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  1. yep, wish i had discovered the Rog first.... read up here ROG the setting this thing has is insane! And it is expensive ....
  2. .....which is exactly why i sold my XR500 and bought the superior Asus Rog Rapture LOL!!! (which has everything plus alot! more)
  3. .. i think the damage was done long ago.. and jumping into bed with Netgear was your greatest mistake....
  4. had enough, buying the Asus RT-AC86U to run on Merlin firmware. XR500 going on eBay .... I can live without Geo Filter....
  5. Negativity breeds negativity. - can u really blame us ? We'll be releasing so many features in the future that DumaOS will be an incredible resource - what exactly and when exactly ? realistic answers please! we haven't even begun to release new features yet (for various behind the scenes reasons) - We know you havent, so what are the reasons behind the scenes ?? (months after release , name one new feature?) if it wasn't for the Geo Filter, i would have ditched this router a week after purchase. at the very least, PM us all with the truth if it cant be shown here ?
  6. no disrespect and u guys are hard at it behind the scenes, but YES it is a carrot on a stick. It was promised in March.... post #4 HERE We're all just fed up waiting. things are just taking wa...y too long.
  7. the Asus running Merlin 3rd party firmware looks sweet !! with WOL , excellent VPN setup etc etc etc etc etc
  8. video link on WTFast ... https://youtu.be/6Er7-sdOTWE
  9. if either of these routers has a Geo Filter, I'm ditching the XR500 for one ?
  10. ...19 pages of feature requests... how many have been fulfilled ? http://forum.netduma.com/forum/9-feedback-feature-requests/ and with the new XR700's release, I dont expect support to last too long for the Xr500 ....? (drowned before it even learned to swim!)
  11. We hear u Brother, were all in the "slow boat" going nowhere fast with updates.... Also, If im not mistaken.... Netgear had to "change the wording" on the XR500 as it stated something else in relation to VPN in the manual ....? I'm sure its on this (or another) forum somewhere....must have a search for it.... found it here , Post #18 Netgear published this (or see point.6 below) https://kb.netgear.com/000053077/What-is-a-gaming-VPN-and-how-do-I-set-it-up-on-my-Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Router To set up a gaming VPN: Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your router’s network. Enter www.routerlogin.net. A login window displays. Enter the router user name and password. The user name is admin. The password is the one that you specified the first time that you logged in. The user name and password are case-sensitive. The Dashboard displays. Click Settings > Advanced Settings > VPN Client. Select the Enable VPN Client check box. Select your VPN provider from the VPN Server drop-down menu. Select the VPN protocol, country, and city that you want to use for your VPN connection. Enter the user name and password provided by your VPN service provider. Click the Connect button to connect to your VPN service. Your VPN service is enabled. Cleary, Netgear gave us a VERY misleading instruction here !!! it is missing a line, "haha suckers, we only added HideMyAss !!! hahahaaaaa Losers!" LOL read post #4 HERE (Hybrid VPN) ... "It will be available in March." ..... ? Or... April...May...June...July...August...September...2019...2020...2030 LOL!!!! this, just about says it all for us....
  12. xlr8r

    bandwith allocation

    what would be the best value to set for a streaming box , such as a MAG 351 (capable of 4k streaming) ? currently i have my sliders at 60% and 58% BandWidth Allocation to my mag box (so it get 25Mbps for 4k streams). But when i do this, all my many other devices BWA value went to 0 (zero)....? is this too much , or even necessary ? Maybe Im overdoing it...? ....or will the Share Excess take care of everything ..?
  13. is there any change in this firmware thats different from the one Fraser PM'd us all ? if, not , no point in trying this one....
  14. would it be possible for every page that has lots of rows/columns, be shown with visible grid-lines/table view ? As its sometimes difficult to see exactly what im selecting when 'ticking' the left circle .. Even if i shrink the whole web browser in width-ways, its still difficult to see exactly what im selecting ? thanks Something along these lines...
  15. forgive me if this is a daft question, or its been asked already , but .... Could it be developed that the Geo Filtering worked on a "per Device" basis, rather than all devices under the one Geo Filter "umbrella" ? I ask because, at home the Geo filter comes into play for several devices (see below note: 1 x ps4 is not in the devices list but should be for this example) Say i have 3 devices, PC, XB1 and PS4. Some, devices will perform better when assigned to a specific region. IE COD on PC is set to Amsterdam (has best server ping from my location) and say, Fifa on XB1 may perform better on a completely different region. And Fortnite on PS4 may on another.... So it becomes a hassle each time having to set the radius for each device.... If there was a "Geo profile" for individual devices would solve it. Can this be developed ? (... i imagine it would throw a spanner in the works with the new Hybrid VPN function....whenever that might arrive...? 😉) Thanks