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  1. Right now I have QOS turned off and I do not get my speeds back and yes the red prioritization light does not go on when not gaming
  2. Thanks for the prompt update. I will give this a try and let you know..Happy Holidays!
  3. Same issue here I have 1000 Mbps connection however on my wired desktop I am only topping out at around 275 Mbps sometimes 300 Mbps. I don't believe I had this issue before the V2.3.2.40 update and I factory reset the XR500 and rebooted the modem before running these wired tests. When I do a speedtest from the cable modem I am getting 945 Mbps sometimes early in the morning 1.2 Gbps on wired connection directly connected to my cable modem.
  4. I agree the GEO filter on this router is broken with the latest FW release ..I have my distance set for the PUBG-Fortnite Profile with Auto_Ping enabled and my Ping Assist set at 50. I tried to flush the cloud, remove and re-add console and desktop, change profile to Call of Duty, Destiny, etc and still..NOTHING on the GEO Filter map at all! NO other players show up, no servers..nothing!
  5. Does anyone know if the 60ghz was removed from the dashboard for this update to the XR500?
  6. I have a 1.2 Gbps connection is it necessary to enable Q.O.S. on the XR500? I noticed that I take a speed hit when it is enabled Doesn't the DOCSIS 3.1 modems have built in Q.O.S.?
  7. No nothing using the internet heavily at this time. I had the laptop connected wired to the modem at the time I ran the PingPlotter tests
  8. Are these results any good? I was having an issue with the XR500 on 2.4Ghz where it is slow to load pages on popular websites like Amazon.com etc. I tested my speeds and they are fine 400/20, I checked for interference with other WiFi networks and changed channel on Xr500, however when I did a PingPlotter on twitter.com and Google.com connected directly to the modem I got these results.
  9. Frasier, Same issue here still experiencing random disconnets from wired and wireless connection Is this firmware the same V2.2.1.10-DBG-XR356-180522a from a month ago? Any news on when Netgear planning on releasing an "Official" FW version to address this issue?
  10. neo2070

    Lag and connection drops

    Curious.. Did anyone apply the FW and did the FW fix the issue?
  11. Did the FW fix your issue?
  12. Same issue here wired connection to PC keeps going out every so often. Getting REALLY annoying! Is Netgear aware of this problem? Do they know what is the cause of the issue and when can we expect an Official FW release from Netgear to address this issue? Has anyone here that tried Fraser's trial FW had any luck with the FW fixing the connection issue?