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  1. Hello I’ve got the network set up in this order modem,R1 and then my Tp link router then from there my Xbox is connected via Ethernet to the tp link which everything is working perfect but my question is am I still getting the full benefits of the r1 like this for example hyper traffic congestion control Edit: forgot to add R1 has WiFi turned off as am using the tp link for WiFi
  2. Funkybadger

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    The very first post on this thread he sAid that it would take no more than 2weeks mmmmm it’s been 2 weeks sooo whAt lies do we have to listen to now
  3. Funkybadger

    Hello I changed my isp now I need settings adjusted

    Thanks I’ll do that
  4. I have 55mps download and 15upload when I use I reactive get my above speeds CC sliders 100% when I switch to pre emptive my speeds drop too 25down and 5upload but my problem is do which do I use pre emptive feels smoother in game but less speed when am using reactive do I use turbo mode maybe that’s why it’s not smooth
  5. Funkybadger

    Need help bad jitter and spikes

    When I disable cookies it seems to help tho once am playing and I say play a video on YouTube in game ping goes through the roof
  6. Funkybadger

    Need help bad jitter and spikes

    Thanks everyone I’ll do it myself tonight when am home and post the results here
  7. Funkybadger

    Need help bad jitter and spikes

    Forgot to add am free all Thursday and Friday if you let me know a time
  8. Hello everytime I do ping diagnostics ping is exceptional jitter and spikes terrible and no packet loss I replaced all my Ethernet cables.. no good I rang isp who did a line test and they said it was perfect Left it a few days and rang again and they sent out a engineer who replaced my modem ( which is password protected and I can’t access ) he did a ping plotter and i quote he said everything looks to be perfect I think it’s your netduma so am basically lost at this point I’ve followed all your guides and I’ve done research to am blue in the face am at the point of giving up Please can someone help am completely lost at this point every FPS game I play I lag it’s literally unplayable
  9. Funkybadger

    Using a manual DNS R1

    Thanks I’ll give it a try
  10. I want to use the google dns server but what I don’t understand is do I enter them in the WAN section by turning off automatic dns or do I enter them in the lan section where it says automatic DNS or both
  11. Funkybadger

    R1 question

    My modem is password protected by my isp which means once I plug in my r1 it automatically enters the details but I know my details would I be better entering the details in the WAN section or let my modem automatically do it My isp is bluebox in Ireland
  12. Funkybadger

    Setting bandwidth

    . Mmmmmm when I do ping diagnostics it says my spikes and jitter is terrible :/ not sure if I have the settings correct
  13. Funkybadger

    Setting bandwidth

    could this cause lag tho if set to high
  14. Funkybadger

    Setting bandwidth

    Hello non peak times I get 30mb download and 10 upload peak times I get 20mb 5mb down so I’ve noticed if i do not change my bandwidth to 15 in peak times I get serious lag can this happen or is it just in my head lolI
  15. Funkybadger

    Can we please have an official date

    Thanks big dog