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  1. Bdotson5

    Too many devices?

    I’ve tried that. Been battling this for weeks. I find that my gaming has been going better with my current QoS settings. So really hesistant to tweak it
  2. All, I have an XR500 been having issues streaming in the evening. Seems to always be in the evening when we are using our network the most. We will stream on our 4K TV and have issues steaming the Big Bang Theory in HD quality on Amazon. Or streaming movies in HDX quality on Vudu. Not to mention this TV is hardwired now I have 500mb, 125 up FTTH. Cat 6 cabling run through the home, cat 7 cable patch cords and the XR500 router directly connected to the ONT in the basement via cat 6 cabling and a cat 7 patch cord. All fiber is brand new, and the ONT. I have the Xbox prioritized, and QoS set to “when high pri traffic detected”. I also have the sliders adjusted at 85, both up and down. In the flower, I have the Xbox adjust slightly higher then all other devices. Ive done two factory resets, that temporarily fixes it and in a few days it’s back to having issues in the evening. Now that’s when we have the most devices online. And we have 23 devices in the home, 3 hardwired. And this is intermittent at random times. I shouldn’t be having issues on fiber internet with bandwidth drops, etc. I’m starting to wonder if I just have too many smart devices and I need to upgrade to a beefier router like the xr700. photo attached of ONT install I wouldn’t think it would be ISP network congestion
  3. Bdotson5

    Docsis 3.1 vs FTTH

    I’ve been having issues with my FTTH 500mb connection. Been having issues with latency in peak hours and it’s provider issues with congestion, and upgrades are in the works. I seen that my local cable company is Offering a gig speed with Docsis 3.1. After researching the new standard, I might give it a try because AQM and PIE algorithm which significantly reduces latency and bufferbloat. thoughts everyone? Should I try it?
  4. Bdotson5

    Weird issue..

    I did swap cables on the Xbox One X. Still the same results. I also get similar results over wireless. I did try wireless on the One S, and it still ping at 27ms. So that eliminates network cards and cabling i think and I think the One S is coded to use different servers?
  5. Someone explain this.. I have two consoles in the house. Xbox One S which is my son's, and my Xbox One X. My Son's Xbox One S gets 25ms ping when getting detailed network stats from Xbox Live. My Xbox One X gets a 78ms ping when getting detailed network stats from Xbox Live. My XR500 is in my home office, and directly connected to the uplink on the fiber ONT. My xbox X is hard wired to the XR500 with a Cat6+ patch cord. My son's is in the living room, and I have a cat6 line ran to that room that uplinks to a Netgear Nighthawk Gaming switch, the xbox then links up to that hard wired with a cat5e patch cord. And somehow he gets much lower latency???? How in the hell is that possible. The only two logical guesses is the servers the One X is programmed to use is much farther away, and the One S is more local or shorter. Or that I have a problem with the NIC card in the One X. Thoughts???
  6. So I am guessing the other router prioritizes those ports automatically since its specifically for Xbox. So if I do port forwarding that will likely lower my ping to the WRT32XB?
  7. I was only using the Geo filter on COD games.. I like to play Battlefield which gives the ability to pick my server.. So that is why I am still perplexed a bit.
  8. Now this isn't a post intended to troll, but I am reaching out in genuine support. I purchased both the XR500 and WRT32XB for use with my Xbox One X. I prefer the XR500 because I can set a geo-filter and I can also see my ping to the dedicated server I am gaming on. But when I run bufferbloat tests it is usually a B and sometimes an A on bufferbloat. My ping to xbox servers is typically 78-83 ms. When I use the WRT32XB designed for Xbox one with Killer Engine I get an A or A+ bufferbloat rating, and my ping to xbox servers is 60-63ms. Which is 20-25% faster. Now I have done everything right, prioritizing my xbox, using the congestion control sliders. And enabling anti-bufferbloat. Am I doing something wrong on the XR500 to get a ping thats as much as 23ms higher than the other router. That is pretty significant. Thanks
  9. I don’t see the option to temp ban Dedi servers? I play on a Chicago dedi a lot, I have like a 9ms long to the server but lag comp gets me then. I like to play on other dedis, my R1 had this feature. Also the ability to adjust your zoom on the map or size of the zoom. I like a closer look to my filter range.
  10. Bdotson5

    Bufferbloat issues on R1

    I usually don’t use the Netduma wireless for lack of 5g When I did these tests it was hardwired, as well as two of the TVs
  11. Bdotson5

    Bufferbloat issues on R1

    My DSL report is in my signature.. With the DUMA its an A rating.. I think the issue is that the Netduma can't handle the multiple high resolution streams. The Linksys has a 1.8 Ghz dual core processor.. When I had the R1 back in the day, it dominated lag but I wasn't doing near the activity I am now.. I have 3 times the devices, and usually a couple of the kids are watching streams with the wife. I placed an order for the XR500 through Best Buy.. I am going to return the Linksys.. My R1 I just bought is only a month old, and unfortunately I am out of the return period. I will try to recoup some funds on Ebay I guess?
  12. Bdotson5

    Bufferbloat issues on R1

    Not sure what you mean by under providing
  13. Bdotson5

    Bufferbloat issues on R1

    I had the sliders at 80% and got an A rating, mind you that was with little to no congestion. The other day I was doing 4K streams, etc. My results are slightly better with the Linksys.. Could it be that the R1 is not cable of 4K streaming.. I have three 4K TVs, and we do a lot of household streaming.. Perhaps the Netgear XR500 by Netduma is better suited fo rme?
  14. Bdotson5

    Bufferbloat issues on R1

    I have tried reactive before with same results, I will try the sliders at 80%
  15. Bdotson5

    Bufferbloat issues on R1

    here you go Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 11.10.47 AM.pdf Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 11.11.09 AM.pdf Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 11.11.20 AM.pdf