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  1. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    No looks like a lot of people having troubles
  2. dav581005

    Anyone found good settings to use BO4?

    I would have thought that Netgear will have final say on what goes on THEIR router and what doesn't and also when. I have seen lots of posts from xr 500/700 users complaining about the R1 getting updates before them but I think it is unfair of them to have a go at Netduma if they have complaints it should be directed at Netgear.
  3. Thanks duma team is the cloud update ready too?
  4. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Not 100% but I think that may well be the lag comp so maybe furthest person from server has ping around 80ms could also be an accumulated ping from you to server to other players then back again
  5. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Sorry just re read your post and realised I didn't really answer yourquestion so - No I wouldn't have thought you would be able to downgrade especially if it shipped with DumaOS
  6. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Is there any particular reason you want to downgrade. DumaOS has been excellent in all the games I play other than black ops 4 for some weird reason it doesn't play well with their servers. Unfortunately my main game at my the moment is black ops 4 so I have gone back to original firmware until ping assist is released then I will be straight back on DumaOS
  7. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Yeah I know what you mean I think when I was on DumaOS and I got a dedicated server the connection seemed a lot better than when I get dedicated servers on original firmware it's just the hassle of trying to get dedis on DumaOS was not good but when we get ping assist that hassle will go away I have tried to get that same quality of connection with original r1 firmware but can't seem to do it.maybe the new qos works different to the original and that's the difference
  8. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Isn't there any chance that the ping assist could be released as a r-app or whatever it's called rather than having to wait for the final release of the new firmware pleaseπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  9. No just clear your browser cache and then go log back into the router and all will be good
  10. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    I have found with the original firmware that if I put the ping assist down to zero and the circle at about 1200km essentially mimicking the geofilter on the DumaOS then I can't find a game at all but if I move the ping assist up to 30ms I find a game straight away but the server is inside the circle but couldn't connect with ping assist off. Geofilter is really weird with this game
  11. dav581005

    Please read this everyone

    Did you notice any sort of pattern or range to the ports ie always between ports 3074 and 3080 for example just thinking if this was the case we could maybe just open that port range
  12. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Great thanks I really like DumaOS it's so easy to see what you are doing and being able to pin certain things to the dashboard to see what's happening is brilliant and I am sure in other games it would all work fine so I will definitely be back on it again
  13. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    I have downgraded to original firmware today as tried the workaround last night on DumaOS but no luck tried it again on original but still didn't work so loaded up cod ultimate profile and way better connection so might stick with this until either cloud update or next firmware for DumaOS comes seems like ping assist is the way to go at the moment
  14. dav581005

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    I have been assuming that they were dedis as I get about 12ms ping to them and they are really stable as well