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  1. DSLreports has been wonky and giving bad results lately. Try using Ping Plotter.
  2. I think reserving IP's is under the Network > DHCP, to set up a static IP for your devices.
  3. Alex49H

    Black Ops 4 Support

    How big is everyone's Geo Filter set to? For me I can not set it anywhere less than 650 miles with strict mode on. I find a game right away. But that is just me YMMV.
  4. Trust me, Pingplotter is your BFF and you will love her long time!
  5. And some Hot Pockets too!
  6. You can use one or the other to get an Open NAT type. It is totally up to you which one you want to use.
  7. Alex49H

    Blocking servers

    Do you have the R1 or XR500? I think this feature is coming to the XR500 if am not mistaken.
  8. Alex49H

    Any News on Dumaos R!

    Nada todavia. No han dicho nada Nuevo. Estamos en espera.
  9. Alex49H

    no internet access

    Did you reboot your modem after plugging in the netduma? Whenever I plug a new router to my modem I first reboot the modem, then I turn on the router when the modem goes online.
  10. Alex49H

    Rubber bullets ww2

    I do this when I get tired of the Southern California Server, but usually when the San Francisco server comes up that one plays well and sometimes better than the So Cal server. But the Dallas Texas pings at about 43ms and is sweet and sometimes it is bad but that is because of the players with bad ping.
  11. Alex49H

    Rubber bullets ww2

    Well if this is true then I am moving my GF to around the UK and plan to change my name to Mr. Goodbar, aka 2 bar the unstoppable!
  12. Alex49H

    Non puma Intel modem recommendations

    Yes it is a non Puma chip modem. Also there is the Netgear CM1000 and Arris SB8200 or CM8200, which none of these have the Puma chipset.
  13. Alex49H

    Non puma Intel modem recommendations

    Hey fellow Californian! I live in the OC! I use the MB8600, but that is for cable internet.