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  1. Still waiting for a solution to my problem guys. This is an everyday occurrence on my end and nothing has changed. I hope you guys are working on it..
  2. The Geo-Filter is now bugging out on me...Look at the pics. I only saved one of these servers as "Missouri Nice!", and I actually allowed it. (The second photo) However, I have 3 servers with different ID's saved as the same name I gave for the 1 server I allowed and they're showing as DENIED. Even one with the same name appears to be saved as a peer...and I don't save peer names unless I know them.. (Photos 1 and 3) This XR500 is starting to get out of control and there are still no solutions for my original post. Today I've only connected to denied servers...I have not connected to 1 server that I've allowed..and they have all lagged terribly. t
  3. I took that screenshot during an intermission between matches. When the match started, I connected to the server that is smaller in the picture. It became bigger once I connected and the other one got smaller but didn't disappear. (The one that is bigger in the picture)
  4. Ok understood. It was just a little weird to me as this is the first time I've ever seen it like this. Normally after the game connects you to a server, the other one disappears and it only shows the one you're connected to. I was connected to the server at the top middle and the lower right one never disappeared. The one I was connected to is smaller (top middle), and the one I wasn't connected to is bigger. (lower right) (As if I was connected to it) Other than that, Have your guys found a solution to connecting to denied servers and players?
  5. Two servers in the same spot? Interesting.. while playing?
  6. I just realized something...(This is starting to become a pattern for me when playing) When I fire up my game and go into a lobby, it takes me through all my denied servers first before it connects me to a server I allowed. As soon as it connects me to a denied server, I leave the match and deny the server again. (While it's still showing on the map. It even shows the slash on the server indicating it's denied.) After that it connects me to my next denied server, and I repeat the process. At that point, it denies the servers for that day and I don't connect to them again ONLY for that day or gaming session. When I play the next day, it starts all over again. Connects me to all my denied servers first, I deny them as I connect to them, and then it connects me to a server I allowed. But none the less, I shouldn't have to do this every day during gaming sessions. Once the server is denied, I shouldn't connect to it..period.
  7. Yes I’m using the most current firmware and XR500.
  8. My first game today fired up Call of Duty and then immediately connected to this server..(Just now)
  9. I haven't connected to one good server this morning. Only servers I've denied! As you can see in the pics, they are denied and do not have the slash through them indicating its a denied server. However I highlighted it showing that I did deny the server. These pics are servers I've connected to 2 times in a row!! In other words, after each game I left the lobby, waited about 2- 3 mins, tried to get into another lobby and connected to another denied server. (It was actually 3 TIMES IN A ROW I didn't take the first picture before these two because I thought it was a random fluke) This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. I've dealt with this issue since July of 2018, and you resolved the issue for a month with the latest update, and here we are again. This is getting frustrating and pretty ridiculous
  10. Any word from your guy Joseph? I'm still running into this problem. Thanks!
  11. Thanks this is happening much more frequently now. The first few times it seemed odd, but even today I've connected to denied servers at least 4 times. I even deny them again and it seems to work for awhile, but then sure enough I'll connect to another.
  12. Well it was good while it lasted, but I'm now connecting to denied servers once again.. It has happened to me now on about 5-6 occasions since the new update.
  13. Quick question: For some reason, I was playing a game of COD WW2 and an entire party from Japan was able to connect to a Texas server. How is this possible?
  14. Just an idea/suggestion for the next update, it would be nice to select multiple servers or players (like a check box in an email account) and delete them all at once. Just a suggestion for those with an Allow and Deny “Laundry List.” 😉