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  1. Does filtering work if you use the OpenDNS FamilyShield DNS servers: and I am running the V2.3.2.26 firmware on the XR500 and using the OpenDNS FamilyShield servers and filtering is working as expected.
  2. Dilly Dilly

    VPN Questions

    Just a thought...if the firmware has been developed and just going through QA testing, make it available as a beta firmware. Beta firmware/software is fairly common nowadays.
  3. Can you send to me as well? TIA
  4. In WAN Setup on the router settings page, you can select NAT Filtering to Open and it may help you get Open NAT on both Xbox consoles.
  5. I flashed it a few hours ago without doing a reset and everything seems fine. The UPnP table is populating like it should. The only thing that I noticed is that the custom device names in the device manager are lost after the upgrade
  6. Release / offer a beta to let real world users test to see if the fix was successful. The upgraded features in DumaOS were nice, but I had to downgrade due to connection issues that may have been related to UPnP.
  7. For me, it was just the hardwired devices connected to the Ethernet ports on the router. I did not lose the wireless connections. The Xbox is connected wirelessly through a 5GHz wireless bridge, and I did not lose its connection.
  8. I experienced a disconnection on the LAN ports of the XR500 today. I do have a Xbox One on the network. I will make sure that it is not in instant-on mode. I have had the XR500 since launch and this is first time this has happened. My son is home from college and brought his Xbox One into the network recently. From what I am reading, this may explain the disconnects. If there is a XR500 firmware that fixes this issue, I would like to have it.
  9. Do you have an update on the expected release date for the next XR500 firmware release?
  10. So far, all of the XR500 firmware releases have been 'bug fixes'. As a XR500 user, it works well and seems pretty 'bug free' to me. I would like to see a firmware released that makes improvements / enhancements / upgrades to the DumaOS, such as ping assist, additional geofilter map zoom levels, a ping graph of the host that you are connected that updates on the dashboard, etc. I know that the timing of firmware updates are ultimately up to Netgear, but I was wondering if you guys have any insight on when we should see a firmware update that enhances/upgrades DumaOS on the XR500? TIA
  11. Dilly Dilly

    New Firmware V2.2.1.10

    I updated to this version. No real changes that I could see. Probably just “bug fixes”. I was hoping for Ping Assist on this release, but it did not happen. There was a post a while back on what was to be included in the next firmware release. Ping Assist was one of them. That post was later removed. My guess is that Netduma is under the direction of Netgear on what can be done/added on these firmware releases. These first releases are probably going to be purely bug fixes, and we may be waiting awhile for any real new features to be added to the XR500 DumaOS. :/
  12. It is not very intuitive, but you can set your time zone in Settings / Content Filtering / Schedule. The Time Zone setting is near the bottom.
  13. I have rebooted the router several times since it was purchased about a month ago, and it has never indicated the correct time on the System Information page or on the time stamp on the Log page. The time is not consistent between the two locations and both are incorrect. The System Information page shows GMT and the time stamp on the Log page is two hours off from my local time zone.
  14. Is there a XR500 firmware update available that allows hardware acceleration on port 80?
  15. Mine did the same, and I had to clear my browser cache to get it to display correctly.