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  1. Any idea when this firmware is going to drop? or is there any chance I can give it a whirl aswell
  2. I thought you guys would be all over it but thought id throw my 2 cents in. Would be good to hear your actual thoughts on the game also
  3. Hi guys, I know black ops 4 hasn't even been out for 24 hours yet and im sure you guys are still doing what you do, but my initial findings of the game seems to work in the way like Fortnite does as in when I have my geo filter just selected over the uk and uk only I cant actually find a game. When I turn the geo filter off I find games straight away. This post isn't really a post of please help me more of id love to hear how other players are getting on
  4. rousey

    Who uses Sky with XR500

    It doesn't have modem mode (not that I could find) but you can disable the wifi if you want, I just connected everything through the XR500. DMZ'd the XR500 gave it a static IP from Sky router and turned off IPV6 and UPNP Sky side everything seems to work perfectly now
  5. rousey

    Who uses Sky with XR500

    Hey Sharpzz, Im on Sky ive got the full Sky Q package after few teething issues which turned out to be Sky end it all works perfectly and easy to setup. Even easier if you only have broadband
  6. rousey

    Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

    Hi guys, Had a few games last night and kept failing to get into games after checking the Geo Filter it looks like there are potential new servers in the wrong location (EU servers in USA) and the geo filter over EU just kept kicking me from the game I noted two ID's (Both showing as peers) maybe you might wanna look into it ca22edb8bf69f3f8 2546e8b3e3c4252a Thanks
  7. Hi, First things first apologies if this is in the wrong place but someone just sent me an article about some malware targeting routers and netgear was on the list. Is this something that will eventually get patched? Apologies if its a stupid question just curious Here is the article in question https://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/3033776/warning-over-vpnfilter-malware-and-botnet-as-more-routers-are-affected Thanks
  8. Hi Big Dog, I did your 30/30/30 should this have erased all my settings as everything seems to have remained
  9. I can confirm ive also lost all device names. I updated via settings, admin, firmware. I also have an unmatched error on my geo filter
  10. rousey

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    Any ETA for that?
  11. rousey

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    Hold on is dedicated server ban now working Great video btw
  12. I was only asking as in the previous posts you said to clone and I didn't get round to doing it. My down/up speeds are improving my ping is not
  13. Thanks xlr8r for your help and research much appreciated. My connection is finally starting to improve after degrading weeks on end. in regarding to cloning my Sky modem MAC address when I go into the Sky modem settings there are three Mac addresses to pick from there is one called broadband ports Mac address and there is also Lan port Mac address or do I literally get the Mac address off the bottom of the modem? Any ideas advice would be great. Thanks
  14. im online now if you still need help Fraser
  15. I can be later? do you need me to be gaming or just team viewing important things