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  1. xlr8r


    even something simple that could show users the "auto ping info" on a phone/ipad when playing games like Fifa , would be really useful. players could then easily decide from viewing the phone app to go ahead and play a game as they can see a "true" ping. Given that EA's in-game latency bar is a load of BS! LOL!!
  2. nobody said they were using a US based VPN...? IPVANISH has servers all over the world. I also use IPVANISH on my pc (as a client program) exact same ping and speeds as if connected to my own ISP....and with fewer hops in most cases I also don't really care if my COD "gaming" data is secure or not.... lol And hey, this thread inst really about promoting other peoples favourite VPN's.... LOL!! the point is, there seems to be a very major difference in speeds when the Router is running the VPN when compared to the Pc running VPN client .... especially on UDP
  3. i checked this on my mates router (i sold him my xr500) and i have remote access to it so i can assist him setting it up, so i checked .... he has all his main household devices (Pc's / laptops/ consoles etc) setup with static ip in LAN settings (reservation table) (its better this way , phones / ipads etc best on DHCP) he has IPvanish setup and connected (currently on UDP connection) His console is added in VPN as a device His LAN IP's didnt change with VPN enabled , that i could see ? I did a speedtest and sure enough on a UDP connection, speed was pathetic 15mb down 8up ? when VPN was switched to TCP, it worked at full speed ? (Seems router doesnt like a UDP connection ??) isnt UPD better for gaming though .....? note: he mentioned to me that when gaming last night of Fifa, it was seriously laggy on TCP on IPVANISH (worse than ever before!) . he will retest it later tonight on UDP to see if it improves any. even though this will reduce his overall download and upload speeds...?
  4. clicking the ? (help) icon next to it suggests between 30 - 50. not much else other than fast search to tick.... thats it...
  5. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    ah..update Seems you CANNOT edit what you put in here (configuration). You have to erase it first by leaving all fields blank and hit connect. then go back in again and paste in your (updated) configuration text. this is the only way to edit/modify your configuration in advanced settings. ...prob a good idea to have this sitting in a .txt file somewhere handy.... Netgear really slipped up here in that you cannot edit what you initially put into the configuration box !
  6. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    another issue he reported was, when he went back into look at his Advanced Hybrid settings, they were gone but the VPN was still showing connected. He cannot edit NOR REMOVE!! the original settings he put in, clearly this has not been tested thoroughly by Netgear.
  7. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    yep, already said that above. he added an iphone which did allow mode change. his xbox one (console) was grayed out each time he tried to add it...? so it doesnt fully work for consoles.... pity
  8. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    he rebooted twice, says connected and also N/A as stated, he still sees mode grayed-out...weird... even weirder... he says he added one more random device (an iphone) and it could be changed in mode, but not his console ....? seems its not happy with a console being added as a device for some reason...
  9. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    well, it almost worked. he got it to show connected, but when a device is added, the mode is grayed-out and cannot be changed ... something not quite right....? ...even after a reboot like the instructions said to do...?
  10. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    nice one, this worked for my mate but he didnt need the top certificate bit, just the lower one (the one from IPVANISH website).
  11. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    this is what he sent me; what does he need to change ? His login is entered before the Configuration is pasted in but still doesnt connect for him... this config below appears to request the file ; ca.ipvanish.com.crt . how is that added into the Configuration....? client dev tun proto udp remote lon-a11.ipvanish.com 443 resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun persist-remote-ip ca ca.ipvanish.com.crt verify-x509-name lon-a11.ipvanish.com name auth-user-pass comp-lzo verb 3 auth SHA256 cipher AES-256-CBC keysize 256 tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA:TLS-DHE-DSS-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA:TLS-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA
  12. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    im getting him to send it to me one sec.....
  13. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    he copied and pasted the .ovpn file he got from IPVANISH and added his login details but it didnt login...
  14. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    Advanced TAB of Hybrid VPN.....? Nothing in Help about Advanced ? My friend owning this router has no idea what to put in "Configuration"....?
  15. xlr8r

    VPN Client Update?

    ive emailed him...waiting on screenshot, one min....