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  1. jay Fallows

    dhcp server

    ok so what isp is any good then
  2. jay Fallows

    dhcp server

    ok so what your saying is because the router is not stopping lag. Ie shoot first die first. real time delays. then by me tweaking im doing something wrong by not trying different settings. Yet even on this thread its being implied your 70/70 settings are just a guide. It's a smoke screen for the router does not work and i'm the idiot for trying to make it work. so contrary. If you were confident the router worked you wouldn't have so many administrators coming on these threads giving conflicting and at times random advice. Plus if it were me in my line of work i would be confident to come to my house and show it works which would only be good PR if you were confident in your product. iv'e paid £250 for this router and i have the same experience if i were to play games on my superhub 3. Sick of tech companies peddling garbage to the general AVERAGE public, then baffling us with bullshit.
  3. jay Fallows

    dhcp server

    the problem is. you come on these forums with all this info...... do this do that blah blah. fraser even did a one to one remote view and still lag city. i accidently and i say that because i have not got a f.... clue turn off DHCP and hey presto no lag. i then ask how get told that and boom back to square one. you then say its me not setting up correctly .. whatever that means or its the games fault or my isp.. ffs cant you see by my threads and others this router is a cluster f... of options. sometimes i have to power cycle my xbox 1x to get servers to appear. it seems to me when i challenged someone from your company to come to my house and set it up it went soooo quiet ,funny that. i think if this router actually does work it should work outta the box. i expect all the fan boys to jump on me now with all there 3rd party techy advice THAT NEVER WORKS. i've given up too much time on this thing. its placebo.... should of listened to the reviews, with the problems AND YES THERE ARE LOTS OF BAD REVIEWS which points to the fact that not all the experiences i've had are my singular experience. so come on what pearls of wisdom are you going to give me now.
  4. jay Fallows

    dhcp server

    ill be honest i've tried all settings and i lag consistently. I've lost all faith in your product,
  5. jay Fallows

    dhcp server

    those settings never work for me.
  6. jay Fallows

    dhcp server

    so what do i do
  7. jay Fallows

    dhcp server

    Hi. The other day i unchecked the dhcp box in lan set up. I was playing cod ww2 on my xbox {wired connection} . i could still play the game and yet all other devices couldn't connect to internet. Thing is the game played the best ever, then when i re checked the dhcp box the game played poop again but everyone got back on the internet. so my question is what happened?
  8. jay Fallows

    Blocking servers

    i was told by fraser its coming in next update
  9. whats the best process frazer. is it to wait for a period of time? should i reboot xbox flush geo?
  10. the game is a mess. servers are terrible. essentially its totally random what experience you get and netduma is useless to affect a consistent change sorry to say.
  11. thank you. Yes i understand that principle. There are plenty of threads on the forums to suggest that in the case of ww2 that having a ping to a server (sweet spot) is 40ms. I have a good ping generally about 6 to a local server so this screws me for playing on a close by local server. Its thought by others on forum to search mid europe. But this is subjective. they will but that doesn't guarantee a good lag free game on cod ww2. Its thought by others on forum that 40ms is about sweet spot. That said none of this addresses my original post. Why doesn't xr500 and software move seamlessly between spec/ filt mode without blocking me from joining games in filtered mode after being in spec mode?? or placing me on servers outside of my filtered radius >>??? when i've switched back to filtered mode from spec mode.
  12. when i set to my home location i get awful games
  13. but you cant block dedicated servers
  14. When your playing cod and u cant get a game within radius, set to spectator mode and you get a game. But then here lies the problem. When you leave game because its so laggy and impossible to play u set back to filter mode and two things happen. 1. you sit in an empty lobby with game telling you theirs 26 potential games for example but you don't join any? 2. Say in spec mode it sends me to a server in USA , when placed back in filter mode for my radius CENTRAL EUROPE it puts me back on server in USA. i personally feel for the money spent on router i shouldn't have to keep turning off xb1x powering off mains cable and flushing cloud to only have it all starting again.