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  1. Netduma Admin

    Using PayPal

    Thanks Dan, this is great to know.
  2. Not sure myself. Feel free to create a topic in Technobabble if you like - more likely to get a response there: http://forum.netduma.com/forum/15-technobabble/
  3. Netduma Admin

    Using PayPal

    Thanks for sharing this Dan - very helpful to know. Ultimately what we were trying to figure out is if PayPal is not offered, would it cause people to cancel their purchase? The feedback we're seeing is that it may well do. Have you ever used Stripe?
  4. Thanks for sharing this - did you by any chance change your PC's device type in the Device Manager? This might have confused the Geo-Filter if you then don't delete it and re-add it. If not, could you answer these few quick questions: So you know if you did any other steps before this? Have you changed anything in your network setup (for example, DHCP reservation, static DNS etc)? What browser were you using? What game / service have you chosen at the top? I can't make it out Thanks
  5. Netduma Admin

    XR500 Issues

    Hi Travis, The fact your modem has been up the whole time suggests you may have faulty hardware. How easy is it for you to get a replacement? I would recommend this as a first step, as it sounds like you have tried all the right things already. The 'beta' firmware you refer to was actually pre the latest firmware (.32) - it was a bridge between the previous main release and .32. So I would not recommend installing that. Thanks.
  6. Netduma Admin

    Large Ping Fluctuations

    You'll need to contact NETGEAR about this, or potentially BestBuy will be able to give you a swap without the receipt. I would try contacting both. There's no harm in getting a replacement if they can arrange it. Here's NETGEAR's support channel: https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx Let us know how you get on.
  7. Yes, detecting Extenders / APs and the devices behind it have all been improved - hopefully you'll have fun testing this out when it's released.
  8. Ok, thanks for confirming. We / NETGEAR will investigate,
  9. I think you’ll love the new update to the device manager. Just waiting on testing before it reaches full rollout.
  10. Netduma Admin

    Super turbo mode?

    Are you doing a lot with the R1 at the same time beyond the speed test? For example, having a lot of pages open? The hardware is the limited here, so if you’re getting 500mbps+ then it’s reasonable to assume your settings are good and you’re just maxing out the router.
  11. Netduma Admin

    not getting full speeds

    Hi there - what are your expected full speeds?
  12. Netduma Admin

    Wifi Calling issue _Samsung Note 8

    Just posted in the other thread - this information is very helpful. We’ll try to test it ourselves. Did all work fine on the original R1 firmware?
  13. Netduma Admin

    Wi-Fi Calling

    Ok. Thanks for the update. We’ll see if we can reproduce this. On the original R1 firmware did you ever have problems?