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  1. Just an idea/suggestion for the next update, it would be nice to select multiple servers or players (like a check box in an email account) and delete them all at once. Just a suggestion for those with an Allow and Deny “Laundry List.” 😉
  2. Ok I’ll try that for the next week or so and give an update on the results. Thanks again!
  3. The New ones I’ve denied, Yes they appear with a slash through them. But the ones that are under my denied list and that I’ve blocked in the past I still connect to. Wondering if I should just clear out my entire list of Allow and Deny and just start fresh.
  4. Servers I can confirm for sure. I have listed their ID’s and named them (ex: as trash servers or laggy servers and their location on the map) I know there are players I connect with in lobbies who constantly lag who I have blocked who still connect or I connect to them. They are not “always” host, but they do connect.
  5. Much appreciated! But back to my original question, I’m still connecting to servers and players that I denied. This has been a problem for me and other users since July. (You can review the thread and see) I was told this would be fixed in the latest firmware update.
  6. And could you please explain the image I just posted? How is it connecting to servers and players outside of the radius?
  7. XR500 V2.3.2.40 The ID's are too many to list. These are the same ID's and players I've been connecting to since I first posted this topic back in July. The game is Call of Duty WW2.
  8. Did the recent firmware update, and still connecting to denied servers and players...I thought this was fixed and was going to be in this firmware update?
  9. Where in the world is this infamous firmware we were promised?? This connecting to the same DENIED crappy servers is getting pretty ridiculous. I started this thread back in July.
  10. Kahari

    Large Ping Fluctuations

    When I sent it back to Amazon, I had only had it for about 2 months so It might have still been in warranty period to exchange it. It was a Best Buy technician who told me that the router had to be faulty based upon all the factors I explained to him. (Basically the same things you're stating) I would try contacting Netgear and tell them you have a faulty router and based on the forums you've read, other people have had the same issues, and see if they'll exchange it. I would call Best Buy and see if there's anything they can do as well since you bought it there. Whenever I buy things from Best Buy, I always get a receipt emailed to me and printed, because I lose my paper receipts as well.
  11. @Netduma AdminThanks for the reply. My Geo Filter has been set for quite some time. Unfortunately, your Deny Servers option does not work currently, (I connect to servers I denied all the time) which Fraser has been tirelessly addressing for almost 3 months. He hopes it will be fixed by the next software update..My ping isn't an issue as it stays very consistent during gameplay (19-22ms) Ping Plotter tests come out fine and consistent as well. The latency I'm experiencing seems to be due to the anti-bufferbloat option as I stated above and others have stated having the same exact issue. I appreciate your help by sending this info, but this Is all the same info I've been using since April/May.
  12. Kahari

    Large Ping Fluctuations

    @triumph808 I literally have the "exact" same set-up as you. CM1000, Comcast 1GB, (942 Down, 42 Up) XR500. Back around April I was experiencing very high ping flux pretty much everyday. (130--150 ms) I would start out typically around the 19 ms-22 ms, and within an hour or two, it would shoot up like crazy! I used to try everything from changing the settings, to doing a factory reset. (It was such a pain and I was doing this everyday!!) I found out that I had a "faulty XR500" router and sent it back to Amazon and replaced it with a brand new one. Haven't had a ping problem since. I now consistently stay around the 22-27 mark. Also, I live in the Midwest (Indiana) and the servers seem to be pretty trash in that area. I moved my radius to around the Texas Servers and Georgia Servers and I literally wreck shop on Call of Duty. Its almost unfair to the people in the lobby. (Missouri/Illinois Southwest Server is pretty good too) Hope this helps! Kahari
  13. Call of Duty @Netduma Admin
  14. Yes. Ping was the same, Domain name was the same as far as the server goes.
  15. Thanks for the reply Fraser and for the info. I will follow this guide and experiment with these suggestions. However, I would not say its a placebo. Even playing before I wrote this post I was playing with the anti-bufferbloat on..same lobby, same players, same server. No one left and no host migration. There was "drastic" latency and lack of hit detection with the anti-bufferbloat on. I played two matches like that. I disabled it during the intermission, and the improvement was evident. Like I said, I've been doing this for two months. (as a suggestion from Netgear which I forgot to mention in my previous post) Playing at different times of the day and night, and on weekends. I'm willing to post or upload videos as proof if necessary.