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  1. I believe that is the issue. I have not tried this firmware, to be honest I only saw the thread on the Netgear forum about that AFTER I posted this. I would love to try it, I asked in the thread.
  2. We have heard lots of promises of updates for this router, fixes in the works, but we have seen VERY little. Netduma has been great about supporting this router (when someone has an issue) and has had a great showing on both forums. Netgear, not so much. But 90%+ of the problems that existed when the router was released still exist... People still having major wifi issues (myself included) which while I recognize may not be the "top priority" of this type of router, it sure is for me! . Im not generally the complainy type, but I must admit this is why I usually steer away from Joint company products. I really hope there is going to be further firmware support for this router for stability or all of its flash and extra features are a waste .
  3. crawlgsx

    Using here as well with XR500 without issue.
  4. crawlgsx

    Nest Camera - XR500 Issues.

    Yeah I already went through all that unfortunately. I thought I would post here first due to the nature of this forum generally attracting slightly more advanced users. I suspect its more of a setting than hardware issue . Can you answer the other part, is it possible in any way to force a device to use 5g/2g with the default "Router picks best" method? Thank you!
  5. I switched from an Asus AC66U to the XR500. Overall very happy with it and solved all the issues I had with gaming. My Nest Camera however has serious issues with this router for some reason. it randomely disconnects several times a day, and even when its connected I can barely watch live video even on Low quality. It worked fine with the AC66U so trying to figure out what is causing the issue with the XR500. I have a 100/10 connection, and nothing using bandwidth currently and I can't even get the video camera to get past the spinning wheel. (this camera is less than 10 feet from the router, no walls) I tried specifically assigning the camera more upload bandwidth in QOS but it made no difference (as it technically shouldn't since it should use overflow, and nothing is using bandwidth). I originally set up my network with 2g/5g separated, I have since gone back to the default (where the Router determines the best network). Is it possible to still tell this device to use a specific network? Thanks for any thoughts or tips.
  6. Firmware working great here. I upgraded using the firmware section under Administration (although I did let it auto download rather than picking the file from Dropbox). I am not using PPPoE however.
  7. crawlgsx

    Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

    Spectrum 100/10 home connection. No ping spikes here and no issues in games. (Xbox One X's)
  8. crawlgsx

    Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

    As others have mentioned Arris SB6183 is a great modem choice as well. No ping fluctuation, rock solid Broadcom chipset just like the TP-Link and many others. Can confirm here having the XR500 myself that it works flawlessly with the SB6183. Especially worth consideration if you re going to go over the 8x4 channel limitations. TP Link is a great choice if you currently have one of the INTEL Puma modems such as the SB6190 or you have an older modem / want to stop paying your ISP for their rental fee. If you already have a good modem such as the SB6183 do your homework before switching .