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  1. Frasier, Same issue here still experiencing random disconnets from wired and wireless connection Is this firmware the same V2.2.1.10-DBG-XR356-180522a from a month ago? Any news on when Netgear planning on releasing an "Official" FW version to address this issue?
  2. neo2070

    Lag and connection drops

    Curious.. Did anyone apply the FW and did the FW fix the issue?
  3. Did the FW fix your issue?
  4. Same issue here wired connection to PC keeps going out every so often. Getting REALLY annoying! Is Netgear aware of this problem? Do they know what is the cause of the issue and when can we expect an Official FW release from Netgear to address this issue? Has anyone here that tried Fraser's trial FW had any luck with the FW fixing the connection issue?
  5. Hi Frasier Could you send me the firmware update as well. I am also experiencing the exact same issue on wired connection to my PC where the connection drops out every few hours. I'm on the V2.3.2.22 firmware. Is Netgear aware of this issue and if so when do we expect a official FW release to be pushed out to address this issue?
  6. neo2070

    Firmware released

    What applications are you running on your Fire TV Cube when it is pausing?
  7. neo2070

    Firmware released

    How come whenever a update or new feature is added to the XR500 it NEVER works for you..but works for everyone else??? No offense but you always seem to have issues with this router yet you persist in using it.Why not send it back if it is within the return policy or sell it on eBay and get something else that would be better suited for your needs? Perhaps you are just Anti-Netgear?
  8. neo2070

    Firmware released

    Works well so far.
  9. neo2070

    XR500 Issues

    Fraser, Is this Firmware fix in the release. I also have an XBox among other devices.
  10. contact Netgear for support or return it and get a replacement. It should still be under warranty.
  11. neo2070

    Additional Game Profiles

    obviously..however what is the time frame for releases will they be bi-monthly, quarterly, annually? What about adding to the list of already released games.
  12. Wondering with E3 this week and the announcement of upcoming games to be released this year(COD 4) and games coming next year (Division 2, etc..) how often is the profile in the geo filter updated via the cloud to include geo-filtering support for new games? Will it be updated on a bi-monthly, quarterly basis? Is this something that is done in the background (cloud) that is transparent to the user that requires no user intervention or will the additional profiles be added through a FW update when Netgear releases a new FW version update?
  13. neo2070

    Upnp issue

  14. neo2070

    Router Issues

    Did your XR500 retain your settings or did you have to re-enter your settings when it updated to the new FW and rebooted?