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    Host Filter Screen not loading

    got it. thanks
  2. I've been using the NetDuma for about 6 months now with no real problems. But today my screen for the Host Filtering page just refuses to load. I've rebooted the router with no effect. Using Chrome on Windows 10 as my browser. Thoughts?
  3. I used to use host filtering while in a party in COD WW2 on the XBox all the time. I just had to make sure that all the members in my party were on my "Allowed" list if they were outside my range. However, about a month ago a regular problem started happening. I would get kicked from the load screen right before a match and the party would then follow me out. If I'm the party leader, this doesn't happen, but it takes several minutes to find a match, no matter how big I set my radius. Is there a workaround for this? It's gotten to the point where I have to chose between playing with my friends or abandoning host filtering.