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  1. Killhippie

    getting DDosed

    Maybe just leave them in Netgear settings on Netgear router. If you dumb down the interface so people don't panic what kind of user are you catering for? Search engines are not hard to use, maybe encourage the useful skill of "looking it up yourself" Seriously though the removal idea seems like dumbing down the interface to make life easy, Netgear has had the same log feature in every router from them I've had and people now and then get confused, they ask questions and move on but equally they have learnt something, which is the point about owning this kind of tech, as you have to take some responsibility for knowing what you are doing with it. Dont turn Netduma and DumaOS into the Fisher-Price of routers, that's not a good look. I have to say I think this is idea is wrong on many levels, removing a feature or making it hard to find is a form of censorship. I would seriously look at moving on from DumaOS over that move. If you have a sticky on both Netegar's site and your own pages here, you could just refer people to the part that explains what they are seeing in the logs, surely that would suffice? Don't dumb down a great interface, that's one of the reasons people came to DumaOS, more information on what the router is doing not less. If I wanted a dumb easy to use router that I would move from IDNet and go to a ISP with a dumbed down router they post to you that does not even let you change the DNS settings or have a guest network. People need to learn what the logs mean if needed or learn to ignore them from a simple sticky on the site. This whole hide the logs idea feels like a solution looking for a problem.
  2. Killhippie

    getting DDosed

    Talking of logs (not wanting to start a new thread hope thats okay) the DumaOS stuff that always says HTTP failed to connect (because they are maybe not being used at present) should those not be HTTPS these days for security? I ask because I wondered if the cloud updates to the routers are HTTP or HTTPS ?
  3. Killhippie

    getting DDosed

    Hiding logs would be a bad move I think, Netgear let the logs be seen in all their routers. If there is a issue with say wireless dropouts due to a bad radio those logs would be really useful in diagnosing that as would WAN issues with internet dropouts or your ISP/Modem causing either complete loss of connection or PPP. I recently had a issue where my TV was seen as attacking my LAN with a [DoS Attack: ARP Attack] Re-uploading the current firmware sorted that out (it was causing my TV not to update apps things like YouTube) So those logs are very useful for diagnosing events. Also it shows that things like cloud updates for Geo Filter are working. Maybe having a sticky in the forum saying what to ignore on DumaOS's side in the logs would be better. Dumbing down the interface is not something I think should be done or would want myself. Also it means people learn about the logs, and if they googled this stuff they would see Netgear routers are a tad paranoid with logging anyway, also this is the noise of the internet and port scans happen all the time, they should not be hidden...
  4. Its been like this since about the third firmware release, its never been fixed, I noticed I still had it last night as well. On the bright side I see no ill effects from it though.
  5. That is reallly odd, mine does not look like that at all. There is a bug but I think it may be just cosmetic. This is the thing you have Netgear and DumaOS as a sandwich. I dont have your issue, which does make me wonder if the routers memory is actually corrupt. It can happen, you have certainly had more issues than I have have thats for sure. The bug with the device manager will get fixed, if its just cosmetic then there should be no issue, if QoS is working and all devices act as they are meant to just ignore the device manager. I would unplug your devices, set QoS up with antibufferbloat to 70% reset bandwidth allocation for both download and upload, with just your Xbox and PC both attached via Ethernet then fire up the Xbox start playing and do a speedtest from your hard wired PC, if the speed drops by the amount QoS says it will with share excess on and the red indicator for high priority traffic is on, then all is good and its a visual glitch. The R7800 had six or seven really buggy updates, but now its working fine. Asus make great firmware and RMerlins third party is very good, but the hardware not so much, lots of radio failures and recently memory issues on the RT-AC86U. No router is perfect. Netgear make I believe better hardware, so try a testing your QoS as suggested, if it is its working then just wait for a patch. Having used this router since launch its been bumpy now and then I'll admit, but for gaming I love it, and it does work for most people, just remember on a forum you see the worst of the worst generally, not praise because all is okay. DumaOS is not for show but I can understand the doubts, its just not a set and forget router but it does work very well most of the time and the team will sort this out, as will Netgear if its their issue I belive it has been reported to them. I cant give you the answer you want but you can at last rule out the router not working at least, and then just ignore the device manager until its fixed. Feel sorry for the people with Wi-Fi 6 Asus and Netgear routers both running draft 3 of the new spec. Some of them may well think they are future proofed and running tested tech, when they are really guinea pigs on a draft version which may not be finalised until November, and the silicon they have probably wont support Wi-Fi 6s final features. Try the QoS test with just the xbox and your PC and tell us how that goes. Also if you have ever used the Xbox wirelessly resetting network settings may help if it has that feature (I use a PS4 Pro so don't know) as that may be worth it just to be sure, in fact I would do that anyway just to make sure there are no issues with the network settings for your own sanity. Hope that helps.
  6. R7800 has 128mb less flash NAND whereas the XR500 has 256mb in total that's the only hardware difference, the R7800 does not have CTF/ Hardware acceleration with QoS though unless you go down the third-party firmware avenue, the XR500 does. Latest R7800 firmware released today fixes 5Ghz unstable Wi-Fi and a bunch of other stuff. Both are very capable routers but the R7800 is three years old now thats the only thing I would think about, and DumaOS its still in development, so its always possible the R7800 may reach EOL before the XR500, but who that's just a guess. Both are good routers, it depends how much you want the gaming side of DumaOS vs set and forget streamboost really.
  7. Killhippie

    Device Manager NOT Working

    Just trying to make sense and off any help, apart from the oddity in table view, and the fact that the Ookla Speedtest app seems to be th culprit for my "When high priority traffic detected" getting locked on as for some reason DumaOS saw it on my iPad as VPN traffic! I had to reboot the ipad, and remove the app, it seem when gaming and testing speeds it causes this odd issue. (over Wi-Fi due to switch failure) Thats the only thing I can see, as maybe VPN traffic gets prioritised? Or it causes a bug when you use it and high priority traffic is on.As to the tree view all appears to be as it should, If I turn a device off that's always on like my printer it will eventually go into off mode. Odd how some have more issues than others, or its the heady mixture of devices and setup. I have noticed devices that give the router a device name via ARP request seem to switch modes faster than ones than that don't hand out a device name to the router, which then have been given device names manually. Also this firmware seems very touchy and freaks out labelling [DoS Attack: ARP Attack] from devices on the LAN when they are plainly not doing that at all.
  8. Hi Zippy, makes sense about smallnetbuilder Have you added routerlogin.net routerlogin.com and the IP you use to login to Adblock Plus's whitelist? I would do that anyway. I have mine white listed, if you have easy list and easy privacy it is possible I would have thought that both lists especially easy privacy could interfere with JavaScript on the GUI page. I'm sure I saw somewhere to whitelist the GUI in adblockers. I would add them then clear the cache and logging in again. I use Firefox 64.0.2 on a iMac running 10.14.2. I also white list the GUI in Firefox so no cookies are blocked by its third party cookie tracking protection feature.
  9. Killhippie

    Device Manager NOT Working

    My devices most show as they should. My Android TV shows offline and online when it sleeps and looks for updates, also being OLED it does a screen refresh after 4 hours standby and you can see in the logs when it woke up. My Wireless speaker show online even in standby mode as does my soundbar but I believe they keep a internet connection live at all times. The last firmware they were showing offline when in standby, my printer shows online, even in standby so maybe this firmware is actually showing the connection status as it should be? On the previous firmware my Sky Box showed offline now and then but its always connected and downloading and uploading in the background, and stays as connected in this firmware. However my 4K Blu-ray player shows as off as it does not keep an internet connection live when in its off state. My PS4 shows online in standby mode as its connected as it keeps its internet connection when in standby. No devices vanishes from the tree view though and my iMac on Lan shows just fine. (getting new switch this week so PS4 will be back to wired Lan) Maybe standby on some devices is not as offline as it appears to be solely due to if it keeps a internet connection live in the background, and that's what's being picked up? My TV shuts its Wi-Fi down in sleep, hence it being offline sometimes as I mentioned, the wireless speaker (Zeppelin Wireless) keeps its Wi-Fi active waiting for my iPad or iPhone or iMac to connect. Also my iPad and iPhone go offline and online as they wake and sleep because Wi-Fi goes into sleep mode when not in use and then now and then wakes up to talk to Apple and check for updates to apps etc, so maybe its more device specific than router based as I mentioned? Edit* most of my devices use wifi for its convenience, the smart TV etc work fine over 5ghz. Only my iMac and PS4 are hard wired and my PS4 is using Wi-Fi right now (5Ghz as its a PS4 pro and has 802ac) until my new switch can be wired in at the weekend by my friend. Its not something I can do in a wheelchair as cabling runs though the loft etc, which is frustrating.
  10. Yes Ive used this pseudonym on a loads of sites from, Netgear, Kapsersky, Apple forums MacRumours etc over the years so you may have seen it. Probably on smallnetbuilder if you go there at all. The length of time your router is taking to load the home screen or connect is not right at all. What's your Firewall and AV? Do you have adblockers? Sorry if I have mentioned these before. For safety if you need to disconnect your system from the internet, then shut down the AV and Firewall and see how it behaves when logging in, also make sure to accept first party cookies, on Firefox you can block third party tracking cookies but blocking all third party cookies can break sites, I dont know if Netduma uses third party cookies maybe someone could clarify. Definitely clear your browser cache.(remember to reactivate them after testing) Also some add ons like Ghostery, most adblockers etc can mess with some sites so if you have an adblocker white list the login for the router, I think Edge has adblock plus available to download so if you have installed it, that's worth a try. Are all your Ethernet drivers up to date for your PC? (from the actual vendors sites not from Microsoft's updates) My XR500 takes about a minute maybe slightly more to do its boot up sequence, I leave it for a few more as the netduma stuff seems sometimes to take longer. Still never over one minute for boot up, then leave it for another minute to do its thing in the background., Power down, leave for 2 minutes (make sure the router has fully drained itself of power) then boot up. Have you tried flushing your DNS resolver cache? On Windows 10 (I take it thats what you are using) right click on the start Icon, click on Command Prompt. hold down the Windows key and press “R” to bring up the Run dialog box. Type ipconfig /flushdns then press “Enter“. (be sure there is a space before the slash) You should receive the a message that says "Windows IP Configuration. Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache" The reason to do this is it deletes any invalid old records and forces your computer to repopulate those addresses the next time you try accessing websites. Just a thought.
  11. Surely that would effect 2.4Ghz not 5Ghz as that's the frequencies Microwaves and house hold phones etc run on. Also the router does do a good job of in Auto of moving to a less congested band if set up as separate network on 2.4Ghz so avoiding interference as much as it can.
  12. Great advice above, also make sure 20/40Mhz coexistence is ticked as using 40Mhz can cause clashes with neighbouring networks and packet loss in your own, also make sure HT160 is off, also if you have no MU-MIMO devices kill that as well.
  13. It would if it was a smart TV and it was listed as a feature. Then later it was removed. The point is you chose to update to DumaOS others seem to have found the router suited their needs. You could have done some research yourself to see the effects of DumaOS on the R1, maybe you could have waited for a second patch to sort bugs out from the initial update, the agreement you took part in and agreed to is in the EULA and you not anyone else upgraded the router. Better analogy, you install Windows 10 and you can't use a printer any more, you cant ask for money back if the PC was 4 years old because software changes what it supports and how it works and big updates may be buggy and all of this was probably in that EULA you agreed to by installing the software. Asking for advice and help works well, this is a great forum so maybe listen to the help being offered by Fraser would be helpful to you, but coming onto the forum with an attitude like this wont get you what you want, and that's a working router. Your choice, there are good people here that are offering help. Maybe try following it, you never know it may just work.
  14. Killhippie

    QoS sliders have zero effect

    Having a clear overview of your network would really help. Also if you have all devices plugged into just your XR500 it will prioritise your gaming PC always once its been added in Geo filter, above all other devices on your network anyway, that's how its designed to work. It then gives you control over all devices with QoS for each device, but the gaming PC will always get priority so there is no need to have the other devices on a separate device, unless you are using that as a switch or repeater. Still all devices should be plugged into the XR500 really and a switch plugged into one of the XR500's Ethernet ports would be the best way to go to use other devices hardwired downstream but there is no need to separate all your devices from your gaming PC unless as I said you are using the ISP router as a switch for hardwired clients. So could you please just outline your network map, what's plugged in before the XR500 acting as a modem? What state is the ISP router in that's downstream from the XR500? (i.e AP mode) and what's plugged into your ISP router. etc That would really help.
  15. You said it yourself, it was sold as a work in progress, and it was and is, also as I said its really old hardware and yours maybe on its last legs. You cant have a TV for four years then find out you cant use YouTube and want a refund, thats not how things work. Buyers remorse is always painful, but after 4 years! If you were not happy you had time to return it at the start, or you could have just gotten a different router if you were that unimpressed. You decided to keep it for four years, nobody twisted your arm.