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  1. imts_maul

    QOS slider issue

    Definitely strange, I use chrome. But I tried Firefox and Safari and had the same issue. Yeah, I'm glad I was able to finally locate the issue too. Things like that drive me insane until they're resolved..
  2. imts_maul

    QOS slider issue

    I've already tried those suggestions before coming to the forum. V2.2.1.10 version, I rolled it back because this problem started after the update.. But I found the glitch, I have to manually add my bandwidth speeds. If I allow DumaOS to run the speedtest and use it's findings, I am unable to adjust my sliders. If I erase those numbers and enter the numbers manually, even if it's the exact same numbers, then the sliders work as intended.. So my problem has been fixed, but it's something NETDUMA may want to look at..
  3. So I normally run my sliders at 70% download and 60% upload. But I can't adjust them now, I mean I can adjust them but they won't save. They just go back to 100% as soon as I leave the page. Tried a hard reset after the Update and again after the Rollback, but my slider settings just won't save anymore.. suggestions?? Because this is kind of a key element to keeping your Ping low while gaming...LOL
  4. Thanks Shikko, but that's the first thing I do when trying to add somebody. I have found a common denominator to the people I am unable to Ping, they all have a Netgear router. I'm able to Ping my friends who have Linksys and Asus routers.. but my 3 friends who are running Netgear routers, I am unable to Ping.. but if hook up the old R1, I can ping everybody...
  5. I'm open NAT, they're open NAT... I don't get it either.. I hooked up the R1 to see if I could add them on their, and had no problems.. went back to the XR500 and it just won't ping people in my chat party.. just throws me for a curve when I can ping the Dedicated servers and Peers outside my chat. Might look into settings on the PS4 tomorrow and see if I can figure something out..
  6. Still unable to ping people in my chat
  7. It has not Fraser. Still will not complete the ping to people in my chat party. I can ping Peers in game with no issue, can ping dedicated servers. But if you're in my chat party, no joy..
  8. I think I've seen where you have a Hotfix already out for this issue.. I haven't had this problem until last night. But I was trying to add 2 more people to my allowed list. Did the normal, turn on spectating mode and invite 1 at a time to the chat party. But when I click on their emblem, it just constanly searches and never completes the ping so I can add them.. Tried again just now, and it does the same..
  9. The latest update on COD has made it more difficult to find games. Like you, I have my geo-filter set for around 450miles and also covers to GA server, while staying away from Florida servers. But before the update, I might spend 25-30 seconds searching for a game lobby. Now it takes 3-5 minutes, but once I'm in a lobby all is good. Unless I have to find a new lobby a few matches later.. Whats funny is if I'm playing with friends and obviously hosting the room we will find a game lobby in seconds.. but playing on my own is when it takes forever to join a lobby
  10. imts_maul

    xr500 Bandwidth Allocation

    No sir, that didn't fix the issue.. sorry long day at work, just now had a chance to try it.. Maybe with future updates the issue can be resolved, but I'm not to worried about it.. I've just decided to adapt and use some of the new features the DumaOS offers.. which are nice..
  11. imts_maul

    xr500 Bandwidth Allocation

    I only had the default DumaOS games enabled.. after disabling it I tried just adding the PS4 to the Traffic Prio, but the same thing happened.. so for now I've just disabled the default DumaOS games and removed the PS4 from traffic prio... But yeah Iain, it never occured to me to try disabling that because with the R1 it ran as expected with the PS4 in Traffic Prio.
  12. imts_maul

    xr500 Bandwidth Allocation

    Yeah, Fraser, I'm going to DSLreports on the PS4. You are correct turning off the traffic prioritization corrected the issue.. if I turn off the traffic prioritization I get my allocated bandwidth then.. That's different, on the R1 I had the PS4 in traffic prioritization and always only got my allocated speeds, which is what I like.
  13. imts_maul

    xr500 Bandwidth Allocation

    Thanks Iain, and yes I upgraded to the latest version. So even when I don't want but 20% of my available bandwidth given to my Console, as soon as I begin a game it will automatically go back to giving 100%. That just doesn't seem like what is suppose to happen, but that's what is happening.. It would seem the opposite would apply, when I'm not gaming I would have 100% available and then when my game begins that the 20% I have allocated would be all I would see.
  14. I was an early adopter of the R1 and now with the XR500. I've always allocated certain percentages to all the devices with in my home, and I do NOT share excess between devices.. this has always worked best for me. I do this with the xr500 and do speed tests and speeds on those devices are correct. However as soon as I start up a game on the PS4, I no longer just have the allocated bandwidth on the PS4. I get full bandwidth numbers from my ISP, If i close the game and then run a speed test I'm back to my allocated speeds.. Any ideas of why the allocation is being bypassed when a game is detected.
  15. imts_maul

    DumaOs update

    Yeah, I was trying to do that. It just wasn't letting me on my tablet. Had to go by work and pick up the laptop to get it done.. All good now, thanks for the response.