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  1. I'm running an XBox One hard wired into the R1 with DumaOS Beta. I mostly play Call of Duty. Between my wife and kids, we have about 40 devices on the network (6 computers, 10 tablets and phones, 3 printers, 2 XBoxes, 1 PS4, 5 Nintendo devices, 2 NAS drives, 4 TVs, security cameras, 1 thermostat, etc.). I know XBox One support suggests running IPv6 and my ISP supports it. I believe there was some guidance to avoid it with the old R1 firmware. Is that still the case with the DumaOS Beta? When I turn it on under Network Settings under the LAN and WAN pages, my XBox shows both a IPv4 and IPv6 connection. Thanks for the guidance.
  2. I have my XBox One hardwired into the R1 running the DumaOS beta. If I set the geo filter to Strict Mode, I will search for a game in Black Ops 4 forever, but I won't get any games, sometimes it will kick me back to the main screen and won't even let me search for games. I'm seeing no servers or players on the geo filter map except seven or eight dedicated servers that flash as soon as BO4 launches. I'm in California so there are multiple dedicated servers within 400 miles. I've expanded the geo radius to all of North America and South America with no change. As soon as I take Strict Mode off, I'll get a game with a dedicated server in the midwest or east coast. I still haven't gotten a game on the Los Angeles dedi, which is what I normally played on the old OS. I've tried FLUSHING CLOUD, rebooting (soft and PUPD) and have cleared the cache on the XBox. I've also been trying to find the North American dedicated servers and add them to my whitelist/blacklist, but that doesn't seem to help. On the issue of finding the dedicated servers, I saw that the Duma staff is looking for help finding them all. Is there a master list somewhere that lists them by continent/country? I would suggest pinning such a list to the top of the BO4 support page. I'm hesitant to submit the five I've marked because I'm not sure they are accurate and with my geo filter acting funky, it's been hard to log many games.
  3. I just got my beta today and am loving the new interface. The one issue I've had is with the 11 port forwarding rules that I had previously set up on my original R1 firmware. after installing the DumaOS beta I went through all the network settings to see if I needed to change anything. It appeared that everything imported fine until I got to the port forwarding tab. My 11 rules from my original R1 were there, but they didn't have names. Thinking they may be corrupted, I decided to just delete them and re-enter them. The first six deleted fine but then I got this error: RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION': Validation failed for 'name' I tabbed over to QoS after a few tries at deleting the last five rules. When I tried to come back to the Network Settings tab the page wouldn't load and I got the same error again. I had to PUPD the router and was then able to load the page and even delete the next three nameless rules before getting the error again. A soft reboot of the router allowed me to delete one more rule. Another soft reboot was required to delete the last rule. I'm just using standard UPnP for now but will probably set up port forwarding again soon. Just thought I'd drop the note in case anyone else has the same lockout issue and can't get the page to load. Don't freak out, just try some soft/hard reboots.
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  5. I've been using the NetDuma for about 6 months now with no real problems. But today my screen for the Host Filtering page just refuses to load. I've rebooted the router with no effect. Using Chrome on Windows 10 as my browser. Thoughts?
  6. I used to use host filtering while in a party in COD WW2 on the XBox all the time. I just had to make sure that all the members in my party were on my "Allowed" list if they were outside my range. However, about a month ago a regular problem started happening. I would get kicked from the load screen right before a match and the party would then follow me out. If I'm the party leader, this doesn't happen, but it takes several minutes to find a match, no matter how big I set my radius. Is there a workaround for this? It's gotten to the point where I have to chose between playing with my friends or abandoning host filtering.