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  1. how come there's been no update for over 2 years ?
  2. awesome quick support. I really appreciate it. that fixed it. thinkin about getting the XR500 .. any additional benefits u think while playing Overwatch or Street Fighter 5 u think? those are my main 2. everybody was complaining on SF5 that my connection is garbage.. even though I got 20 mb download and 2 mb upload...it's the reason why I upgraded in the first place. (haven't tried playing since, but im still thinking about the XR500.
  3. I couldn't find the R1 section...so i'm posting here. I upgraded from 1.03.6g to 1.03.6j host filtering was working with 6g but it's not loading now with 6j all the other tabs on the router work except Host Filtering...it just looks like it's loading forever but never loads. I tried rebooting router several times, same thing. thoughts ?
  4. sitefresh

    got router just for Overwatch

    R1 i'm using. how can we get the XR500? says it releases in april or something. great router dude..i'm pleased. much better teammates now. I recommend to others as well. If you live in a remote area, you'll probably have dumb ass teammates. Big city area = better players. I swear I was only getting like 4 year kids as teammates every game, was extremely annoying. They must (by default) team us up with people most close to our location in Overwatch...like only 50 miles max it seems.
  5. sitefresh

    got router just for Overwatch

    Fraser seems most correct so far. (but thanks the other 2 for the replies as well) I initially tried Geo for California area...and they were definately california sounding people. (they all sounded high) then I switched to New York / NJ area...and they were def NY /NJ people with the accents and all. So it does work so far. think they (overwatch) might get upset if they see a pattern and see me switching frequently? like I said, i'm new to this stuff. I appreciate all feedback.
  6. sitefresh

    why can't we hide SSID?

    Interesting, so they can show the actual SSID when hidden? if so, maybe DumaOS can develop a more sophisticated method to hide. thanks you 2.
  7. every good router these days allows us to hide our SSID, to prevent us from being locally hacked. why is this option not available?
  8. how can this router help, if at all? all i'm being grouped with is autistic sounding 4 year olds in comp play. Losing every match. I want my teammates to be local only.
  9. NSA wants backdoor access to every router in the world. all your doing is partnering with them for the most part. guessing they paid you a lot...