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  1. Netduma Admin

    Wi-Fi expander

    (duplicate thread)
  2. Netduma Admin

    Wi-Fi expander problems

    Hi Alex - there's no WPS button unfortunately. What's the make of the extender? Is there any way to connect to it directly?
  3. Netduma Admin

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Thanks - we're planning on getting a new Cloud Update v soon to get locations updated. Should fix everything posted in here.
  4. Netduma Admin

    Dumo OS failure?

    Very odd - what settings do you have Anti-Bufferbloat set to in DumaOS? Probably easiest if you take screenshots of your QoS page and post here and we will take a look - you should only ever see an improvement in connection with QoS enabled, so it's very weird you're seeing worse results
  5. Hmm, I would have thought we would have tested this to make sure it works. Could you provide an example of a character which it will not accept? We will then try to test this ourselves. Thanks
  6. That option is effectively still there if you Disable QoS completely. The option for this is in Anti-Bufferbloat's Advanced Options (click the three horizontal lines in the top left of the panel) and then check the option to Disable QoS. Click Proceed at the warning message. Then see if that resolves your problem.
  7. Ping Assist works great - very well tested. But the way it works is it allows everyone below the ping number who are OUTSIDE your range. So it's 'assisting' the main Geo-Filter. You can use it as a Ping Filter if you like though - full guide on how to do this here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist
  8. So it's all working then? Great news if yes
  9. Netduma Admin

    I cant login to dumaos r1

    Are you typing 'password' in English? Often find non-English speaking users have Google Chrome Translate enabled and then type in the local language equivalent e.g. Passwort or Lösenord. You should write it in English (password)
  10. Netduma Admin

    XR 500 Destiny 2 Ddos

    I would ban all of them given you're not sure who it is No need to reboot anything, it will just take about 2 minutes to activate after you cease connecting to them. This is a deliberate anti-cheat measure (to stop people using it to boot players out of their game). In Destiny yes, it should work if you host the game but I'm not 100% certain as it's not something we have tested. But yes, in theory, it should work.
  11. Thanks for the info. Could you try removing the Port Forwarding rules and then see if it works. Also, did you change any settings on your modem? If possible, could you see if it has an option for 'modem mode' or 'bridge mode' and enable that. This should help get VOIP working for you again.
  12. Netduma Admin

    Denied Servers and Players

    We've tested Deny multiple times and it's working for us, so this is weird for sure. Is there a time gap between you denying and connecting to it again? It takes about 2 minutes to kick in (a deliberate anti-cheating method) Also, not sure if you want to try this, but you could avoid these high ping servers if you used Ping Assist like a Ping Filter. See the bottom half of this guide here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist
  13. Netduma Admin


    I think that's because in-game you'll just see the server of the game - there's no direct connection between the two of you (all information you pass to each other will go via the server) and the Geo-Filter only shows active connections. Thanks for the color coding idea - this is actually on our roadmap of ideas.
  14. Hi Nisavid - thanks for joining the forum and for your detailed write up, really appreciate you taking the time helping us. I can't say when an update will be released, by I can assure you we're looking into improvements for Hybrid VPN and any/all user feedback is very helpful. Thanks again.