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  1. MMonster

    Feedback- 1 Month with the R1

    It has become one of my frequently visited sites.
  2. MMonster

    Feedback- 1 Month with the R1

    Will do. Thanks
  3. I love it. I don't remember spending so much time using a router interface before the R1. I am still learning about it. It is an awesome thing that you guys build here. Great job. The only thing that annoys me is that sometimes the anti-flood sliders like to move by themselves after I leave the page and comeback to it, but I solve that by pressing update distribution. Keep it up. GG
  4. Blocking them in device manager did the trick.
  5. What the title says. I have some devices that I don't want to get out of the local network but with share excess they still get bandwidth.
  6. MMonster

    Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

    id: 6c14e2adb10bb7bc ping: 60 ms location: guam location on map: VA, USA