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  1. nope, doesnt work. i now have a stack of unwanted devices that no longer exist and cannot be removed. Hard to believe this Year Old router has this problem....?
  2. i had been thinking the same thing, perhaps if next firmware has a toggle for disabling logging....? (like any other router)
  3. will this be fixed in next firmware ? and when will next firmware be released ? thanks
  4. so why bother putting Hybrid VPN on the xr500 if it couldnt handle it....? even with just one device active on the Hybrid VPN, the router drops speeds significantly. i gave up on the Hybrid VPN anyway and settled for pc client based setup. Hybrid VPN also periodically causes internet failure for a few mins and then reconnects....
  5. Yes, internet drops only when Hybrid VPN is enabled. i sent the log the last time to another Admin (cant rem which one) but heard nothing since. just gona abandon the Hybrid VPN for now.
  6. same issues after factory reset and setting up again. Had to disable Hybrid VPN permanently on router to maintain stable internet connection. pity it doesn't work properly ....
  7. still having same issues here but i havent done a factory reset after last firmware (latest) will try that and report back after a few days to see if internet stays stable with VPN enabled.
  8. sorted didnt notice i had to tick a box to enable the share
  9. yes im using that but the share isnt showing up on the network??, everything else on my network works fine except the share created on the XR500. just doesnt appear on any laptop or Pc on same network ? i must assume this is function is broken on the XR500 ?
  10. trying to connect up an external USB drive to act as a media storage DLNA device to allow family members to view movies etc. However , after enabling Media Server settings , how exactly do you "map network drive" from a Windows 10 computer ? the share name isnt available on the home network even though the same Workgroup is matched ? Just doesnt show up anywhere...? \\XR500\Media\ doesnt work or am i missing something important ?
  11. xlr8r


    answer found in this post by Netduma Jack
  12. since the new firmware , i cannot delete an Offline unwanted device from device manager ? I sold this router to a friend but manage it remotely for him..... the device will not delete ? it says its Online ....?
  13. hi yes correct. in the log it said Internet Disconnected, then it reconnects about 3 mins later (only when Hybrid VPN is enabled) i will enable t again and see if i can capture what the log says at the time
  14. hi Fraser, no, only when the vpn (IPVanish) is enabled and active. only 2 devices were listed in VPN. internet just drops for no obvious reason other than VPN running. Router runs okay (no drops) when its disabled...? cheers