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  1. After trying everything known to man basically lol, I disabled ipv6 and problem is now gone completely.
  2. Unfortunately same thing again. Just doesn't make sense to me
  3. Did as requested, still having same issue.
  4. Yes as soon as I switch to 4G it works flawlessly.
  5. Strange thing I have noticed ever since installing the XR500, no matter how I adjust the settings on the router, on my mobile devices only ex. iPhone’s, the newsfeed videos buffer a ton. My old router did not have this issue. This is only an issue on the phones as on the desktop it loads perfect and also using YouTube on the phones or any other app really it’s also fine. Any ideas? Yes I have restarted the phone, and also reset the network settings on the phone.
  6. Anyway I could get the Hotfix sent to me as well please?
  7. Didn't know if anyone else's router had the LAN numbered backwards? Just now noticed this when I was looking at the statistics on the router then looking at the LAN labels on the router itself. So for example my Lan1 is Lan4.
  8. Im assuming the CPU usage app then will also be updated to reflect this?
  9. Wow thats great news! Awesome, thanks for the quick response.
  10. I thought the XR500 had a Dual core not a Quadcore?