need wireless 802.11ac to stream 4K but I don't want a three box set up (Modem, router and another router as a access point) but for me at least the XR500 is underperforming, and Netduma cant really do anything about it as their hands are tied and now they are up and running with the R1 (good for them) I think Netgear is starting to look like are fading memory in some ways. Netgear have fragmented DumaOS basically as I see it.
  9. Killhippie

    Security Error

    You should not get the warning at all, it should just lead you to the login, this happens on other Netgear routers as well so needs to be fixed.
  10. If you can return it, i would think there is a hardware issue, if you are past the return window contact Netegear support. You should not be having to do this much work on a new device period.
  11. Killhippie

    Security Error

    If I try to use that URL in Firefox 63.0.1 I get the foillowing 'The owner of www.routerlogin.net has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site.' So thats not good... something is broken, its always done this on any Mac I have used.
  12. Killhippie

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Netgear will release it when they are ready. I have no idea as to when. As I said about a week ago I’m just a user like you.
  13. Killhippie

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    PS4 network is notoriously slow for downloads and installs. Its always been this way and you will hardy ever see your full speeds on downloads, also if you have set your XR500/XR700 up to use Antibufferbloat and QOS it will limit the download speeds anyway according to your settings so you have to give a bit more to downloads for your PS4 although what percentage is anyone's guess depending on available bandwidth. I wish DumaOS could recognise patches and give full bandwidth for them, rather than having to log into the router and change settings.
  14. Killhippie

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    I'm not denying that. The point though is lots of gamers are trying out these products for the first time and may be learning their way around and want the router to help with setup, not fail at the first speedtest. How many know their actual sync rate? It is normal for the connection speed to be be different to the download speed (or upload) that you are seeing on your devices. This is generally because the data you are sending and receiving from your devices is kind of wrapped up in an additional layer for sending across the networks, so for FTTC for example this overhead means if you actually connect at 79,999 Kbps the maximum download speed you can expect is 76 Mbps, as a general rule the maximum download speed you will see is 96% of the connection on the fibre to the cabinet service. How many users will know that? You have to run a test to find your actual sync rate and then and you can only do that once the router is set up. Yes the issues with Crankjuice's speeds are very important, and I'm not trying to take that away. I'm just saying the failure of the setup process by Netgear's Ookla connection when it worked fine a few months back is inexcusable and since as mentioned its an important part of the setup process for the routers QOS, it needs to work first time for the successful set up of the router for the average user, its as simple as that.
  15. Killhippie

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    The issue is it worked when was released, and for those who dont know the speeds it will leave them confused or because there isnt a bigger failure warning they might leave it with the upload at 1000mbps because thats the part that seems to fail right now. You don't spend £450 or £250 on a XR700 or a XR500 to have part of the installation process fail. I would call that a pretty embarrassing and quite a major bug. Many people rely on that first speed test, and if it fails what's next if they don't know what speeds they get from other sources?