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    XR500 Black Ops 4

    Thanks for the update. Is it always like this, or just some of the time? The reason I ask is the game does a crucial network check when you boot up the game. It pings all the dedicated servers in the game and every server that your Geo-Filter blocks will no longer be chosen by the game to host any match you play. So if a server is inside your range normally but then is mislocated occasionally is mistakenly blocked, it could result in poor games.
  2. Netduma Admin

    R1 milestone 1.3 upnp

    OK - it's probably the game noticing the Geo-Filter blocking your servers. If it's not causing any problems I wouldn't sweat it too much - it's essentially a false reading.
  3. Netduma Admin

    Cant add console to Geo

    Well done for figuring it out. For future reference: if you wish to add a console to your Geo-Filter and the game popup appears,it's because it is not marked as a console in the Device Manager. So you need to go Device Manager, click on the device and change the device type to either a PS4 or an Xbox One
  4. Netduma Admin

    2 questions on ping assist

    Haha. That's actually not a bad idea!
  5. It's usually fine to leave UPNP enabled too - it shouldn't do any harm and disabling it can affect other applications. e.g. WiFi calling
  6. Netduma Admin

    R1 1.3 Upnp

    Avec deux consoles, il est généralement judicieux de laisser l’UPNP activé et d’utiliser le transfert de port pour l’une des consoles. Mais c'est à toi de voir!
  7. Netduma Admin

    Preemptive versus Reactive

    That's an interesting question! I'd go for pre-emptive and in that case, as it's optimal at the lower speeds. But there's not much in it. We revamped QoS for DumaOS (made it streamlined and powerful) so there's no longer the need for two options
  8. Netduma Admin


    Hi Sharpz - NETGEAR have not given a release date yet, and obviously we cannot speak for them. However, I can say they're working hard with us to get a new firmware out as soon as possible.
  9. Netduma Admin


    C'est gentil à vous de dire. L’équipe de Netduma aimerait remercier tous ceux qui ont également apporté leur aide.
  10. Netduma Admin

    R1 1.3 Upnp

    Je vous recommande de garder UPNP activé. Il ouvre automatiquement les ports qui doivent être ouverts. Mais vous pouvez transférer des ports dans les paramètres réseau
  11. Netduma Admin

    Firmware milestone 1.3

    Bonjour, ce guide explique les meilleures étapes à suivre: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077072-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-geo-filter
  12. Netduma Admin

    Upnp problem

    It's possible it's the Geo-Filter. But you can try port forwarding these ports if you're worried about it. In all honesty, if you are connecting to friends and games without problems I wouldn't sweat it too much:
  13. Netduma Admin

    2 questions on ping assist

    Thanks, we'll make a knowledge base article on this to help others set it up.
  14. Netduma Admin

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Hi everyone - this is a temportary forum to support our users with Black Ops 4 Best Geo-Filter Setup for Black Ops 4 Based on our testing so far, there are some changes to the networking from previous CoD Titles. It looks like the game no longer queries peers (other players) when searching for a game. Instead it just picks the server. From what we have found, the best approach is this: Add your gaming device to the Geo-Filter DumaOS users only: set to Filtering Mode Set your ideal range e.g. just cover the server region you like the most (see the Map below for the current known server locations) Restart Black Ops 4 (or boot it up if not already running it) Try searching for games From what we have seen, you should now only ever get servers within your radius for your entire playtime, so you get rapid search times on a guaranteed low ping. Without the Geo-Filter, you will be placed on different servers each game, meaning your ping fluctuates NOTE FOR BLACK OPS 4 PC PLAYERS: PC players need to make a small adjustment to allow hosts to appear DumaOS Users - before doing the above steps, you need to go to Device Manager and click on your gaming PC. Change the device type to a PS4 and click Save. Now go to the Geo-Filter and add your device at the top. It will show the service as 'Console'. You can now follow the remaining steps above Original R1 Firmware - when adding your PC to the Geo-Filter, choose the Xbox Live Service to make the servers appear If you have any issues please let us know and we will look to optimise as soon as we possibly can. It's a new game with variables changing all the time, so please bear with us!
  15. Netduma Admin

    Black Ops 4 Support

    This is a very odd one. So just to be clear, connected to your other router (modem) you get games straight away? If so, I think the simplest thing here is to factory reset your R1 so you can rule out it being the cause. Click the 'i' in the top right corner to access the factory reset option
  16. HAve you forwarded all these ports as recommended here: Also, are you using Ping Assist? If not, I recommend you set it to about 20ms-30ms and then set a small distance filter range. You will then be pretty much guaranteed a ping <25ms
  17. Netduma Admin

    I need help Hybrid VPN

    Hi Fakkel - we discovered the same bug in testing yesterday so we've raised a ticket and are looking into it. Thanks for letting us know.
  18. Netduma Admin

    Disconnected from LAN

    Hi Donovan - thanks for this information. A few questions: Are you using Filtering Mode? Is Ping Assist enabled (i.e. set to a higher value than 0ms)? Is Fast Search enabled? Are you using a VPN? Thanks.
  19. Netduma Admin

    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    Thanks for this info Stu - we've raised a ticket for this so we'll try to reproduce it in testing and then investigate. Were you just running Netflix or was there anything else material going through the router?
  20. Netduma Admin

    Browser loading problem

    Interesting, did the problem just start randomly or has it been there the whole time? It's possible that a Rapp is not able to start because it's not able to complete its initial download. Are you able to connect it to your modem directly and see if it works? Edit: one other possibility. How high has that CPU graph got to? It's in System Information and also on your Dashboard by the looks of things. If it's at 100% that might be the cause
  21. Ok, hope it works for you. If not, I recommend you contact NETGEAR official support as this is very specific to NETGEAR so they will be best placed to help you https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx
  22. Have any questions for us about DumaOS on the R1? Or just want to discuss it in general? Please post here. If you are interested in participating in the Open Beta, please go here:
  23. Netduma Admin

    CTF cut through forwarding?

    The XR500 uses Hardware Acceleration and it’s used by QoS automatically. No need to configure anything
  24. Netduma Admin


    It’s just the nickname we give the upload and download ‘sliders’ on anti-Bufferbloat