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  1. What's up King... Aio means All In One aka a modem & router combo !!! You only have 2 choices when getting internet...via a straight modem then you hook it to a router or directly in an AIO so it receive internet like a modem then it shares it like a router !!! The smart rg sr505n is a good lil box...depending on price available for you that may or may not be a good thing... i also tested KW6213 which look cool and also perform good and may be an option too !!! Thing is i had to search what these isp here are having as modems/aio and then i searched about these to see what's best and what's available near me....most of the isp are getting this sr505n so that first mean it's really a fail safe component and also that it manage something that other aio may not !!! Like in your case i would look at some other isp in your country to see how many components they use....that would help you surrounding the availables choices around you...maybe they already have sr505n too so that could help you confirming if it handle talktalk !!! Talktalk... look like a phone line over internet...is it this ??? If yes then yes sr505n can handle a phone line just like the majority of these aio nowadays !!! Now if it is a phone line...knows that it affect your line quality even when you're not on the phone !!! Also it's really not good to use filters on your setup...but it's needed for phone lines !!! Internet is digital while phone lines are not so that's why you need filters so it can work (but they don't tell us how bad it affect our lines) and that's why it affect your line !!! Anyways even then...if you really need a phone line don't use lil filters as it is even worst...you would need a wall plate with included filter...!!! Yes it's normal to test from the device you use...don't worry brah... most people don't understand that in a bright way !!! Like if because it work differently from a pc you really need a pc to be more precise... ah ah ah people are amazing !!! Since it work differently you just need to tweak your connection for it when you need it and then tweak it again when you need to do something accurate with your pc instead of gaming !!! If those guys were right we would never be able to fine tune our r1 with our consoles to play at a flawless level... but i am and everybody that get my help also are on a flawless level now !!! Just understand that...because there is variations on our lines...one day your 70 70 may be flawless but the next day you may need to higher it up at 85 85 .... That's why we always say that we/you have to finetune...they just forgot to mention that it's regular finetuning that we need to do !!! Anyways after a point it's just mini tuning settings like the sliders only...like ya can't be good with turbo today but it destruct your line quality the next day...it becomes only lil settings to tweak like the bandwith allocator or cc !!! I am a PRO and i did more than a billion tests to this day.... including others tests that i have to confirm or discredit for them since not a lot of people have my knowledge and are able to find problems and solutions simultaneously... but i am !!! Yes brah ps4 update 6.0 broke the majority of consoles...just that most people can't see the differences because either they don't have my eagle eyes ... Or and that's the real effective reason...they use hdmi versions older than 2.0 which is the minimum acceptable cable everybody should use....plus there is sooo many dumb guys pretending that all cables are the same and bla bla bla too much talk shit bla bla bla....ah ah ah so most people have cheap ass cables that comes from a dollar store...complaining that their tv suck or not since they can't realize how clean their tv can be with a simple better cable !!! That's why i repeat it everywhere... Nobody have ever watch a decent tv until the time they will use an hdmi 2.1 cable (remember as i said you see a big difference on a mini 24 inch screen...try to figure out what it may do on a bigger screen !!!) my premium tv is 4000$ and the new premium 4k is 2700$ and they both suffering from ghosting...clouding...laggyness...wrong pixels...ect...with Black Platinum Monster cable (was really the best cable worldwide till 2.1 cables came out) and it's a normal and simple fact...here again most people can't figure it out...since the 2.0 max bandwith is 17gbs with low frequency... While hdmi 2.1 max bandwith is 56gbs at higher frequency !!! It all result in... Your eyes will be stunned to see how clean and deep everything looks with hdmi 2.1 ....you will also enjoy extreme fluidity (exemple on people face or bodies...we all have micro shakings and ya never was able to see that on a tv....at least till hdmi 2.1 !!!) and my favorite exemple for that is not even normal movies(ya'll never enjoy them more than with belkin hdmi 2.1 or with a optic fiber hdmi) it's adult movies...less post processing so more natural...and if at least you played once with a woman private part...ya seen it micro shaking and how fluid the body react when caressing it...right??... now with any other hdmi cable you may see 1 in a while micro shaking...at best.... but with a belkin hdmi 2.1 ya'll see every micro shaking in people faces and on people bodies !!! All that possible cause of the higher bandwith and higher frequency in these belkin 2.1 cables !!! And since you bright you surely now understand that if ya can see micro shakings in movies and tv shows it will also be the case with gaming...especially if ya tv have game mode.... so everything becomes so fluid and crispy clean that your eyes stop working hard to follow all the details !!! As i said i was playin with my benq but it became too fluid and too small...tried again on my 55"s and no lag at all (better than the benq at 1ms with hdmi 2.0 cables)and everything pop out the screen...don't forget that tv sharpness always was supposed to and now definitly need to...be at 100 !!! If your sharpness is not at 100 you blinding yourself by yourself !!! Backlight if you have is supposed to be at max(20 on samsung tvs) Rgb full on tv & also on ps4 !!! Anyways if someone ask more details about tvs i'll help too !!! For ya Ps4 homie...i'll repeat.... Don't just update it again since it will do nothing at all.... You have to enter ps4 by holding power 8seconds then re install firmware...its one of the options down that list !!! Also put that usb on the back of ps4 pro...in front right usb port for regular ps4 !!! It's rare that i'm wrong but that may happen... Looks like sony tried to implement hdmi 2.1 update so that's what have affected ps4's .... they will talk about it soon...like thay always do but late !!! Anyways right or not on the precise cause dont matter... Just re install 6.0 via advanced menu like i said... there is two called initialyse and initialyse(re-install system software) latest option in advanced menu of regular ps4 and 1 before the last option on ps4 pro !!! Just don't forget to backup to the cloud via control panel of ps4 when he is open before flashing it !!! Your cat7 should at least be between modem/aio and R1/router !!! If a second cat7 then r1 to console and the rest via wifi but no under cat7 cables anywhere at all !!! Best cables are monoprice ones and they cheap + lifetime waranty !!! Shorter cables are better but cat7 s/ftp loose nothing at all before 100m long distance so can safely bring one anywhere without affecting your complete setup !!! You welcomed brah !!! πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ
  2. Forgot to mention... To those who want to have a flawless setup...yep ya need cat7 cables but also...and very game changing for a setup...go at an Apple store and buy a BELKIN HDMI 2.1 cable... at least for your console...but also for every components who hook via hdmi !!! It really change everything !!! Your screen will become more clean...more deep...more precise...more fluid....more responsive....you will really see what you were supposed to see...i mean ya'll want to re watch some things since it's like day and night and you now see way more details you were missing (even with Monster black platinum hdmi cables that cost higher than 100$) and all that for 35$ canadian with Belkin at apple shit store !!! Games are now lookin much more deeper...like ya 1080p screen almost look like 4k... and speed wise it's soooo fluid like your gonna find that over sensible at both 4 sensitivity in COD WW2.... don't worry after some time practicing with extreme fluidity you become used to it just like when you get a better isp with a faster ping than your previous one...you need lil adjustments at first !!! It's so day and night change....that i stopped playing on my mlg 24" 1ms benq for playin on my premium samsung 55" 240hz 1080p since i have absolutely no lag at all now ( i play on this 55" instead of on my new premium 55" 4k samsung tv since it's better in every ways and my 240hz 1080p looks a lil bit better and much more clean and precise and fluid while moving since 240hz vs the 120hz 4k tv) tested both with the same belkin hdmi 2.1 cables !!! Even my lil 24" benq got an eye poping upgrade with the belkin 2.1 cable ...which is phenomenal since it's just 24" !!! Anyways guys be bright and buy one to test by yourself...at least for the logic that spec wise it's 4 time the hdmi 2.0 bandwith and higher frequency... so even if ya still think i'm a noob so you don't trust my extreme knowledge...just understand that cables really matter...to this day it's the best 2.1 cable available worldwide...others are crap with lower frequencies and bandwith...it's around 30$ only at an apple store so it's not a big guess to test it yourself !!! Just knows that they have an hdmi 2.0 cable with the same packaging box visual than the new hdmi 2.1 cable...they differ only by them id numbers on their boxes !!! They bring them hdmi 2.1 cables to fully enjoy hdr and 4k since they was having lot of picture problems with them 4k apple tv device...!!! Only better thing than this Belkin 2.1 hdmi cable...now...on earth... only one technology surpass these cables and that's my next step...i just wait till they release the first 2.1 hdmi with that technology... since as of right now...on earth...they only have them in 2.0 version which is not good enough 4 me πŸ‘½... Optic Fiber HDMI cables !!!!!! Don't worry i'll share the word when that will come out...in the next weeks !!! Just knows that it's 100$ & + for a lil 3 feets πŸ˜‹ so if money matter for you at least get a 35$ canadian Belkin hdmi 2.1 cable...not any other...the Belkin only !!! If you get 1 then tell me how you find that πŸ˜‰ !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ
  3. Ariiiiight...guys... First homie your problem is not your r1 it is directly your aio !!! I had the same problems when i was with Bell and them locked aio which was causing these same problems....change modem/aio or change isp but still on vdsl2 if you can't get ftth !!! (I even tautght that R1 wasn't compliant totally with vdsl...changed to cable...re change to Bell but after movin... got them latest aio (they don't have modems only aio) and boom no more pop up like that.... well it did happen once in a while but all the line was suffering...anyways i changed again for cable...moved again and got back on vdsl2 on the Bell lines but with another isp...way better connection...stability...ping...and not the same aio's so it result in...never got a problem pop up like that again !!! I then moved to an even faster isp and still no warning pop up like that on vdsl2 !!! I use an SR505N in bridge mode without being in bridge mode with the brand new firmware which rocks even more !!! If i remember your ps4 speedtest also show a warning pop up saying the same... and if i remember harder i think that's when i found out that we on vdsl2 need to Enable DEEP PACKET PROCESSING in R1 misc tab !!! Thing that i didn't did first because we where told not to... with nobody explaining things properly so i learned by myself like i always do and found out that it fix our vdsl2...and so everybody learn... If on Cable line Do Not Enable Deep Packet Processing... if on dsl i think it should do the same as with vdsl 😝 and same for ftth so Enable Deep Packet Processing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Always restart aio/modem then R1 or router...followed by devices hooked to it after making changes so they really and properly apply those changes !!! Second thing guys... Stop listening to those who pretend not to speedtest via ps4...they don't understand how things work !!! If you want to use 1 device to do some on internet...then it's with this device you should test not with another device since it makes no sens in testing with something different than what you use !!! Plus you gotta be kidding when you tell that ps4 browser suck...it just don't work exactly like a pc browser since there is less addons on ps4 than on pc which affect your results....less things may disturb your results with ps4 !!! Always test your connection via your console if you tryin to tune it for a better online experience...not via something else (like if ya want to buy an Audi R8...ya'll want to test it first... would ya test drive and Audi A6 then conclude that the R8 is awesome or nah then buying it or nah ??? NOOOO !!! You would tell that seller that you want to test that R8 that ya want to buy...not another Audi pretending that they all the same !!! GOT IT NOW GUYS ???!!!) Yes the 6.00 update did ruin visual quality and stability and performance of ps4 by 40% at least !!! It also mess my tv...and internet !!! My 2 months old God Of War Special Edition PS4 PRO was lookin like my day 1 edition that i changed for the pro...also my other ps4 suffered the same problems !!! I tried everything till the extreme...2 days ago i re installed (format + clean install) that 6.0 firmware directly took on sony's page and it helped a lot...now if i compare vs a day before that crap 6.0 it now affect it by 5 to 10 % max...which is much better than by 40% !!! Most people wouldn't see the differences but i do !!! It's now better for my ps4 but still my tv was messed up by that upgrade so yesterday i got on the advanced menu and deep factory reset it then i updated tcon and re do my setings... sweet i fixed my tv so she now back like what she was before that update... flawwwwless on all aspects !!! So now i've fix ps4...tv...time to fix that internet !!! Now i found out new things yesterday... i did 5 firmware update on my aio and 2 factory reset (high number because it wasn't flawlessly operating and i had to find the perfect method to achieve that perfection) anywayz i succeeded as always...Steps are: Powering off all devices hooked to internet except for the device you use to manage (pc or phone ect) backup settings from aio...get tha latest firmware aka download latest firmware for your aio and also the R1 firmware(same version that the 1 already running on R1 or a newer version)... factory reset aio...restart aio...wait 2 mins so all aio lights are on....unplug aio from power source...disconnect phone cable between wall and aio(that cable that bring internet) wait 3 mins...plug aio power back on but not internet yet...wait till aio lights are on...confirm that all settings have been cleared from aio then firmware update it...still with no internet yet... you have to look at your aio till you see it restart then you wait a lil bit more to be sure (mine restart 3 times in a row when updating firmware)...then you restart it !!! After all lights are fully on...remove aio power and wait 3 mins !!! Power aio on then wait till lights are on...then update settings(may be called restore settings)with the settings file you saved first before flashing firmware... wait till it's done and restart aio...confirm that your saved settings have been applied and restart aio... wait till aio lights are fully on then remove power for the last time and wait 3 mins...while this wait you can plug back the internet cable on the wall... Now your aio is ready but don't power it on yet... it's R1 repair time !!! R1 misc tab... Factory reset..apply...restart r1...confirm all R1 settings have been cleared...remove power to R1 and wait 3mins !!! Still aio off so no internet... Power on R1 and wait 3mins... get to update tab... choose your R1 firmware... Untick both options aka preserve settings and check version... then press Upgrade so it will flash firmware and restart the r1 so when you hear that R1 sound saying it reboot you then restart your device used to manage !!! Wait 2mins then get in R1 to set it... (PS: YESTERDAY I WASN'T ABLE TO ENTER MY R1 AFTER FLASHING FIRMWARE SO I SEARCHED HARD IN MY LIL HEAD AND FOUND THAT THE R1 HAD CHANGED 88.1 FOR 1.1 SO INSTEAD OF IT USUAL I JUST GOT IN LAN TAB AND CHANGED IT TO 88 THEN APPLY THEN RESTART DEVICE USED TO MANAGE AND BOOM R1 IS ACCESSIBLE VIA AGAIN) misc tab first untick everything and just tick deep packet processing...allow cookies...turbo(i have only 50/10mbs)... and New setting from yesterday...enable Stealth mode(wasnt using it anymore but decided to test it again and wow even at 30ms on that crappiest dedis of them all near me Every bullets register and no over recoil at all) anyways will still test it deeper in the next hours so this one is optional for you guys. Refresh webpage to confirm every changes you made then wan tab...untick ipv6 and apply...nothing else...lan...i recommend to allow only the number of devices you have plus a couple more for people hooking to your internet... Like if you have 10 devices and have let say 10 friends and family members...ya'll want to allow 20...max 25 devices to hook...so in lan tab...allow range 20 to 45 so no more than 25 devices will be able to hook on your internet simultaneously... i set mine from 192.168.88 6 to 192.168.88 11 (i temporarily open more when i need) !!! Then untick ipv6 and apply !!! Now set the wifi and apply !!! Now Geofilter... tick only auto ping host and strict...me also km but only a preference....untick ping peers and untick show dormant hosts and untick show legend ... now set your home location on the map... put ping assist at off aka at 0 !!! Set your radius (i suggest 500km then get higher lil by lil if you struggle to find people exemple at night) and now refresh webpage to confirm your changes !!! Now set QOS aka Anti flood... set your bandwith (real numbers like if you pay for 50/10 then enter 50 10) apply...a pop up will show asking to auto configure speed...click YES !!!!!!!!!!!! Refresh the webpage to confirm changes... at 50 10 should have changed to reactive algorythm...if not set it... get back to lan tab...re disable ipv6....wan tab re disable ipv6...misc tab redisable ipv6 then refresh webpage to confirm and restart R1 and managing device... Wait 1 min then last step... Misc tab dhcp lease tab... dhcp lease every devices hooking to your R1... at this time there is only the managing device so dhcp lease it and go in devices management to name it if ya want...you may dhcp lease a different ip number than the one it is hooked to right now... now start 1 device at time...name it and set it device genre aka phone pc console tablet ect...then dhcp lease it...do that with every devices that will hook to R1 !!! Once they all dhcp leased and named and categorized...you shut them all off except the managing device !!! Get in Congestion control tab aka Qos and add console to hyper traffic... now bring the sliders to 70/70 ...refresh webpage to confirm... Get on Geofilter tab and add console + service (ex: ps4 and playstation network service) add them all if you have more than one !!! Refresh page to confirm !!! Now misc tab... restart R1... wait 2mins... Remove power aka shut off R1... Now you will also shut off managing device...not restart...completely off !!!.... wait 3mins and now... First power on aio and wait till all lights are on then wait 2 more mins !!! Now power on R1 and wait 2mins !!! Start managing device only and go on misc tab....since internet is here now...you will untick bleeding edge cloud and then untick auto cloud(in that order cuz if not BE become un tickable) and now manual set 43-41-29 aka the latests .... apply cloud settings then restart R1 and managing device !!! Now you can power on your devices and enjoy internet !!! Ps: On vdsl2 you should only set a ptm connection and no atm at all !!! The only place to set dns is in aio !!! Your isp give you 2 dns at least...one will be better so you'll have to test them both and then choose to use only the best one by setting the same dns ip in both dns setting in aio only !!! Always restart aio after these changes then restart r1 and devices...now good to test !!! For R1 i told 70 70 to start...while in a COD match look the host ping line ... If its straight...everything should be flawless in your match ... but if not straight line and or bullets not all registering.... Just bring those sliders from 70 70 to 85 85.... test couple of mins... it already is better but not flawless yet?...aright no stress...bring them sliders to 95 95...now should be flawless and every bullets should register as supposed to !!! If still not...try passive algorythm instead of reactiv but 4 real passive is worst in every scenarios.....can also try without turbo but it help getting ya full speed and ping consistently !!! I would just switch dns to see if its an isp problem or not !!! VDSL2 is extremely sensible so you need a twisted phone cable to bring internet from the wall to the aio...twited cables are round vs usual phone cables that are flat !!! If you guys want a better less restricted internet setup...you really need cat7 sftp cables on all your setup...!!! Don't be stupid complaining that cat7 change nothing when you have cat5 cables still hooked... It's exact same with pc ram...put a 2go 800mhz stick with a 2go 1200mhz stick and 2 x 4go 2400mhz sticks...you'll have 12go of memory yes but they all will work at the lowest max rate aka 800mhz even if 2 sticks can do 2400mhz !!! Also understand that there is also frequency in ethernet cables and bandwith differs so all cables really are not equals !!! Enough help and lessons for today.... Take care... Peeeaace !!! πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ DMC51450 everywhere
  4. I already gave it and talked about it...been a month i'm telling it !!! You are the same person that told me almost the same answer couple of days ago....and i'll tell the same again...that doesn't make sens since We Already Can ban dedis and peers....except when there is a problem...and now it's been more than a month that we have this problem which affect Everybody and All platforms and All os since it's the Cloud having these huge problems for over a month and affecting everybody...and as you know they all share the same Cloud !!!!!!!!!! Every unwanted dedis are all on my deny list and never shows up !!! The only times i temp ban a dedi is when it's a new one and i then set it to be in deny list...followed by a temp ban which Always succeed....except with problematic ones like this one and also when one of my usual allowed Montreal dedis is not running optimaly aka at full speed ...and even then i always can temp ban them successfully !!! So original os or duma os and duma os beta all do the same...and if i can't temp ban this problematic id: ccb9b580566b1d22 .... it's because it's a Cloud Problem and duma os will not overpass this !!! With this problem also come the problem with auto cloud and the problem with bleeding edge...problems that firstly start exactly at the same time you guys did add this : id: ccb9b580566b1d22 which is a day before the ps4 second weekend of bo4 beta and it was the first weekend of xb1 !!! I've gave you guys lot of infos and screenshots on a multitude of places including here...also i found a way to overpass these problems while you guys fix this Cloud and i shared it with others also as helping them directly with my working solutions !!! Still some of my posts got deleted and modified even if i was helping !!! PS: It affect all platforms aka R1 XR450 XR500 XR700 on all OS since i repeat it's a CLOUD PROBLEM not an os problem !!! With your delay duma os will come out and everybody will be complaining thinkin it's the os fault while it will still be these Cloud problems...wait a minute...everybody is alreay complaining everywhere against Netduma thinkin it's related to the Os or to their components aka r1 og os and duma os beta xr450 xr500 xr700... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but they all wrong (except the rare ones with real defective components) and i've proved it by giving them my working solutions !!! So fix this before releasing Duma Os guys cause it will have a fatal impact while in fact the new Os will be flawless...but not the cloud 😐 ...till you fix it !!! I also take screenshots of everything i post in case of abusive people modifying or deleting my posts....and/or for proofs and/or references !!! πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ
  5. To those in the army interested in a solution go on the topic named : Anyone else struggling to find WW2 lobbies ...i think this is the link : and follow my suggestion and help us finding the direct cause by following the steps i suggest and then reporting the results there on that thread PLEASE !!! Thanks... Take care... Peeeaace !!! DMC51450 πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ
  6. Aright i just confirmed that Auto Cloud is doing the same thing than Bleeding Edge... so guys do as i mentioned and disable Auto Cloud ... only enable bleeding edge and Auto Ping Host to capture the problem for reporting it here and then re disable Bleeding Edge only... As i always mention YOU have to restart R1 and all devices hooked to it after theses changes then ya will enjoy good gaming sessions again !!! At least once daily (normally before a gaming session) i and you should too...always restart modem/aio then the R1 and devices... When both modem/aio and R1 are runnin (at least 1 min after the r1 reboot and modems/aio may take between 1min to 5mins to load completely so wait to be sure your modem/aio is all good) ps: i myself reboot my aio and wait till i see the dsl light starting to flash(means it connects) then i reboot the R1 followed instantly by devices hooked to it...!!! πŸ˜‰ After the R1 is rebooted and runnin it's time to start the console and enjoy !!! Another tip...i start my ps4 pro then a COD...load it in online...then close the app and restart ps4... so the 3074 port is fully open (full bandwith ingame)!!! The other port the online will use is opened by the UPNP and changes everytime you start a COD game while the master COD port is always the 3074 and never change !!! Only need to do that after a router reboot... not only with the R1 !!! To help you guys understand why it help to restart daily... modems/aio/routers are doing thousands of tasks daily and it hold them till you restart so it can flush that old data and care about real time operations while carrying less traces/infos/data ect... wich help in performance and stability !!! πŸ˜‰ Take care... Peeeaace !!! πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ
  7. Aright guys i just tested and Auto Cloud is also doing the same thing than Bleeding Edge...they bring that unbannable undesirable dedi from 4752km with higher than 115ms as live at 3:15am Friday Sept 14 2018... all that while as you can see on the map via my screenshots that the host is 1 of my Allowed Montreal dedis runnin at 7ms still...and while ping assist still OFF and radius at 841km with strict mode ON as always !!! Same id as i already mentionned multiple times !!! Look at screenshots !!! Re disabling Auto Cloud(with Bleeding Edge at OFF still) and restarting r1 bring back a sweet gaming enjoyment like before this Huge Cloud Problem !!! I also helped other army members with the same settings i use and it also fix their problems...!!! πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ
  8. You welcomed brah !!! Happy it work for you too and at least we can enjoy our gaming sessions till they again listen to me so they'll know where to look !!! "EVERYBODY WHO TRIES THIS PLEASE REPORT HERE IF POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE FOR YOU TOO GUYS...WE WILL FIND THE DIRECT PROBLEM CAUSE AS A FAMILY !!! THANKS !!! πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ" I been telling them what happen and when it happen first so the exact date they changed something in the cloud was the day before the weekend 2 of Bo4 beta ps4 wich was the first weekend for xb1 !!! From this day all COD games suffer from this cloud change they made that day !!! Can you please test something more... Enable Bleeding Edge in Misc tab and Auto Ping host in GeoFilter ... still with only radius and NO Ping Assist ... then restart r1 and devices hook to it and play some COD matches and look at what the auto ping host will display... like you may see the biggest circle around your normal dedi knowing it runs at exemple 10ms but the auto ping may tell you in the box showing under the map that the host is some kms away and with a much higher ping than usual ex 32ms still while seeing the biggest circle around your usual dedis !!! If that happen click on that biggest circle (if you allowed them it will be a chopped circle....and that biggest circle is the host) and manual ping it to see if it differs from what that auto ping host is saying !!! Then just refresh the webbrowser screen and the auto ping should show up again with the wrong host showin in that box under the map... take screenshots of it and notes of id and ping of it and report that here please guys or if something else happen.. !!! I put some screenshots... as you can see auto host tells me i'm on a 4752km dedi at higher than 20ms...while the map shows one of my Montreal dedis running at 7ms πŸ˜’ !!! Normaly if you set things like me it should do the same !!! Sometimes in my case the auto ping host only work between matches and not while in a match when i refresh the webpage !!! So please guys give feedbacks here !!! Once you confirm everything and took screenshots and/or notes of id and ping you just have to (Do all the steps i mentioned in this thread) Untick Bleeding Edge again then apply cloud settings then restart r1 and devices hooked to be able to enjoy Call Of Duty games online matches again while the direct cause is found and fixed by the team !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! DMC51450 πŸ‘½πŸ»βœŒ
  9. Guys can you try this... go in misc from the r1... untick auto cloud and untick bleeding edge...click apply cloud settings...then put the 3 options to their latests available wich are 43...41 and 29 then click apply cloud settings again !!! Then restart your r1 and every devices hooked to it !!! Get on your consoles and test if it find peeps faster and if it plays better like it do for us !!! Come back here to tell us how it goes and if it also fix yours like us !!! Ps: Also look in dhcp lease to lease every devices hooked so they all have their own ip instead of sharing the same ips !!! And don't use profiles !!! Set your radius to your needs and set ping assist at 0 aka OFF !!! Test like that first and when ya'll find out that it work better ya'll then be able to use that ping assist if ya want or need it !!! Auto ping host should be On and auto ping peers should be OFF !!! Let's try and confirm what happen please guys...it's been more than 3 weeks now that we face cloud problems and that i do eveything to find the direct cause to help the team fixing it and we real close now so try theses steps please and report back !!! 🍻✌
  10. I forgot to mention that even with both Auto Cloud and Bleeding Edge at Off the Auto Ping host still didn't work while in a match...only work between matches !!! ✌🍻
  11. @NETDUMA Guuyyys i think i found the problem of the Geo Filter...looks like it's BLEEDING EDGE the problem!!! Yesterday the undesired unbannable 4790km away didn't showed up after i unticked Bleeding Edge !!! Auto was Off but BE was On and problem was showin..still testin today✌ Yesterday i decided to untick Bleeding Edge to see what would happen...and surprise...that undesirable unbannable 4790km away dedi didn't showed up !!! So tha problem is not coming only from Auto Cloud like i tought... since i keep auto cloud Off now cuz it block me from gettin lobbies since weeks now as you guys knows πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ ... So i'll test more deeply today to see if it stills like yesterday or nah... like i will first...play some matches first to see if it start showin back...if still not like yesterday i'll enable Bleeding Edge again to see if it then come back or nah...and after both i'll also try Auto Cloud alone to see if it still block us without that Bleeding Edge On and if that undesirable unbannable 4790km away dedi shows up again but with only auto cloud and no bleeding edge .... After all that i'll let ya guys know if problem still showin or nah !!! Hope ya all havin a great day !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! 🍻
  12. Aright cool !!! I understand why it takes so long for you guys to deal with everything.... but like i already mentioned... the Cloud is related to every devices with netduma backing it.... it now affect us all since more than 2 weeks...wich is not acceptable since we can't enjoy our CODs sessions..not only the beta...all of them !!! It's not cool since your teamate Fraser told that it's easier than ever to play with and update the cloud...from the day you guys rewrote the cloud...but since then no update on the cloud except adding more "we don't know where they goes on the map" dedis !!! Sorry right after that rewrite of the cloud you guys bring us map 29...and it was the last update of the cloud...more than 2 months ago !!! I bring this back on the table again because... You guys are aware that you already running duma os on xr500 and soon xr700 and live as beta on the r1... having people already complaining against duma os like it's not good...when in fact they only facing the Cloud problems i pointed out...nothing more...so now you have bad feedbacks on duma os wich is not good at all plus it's not valuable in real life since it's just a cloud problem...but it affect everybody on all platforms you have... So people leaves Netduma and/or gaming on their fav game thinking and pretending that netduma or duma os are crap...when in fact they just stuck with a cloud problem !!! You can see by yourself that i'm so right when you understand that in this post...the army homie is facing the same problem but on a xb1 vs on my ps4 and on a duma os firmware vs my r1 on the basic netduma firmware... So sadly it affect everybody and all your devices simultaneously !!! This cloud problem can be solved in minutes by fixing it properly and following Fraser's words since the cloud is easier to use !!! By letting this problem going...you guys are hurting yourselves and also us the customers... so that's why i do everything to help you guys understanding where the problem is !!! It is not related to r1 or first os or new devices or new os...it's Netduma related directly since it's Netduma's Cloud !!! You just said that ya'll be on the cloud for Destiny 2 and BO4... okkkkkkk.... Destiny 2 is out today while BO4 will be out in a month and the beta is in couple of days only... So when will we work on that cloud πŸ˜‚ ??? Ah ah ah πŸ˜‹ Also remember that for the first week of beta everything was perfect and flawless...then something have been added in the cloud the day before the weekend 2 of the bo4 beta...then boom ... unenjoyment since unable to find people ect ect ect...and it affect each and every COD like BO3 and WW2...also affect auto ping host option... so please do something before the Blackout beta since we already unable to enjoy any COD so for sure we won't be able to enjoy the beta with those cloud problems we have right now...problems comming from the cloud because of something wrongly added to the cloud for the second beta weekend wich was the first weekend for xb1 !!! And it affect both the first Os and the new Duma Os since they share the same cloud !!! And as you also bright...you already know that we will perfectly test the new dedis if and only if...we already stable before that beta !!! Cuz as right now every Cod are affected so how can we find newer bugs or test properly something when it's already broken and/or unstable ??? We can't !!! So if you fix the cloud like today or max tomorow we will have couple of days to be sure everything work good as it is supposed to be and like it was before the bad implementations a day before weekend 2...wich will provide us our stable platform to be able to test the new beta much more precisely and accurately than with thoses cloud problems we have right now and since more than 2 weeks !!!
  13. Okkkk...but...i already can temp ban dedicated servers and hosts...just this dedi that can't be temp ban and that never shows up on the map !!! Was able to set it a 2% so it's in the deny list but still appear as the host...even if like i already said it doesn't show up on the map !!! For the other part you say that with duma os comming bla bla bla but it's not a device problem we have it's a Cloud problem we have so it will be the same problem on R1 or xr500 or xr700 with duma os or not...since they all share that same cloud !!! This cloud problem is impacting our Call Of Duty games for more than 2 weeks now !!! I can wait weeks for duma os if i can really enjoy my gaming sessions...wich is not the case anymore since this problem first occured right before our second week of the BO4 beta on ps4 wich was the first week for them on XB1 !!!
  14. He can't be ban or denied even if in the denied list and he cause problems so either remove it or put it where it really goes and let us temp ban it if you let it on the map !!! So if the whitelist is to allow us to ban it Yes !!! PLEASE !!!