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  1. This looks like a R6400v2, in which case the antennas are part of the unit and cant be replaced, and its a broadcom BCM4708C0 Soc that's 3 years old, like the XR500 and XR700 Socs that are Qualcomm IPQ8065 and Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-514 respectively, and are both from 2016 too. I would not be surprised if the XR450 was dropped along the way at some point. Its to close to the XR500, the XR300 makes more sense, so the jump in Wi-Fi and CPU specs are spaced apart more widely so you have 1Ghz, 1.7Ghz and quad 1.7Ghz. Right now the XR450 is still using the XR500 CPU and I bet sales of it are not so great, its to close to the XR500 for NTGR profit margins. NTGR is recycling old hardware again by having DumaOS as the overlay. None of the routers released so far are actually new hardware at all. No AX8 or AX12 machines with DumaOS although I'm sure they will come with a huge price tag, I mean the AX12 is £443 in its non gaming form. NTGR appear to be making money for rope. (common expression in England and means easily earned or easily obtained money with the suggestion of having sold something that is normally considered low value) NTGR must be raking it in by selling 3 year old hardware and making it look like its new, when its really three years out of date. With AX out this year, Wi-Fi 6 is the new standard over 802.11ac(Wi-Fi 5) and boosts 2.4Ghz up to 1.2Gbps and 5Ghz up to 4.8Gbps buy having 8-12 streams at once depending on what router you buy, its very important for improved Wi-Fi connectivity going forward, and the new WPA3 standard for security as well.
  2. I wouldn't buy any router yet tbh, AX is just around the corner, with much better Wi-Fi when the clients are released and it comes out of draft later this year . AX Wi-Fi 6 routers will be so much better in congested areas on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, also with 64 bit SoC's, WPA3 and more ram they are the routers to be watching. I imagine NTGR will do a AX8 and AX12 version with DumaOS at some point. I beta tested the AX12 and its a monster, Quad Core 2.4Ghz CPU, 64 bit Soc, 1GB ram, 12 stream Wi-Fi 6 so up to 1.2Gbps over 2.4Ghz 4x4 and 4.8Gbps over 5Ghz 8x8, it makes the XR700 look old, which it is since its a R9000 from 2016 with DumaOS added. Also gaming it didn't have DumaOS and the AX12 played great with my gaming needs and a switch. No matter how much I love DumaOS updates take way to long with Netgear, its approaching 3 months again on the XR500. I would rather have the AX12 with just NTGR firmware or a pure DumaOS device. is buggy for one the table view in device manger on DumaOS has port mapping back to front to NTGRS on the same device, that makes no sense, in fact every release has been buggy in one way or another on all of the XR routers depending on your configuration and I imagine its hard for Netduma to push NTGR to update in a reasonable time frame. DumaOS does not even support IPv6 with its proprietary QoS, FQ_CoDel and Cake do. I see that omission as kind of inexcusable on a router released in 2018, no router should be released in 2018 or 2019 which relies on IPv4 solely for its main functionality , especially when the router it was built off of supported IPv6 with Qualcomm's Streamboost QoS. (XR500 is a R7800 with just 512mb of flash over the R7800's 256mb of flash). Also NTGR are just way to slow as has been mentioned many times with updates, then regressions and bugs and then 3 months before a fix and then more yet bugs. Its tiresome. At least with the R1 you have pure DumaOS and a router like the AX12 just NTGR code, so as I see it less to go wrong overall. Also more chances of third party builds for NTGR models like Voxels great R7800 build, which make the routers safer and faster.
  3. Killhippie

    XR500 has a problem

    5GH802ac is more stable than 2.4Ghz and less prone to interference also it has greater bandwidth at distance when using Wi-Fi? (most modern consoles can use use 802.11ac or its new moniker as Wi-Fi 5)
  4. From what I understood the Netgear side already does IPv6 (for BT etc) its just that the DumaOS QoS is incompatible, or are you saying the NTGR side does not work either? I know NTGR still filter ICMP on IPv6 which is a pain, though but they claim its for security and will never budge. on that.
  5. Killhippie

    Device prioritisation xr500

    Gaming bandwidth is tiny 1Mbps is really about all you need. As Fraser said ping is what's important and with antibufferbloat at 70% (depending on your upload and download speeds) and your gaming device removed from bandwidth allocation and added to geo filter only, all should work well.
  6. Killhippie

    Themes on XR500

    Id rather just add the icons than have auto detection straight away if that's what's holding things up, Jack. Autodetection could come later, but it would be a great improvement over the limited options for icons we have now. Ultimately it would be good if on auto detection some devices like printers and soundbars could be given some kind of download and upload speed by default that we could play with later, as I have mentioned if I have only 52Mbps down and 16Mbps up and have antibufferbloat on 70% what on earth should a sound bar or a printer be set to? Some guidance with auto detection in QoS like FQ-Codel does would be great, and of course have it so it can be tweaked by the user.
  7. Killhippie

    Themes on XR500

    When are we getting the extra devices labels? Like maybe 'Media Devices' (that covers smart speakers and a whole host of other things like soundbards etc) just an idea on that one. It would be good to not have my Blu-ray player and Zeppelin wireless speakers, soundbars etc listed as "computers" I thought that would have come before a non functioning theme button tbh.
  8. I would mention these to netgear. They should not be happening, the locking of the firewall has got worse with the latest firmware and if they’re informed maybe they can do something about it. I’ve had ARP spoofing from my TV, ascend kill and echo DoS attacks from my ISP’s dns servers and you should not have the router thinking it’s being attacked by a spoofed version of the default IP. The thing is with all these false positive is the day something does happen it’s going to get ignored as “the router that cried DoS” so this really does need working on.
  9. My iOS devices connect just fine, make sure obviously the password is correct, mine have static IP addresses though DHCP reservation in the router and all works well. I would suggest with this update you do a factory reset afterwards (use the pin hole on the back and a paper clip, hold for 7 seconds or so then leave for a few minutes and set up again) if you have done that to your router already, reset network settings on all iOS devices and re-enter the passwords. If you have used the same name as your old network with the new router iOS devices don't tend to like that, you should always forget the old network network on iOS devices before adding a new main router with the same SSID I have found. Also did you use smart connect or separate the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands? I find seperating the routers WiFi bands tends to work better using different and of course using different SSIDs for 2.4Ghz and 5GHz. Also use 5Ghz for the iOS devices if possible.
  10. You internet going down is probably down to a small outage, or a drop by the router, its NOT a DoS attack. I have the same logs all the time I had them on my R7800, my R7000, my R6300v2 its nothing to worry about They will happen every day at some point, just ignore them. You are looking for a an issue that is not present. This is just internet noise, my logs are filled with them now and then. I have PPP dropouts which happen occasionally, small outages in servers that connect you to your ISP or even your exchange can happen and there is always work going on on each countries broadband and telephony infrastructure, its not a DoS attack. Please just ignore them. As to your computer if you have swept it with your AV and a stand-alone scanner like malwarebytes and its shows nothing wrong you are probably just fine Just to show you here is a capture of part of my logs last night while steaming 'The Expanse' series 3 on Amazon Prime. Its normal. Also there is no point in trying to trace the IP addresses as they are generally spoofed, or more than likely just mislabelled traffic as the firewall has a tendency to think everything is a DoS attack. DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9640, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:58 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9640, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:58 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9699, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:35 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9699, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:35 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9699, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:34
  11. IDNet has had IPv6 for years. BT now use IPv6 plus quite a few other ISPs so I guess you are a little behind the times? Why would users go back to IPv4 when It’s now not used as much because the address pool ran out. Also it’s not a feature request but a basic router function in 2019, the R7800 used FQ_CODEL for both IPv4 and IPv6 at launch in 2015 and the XR500 is built off that routers hardware Reserved IPv4 address blocks in IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) ran out on February 3, 2011. And the free pool of IPv4 addresses held by APNIC which is RIR in the Asia Pacific region ran out on April 15, 2011”
  12. You will see bouts of activity and then maybe not so much, its just the way the net works, don't look at the logs you don't need to unless requested really is probably best. I did because I knew there was an issue with my ISPs primary DNS server was being dropped when it should not have been, also after years of Netgear routers and beta testing them I know my way around the logs. Just enjoy your router and don't worry about them, all is well.
  13. So just to check, if I want to use my ISPs IPv6 I cant use DumaOS's features even though most ISP's have now shifted over to IPv6?
  14. Killhippie

    [DoS Attack: Ascend Kill]

    Yes ignore that. Mine are not DoS attacks its the routers firewall having an issue with DNS servers on port 53, this has appeared only on this firmware for myself and a few others have seen similar issues with port 53 what you are seeing is not related and is nothing to worry about, you will see "DoS" attacks alot, mostly its just the white noise of the internet and if its listed your router has blocked it. A true attack would take you offline, its just router traffic and port scans which happen everyday. Best leave the logs alone unless you are having issues and someone has requested the logs. You have nothing to worry about.
  15. Whatever you see in logs is the noise of the internet apart from DumaOS checks and the router getting its time from Netgears NTP servers. Everyday you will see this, its nothing to worry about at all, also Netgears firewall is a little paranoid with its logging and may list normal traffic as DoS attacks at times like DNS servers on port 53 which I was having, but everything you see is the firewall doing its job. Unless you are trouble shooting a glitch just ignore it as you will see things like this in the logs all the time and it means your router is doing fine. Also not there is little point in looking up addresses as they will generally be spoofed. There nothing to worry about at all, just ignore the logs and enjoy your gaming.