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  1. That depends on people contacting netgear supplying them with stats and running debug firmware possibly. Right now more people are not having issues than are. You need to persue this with Netgear. I myself have no issues at all with. 32 So it could take a while to sort this out.
  2. Its one of the big features of the router, The geo filter lets you place yourself on the map, so can define how far away you want other players to be who join in live games, so you can get good pings. (For me in Destiny most of Europe as pings are good at a max of 38ish ms at 2000km) You can block servers that are to far away that may cause lag etc. Its a feature you should use, its one of the if not the most stand out feature of the router. Also then you can select profiles for games you play as well which will change modes for the console. You can add friends from outside the geo filter area so they can still join you as well. Not using it kind of looses a big chunk of what the router is here for In my view.
  3. You really only need to add the xbox to devices in Geo Filter and leave Duma classified games ticked and remove the xbox from the Traffic prioritisation section I would think.
  4. Killhippie

    VPN only HideMA available?

    A Hybrid VPN is being worked on, its not available yet. I imagine once beta testing on it is finished it will be added,.Fraser and the team at Netduma can probably tell you more, but release dates are not set in stone and can slip if other bugs that are in need of priority fixing show up, as in all software/firmware really.
  5. https://kb.netgear.com/19841/Reinstall-the-firmware-on-a-router-without-the-setup-CD-recovery-tool
  6. Though your login where you registered your router.
  7. PPPoE here and not one disconnection. I think the people with this issue should contact Netgear at this stage. There is a post on the Netgear forums where a person with much faster speeds is having no issues, he also lists how he updated and what he left connected which may be relevant, its really down to Netgears engineering team maybe as not everyone is suffering from these issues.
  8. Is it possible to have OlegP posts in one thread? Its getting spread all over the forum, making replies harder as you have to keep skipping over two other posts. All I can say is I don't have your issues but as to why I do not know, but I reloaded my firmware at the beginning due to the speed test being a bit odd and factory reset the unit. My WiFi and wired speeds are what I pay for (I have my setting on detect high priority traffic only) but I am on a FTTC connection with 57Mbps down and 17Mbps up. Have you tried manually adding your upload and download speeds, you must be able to look at a history of your speeds on DSL and other sites and find the original good results I hope before your issues started, then just type then them in. Also as mentioned in another thread have you factory reset your router using the recessed button on the rear, held it for about 20 seconds and let the router reset itself? If needed try downloading a copy of the firmware again. If none of your these posts help this may need to go talk to Netgear I would imagine, if Netduma cannot help. Have you contacted support? (If you are within your 90 days)
  9. Killhippie

    XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released

    The version number is still the same so no, but also remember that many users are not having huge issues, the number of people posting on the forum is negligible. I like many have no issues with this update. I would advice downloading the from the link. Updating the firmware, go have a cuppa. Then reset the router buy holding the small recessed button in the back for 20 seconds, then wait a few minutes for the router to reset and come back to life. Then set it up manually. Dont use a back up. Most users wont see issues but like any update there are bugs and some users may see some. This is the same for all firmware tbh, new fixes, and new bugs go hand in hand but its good to keep on top of your security and this update mentions security fixes. The choice is yours. As to a 'fix' probably the next update Netgear puts for the XR500 unless they deem a out of cycle update is needed.
  10. Indeed, I reloaded the firmware for the XR500 as I noticed when I did the speed test it listed my line as having a upload speed of 17.6824 Mbps or something to that effect, it never shows that many digits in the speed test section. Reloading the firmware from a fresh download and factory resetting again sorted that glitch out, and so far its been running fine.
  11. Netgear normally do (it can vary) quarterly update cycles unless having security issues or show stopping bugs. Also new routers will get more updates to begin with generally so they are stable, If an issue like this happens they will I am sure look into it as fast as they can, but you are better putting this on the Netgear Nighthawk forums forums and if you are within your 90 tech support contact them and file a report so they can reproduce this problem and help work on a fix. As to downgrading, go to the Netgear XR500 firmware page choose the previous firmware and install that. You may or may not have to reset. Also be aware there are security fixes in the current firmware, and will be in future updates so take that into consideration. I dont get the speeds you get my line only supports FTTC 57Mbps down and 17Mbps up and on my XR500 thats what I get with this update, no issues with speed at all down or up. I also after updating did a factory reset entered my settings by hand, not a backup and had no issues with connection either and have not since the update, so contacting Netgear would be a good move. I hope you get this issue sorted as fast as possible.
  12. Didn’t get that with Firefox 62 all working as intended. I updated using the link on the netgear forum, and cleared my browser cache before updating on a 2017 5K iMac running macOS 10.13.6
  13. Sorry to hear that. Since we have the same phones it does look like router issues, but I dont have the issues you have which is confusing. My ISP uses PPPoE does yours? Also what speeds are you meant to get. I would say reporting this to Netgear might be the right thing as I have had little to no trouble with my XR500 on the last of current firmware and it may be an issue that is a clash between your unit and your ISP. I wish I could help more. One final thing have you tried using the same MAC from your previous router in the XR500? That may help, sometimes modems don't like new Mac addresses, Netgear suggest turning the modem before attaching a new router, so maybe using your old MAC address in the XR500 might work? If not contact netgear. Hoping it gets sorted out very quickly and its a simple settings issue. 👍
  14. What iPhone are you using and what version of iOS? Just trying to figure out why mine works okay and yours does not, wondering if its hardware related as no dropouts here at all. Always good to gather information to pass back to Netgear. Did you remove the old network from your iPhone and did you name your new networks the same SSID as previous? If you did that could be causing a possible conflict as each router will have a different MAC address but the same SSID this may be the issue with the iPhone. Try booting up your other router and removing that SSID from your iPhone with the XR500 off then boot up the XR500 so the iPhone is only looking for one router with the same SSID (Only of course if you used the same network names across both routers)
  15. Killhippie

    New fake update ?

    Good luck I hope the Asus does what you need. Sadly stirring up negative attitude because you want something fast is not really needed. I think the team know now that giving dates is maybe a bad idea as so much can go on in the background that can slow things down. You were even told by Fraser that he was trying to get a Beta of the VPN Hybrid. This update just released was about bug fixing and we pretty much knew that which is why Fraser gave early versions out. Back in March they were setting out with Netgear, a huge company and I don't know the complexity's of writing the software to link in with Netgears firmware for these router and the XR700 and the DumaOS release coming to the R1. Thats a lot to do for a small team and I'm sure lessons have been leaned all round, but Its sad to see such negativity here. Nothing ever goes as smoothly as people would like in many areas of our lives, even home DIY can take longer than expected! As for complex devices like routers with complex firmware I expect bugs to come up that may take precedent over features. Is is probably is par for the course with many routers from what I have seen over the years. The team I think are being as transparent as they can be and probably have their own NDA's and maybe working with Netgear gives them experience with more powerful hardware, maybe a needed injection of cash who knows, I don't know, but I am grateful for what I have from them and get that new features will arrive when fully baked. This thread feels like just an attack on Netduma thats not warranted. We all have to learn patience whether we like it or not sometimes. I think this thread should be locked as its just going to turn into a round of playground semantics it sadly seems.