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  1. Zennon

    ping plotter help

    That monitor has low input lag do not worry about that
  2. Zennon

    ping plotter help

    The 1ms is not input lag it is best recorded case of grey to grey response, the panel has good input lag though 4.4ms @ 144hz. To test your MTU setting. Admin command prompt type ping google.com -f -l 1472 If the packets are not fragmented then you have an MTU of 1500 (28 for overheads) If you have fragmented packets try the above with say 1462 so keep decreasing by 10 until it fragments, then work your way back up step by step until you find the correct value. Add 28 to the value you get and that is your MTU.
  3. Zennon

    ping plotter help

    Both plots show the same low jitter ping, your trace route shows ISP hops that do not respond to ICMP pings so come back as packet loss this is normal and if you look at a UK plot of a BT user you will see this also. I can not see your friends hops so can not see the routing his is taking but you both have great connections jitter wise. Do you use the same TV or gaming monitor as your friend? he may have a low input lag screen and you may have a high input lag screen, that may be the variable that differentiates the set ups. Or do you use congestion control? if you have others on your network you must use in my book at lest 70% on the sliders and your console in hyper traffic so others downloads / streaming / browsing / updating does not create ping spikes and that your packets are prioritised and therefore your packets do not have to queue so get processed to leave and return first.
  4. Zennon

    ping plotter help

    No that is a very nice plot. The packet loss is due to the fact that the two hops do not always respond to ICMP pings. In the plot there is no red lines and there is no PL on the destination hop, all is well.
  5. Zennon

    Problems logging into forum

    @Netduma Fraser Can you take a look in to why Rob needs to reset his password every time he logs in?
  6. Zennon

    Xbox One X and 4K static screen flashing

    You need HDMI 2.0 which will do 4K 60FPS the Xbox one X comes with one of these. Or if you want to future proof there is HDMI 2.1 for up to 10k. If you are using a HDMI 1.4 this will only do 4K 30FPS.
  7. Zennon

    Problems logging into forum

    There is no data to edit in the admin panel for this BD. I would go to chrome's settings / advanced / passwords / and see if you have multiples saved or delete your old saved then sign back in and save it a fresh.
  8. Early morning posting, yeah it doesn't make make much sense lol. What I meant to say was DLM is not live on new activations until 48 hours are up, so you did have interleaving set because of the flaky rubbish TT hub then fast path has been applied quickly after changing to a good modem/router because the normal DLM time limits were not in place.
  9. You must have still been in the no DLM 48H period from activation for it to change so quick. People and some ISP 's still claim the 10 day period but its not true on fibre, it is 48h no DLM then DLM there after. It is great now, if it was me it would be set forget and enjoy gaming for now on in
  10. Up to 9 days before DLM will change so do not change anything if you can. My ping is 16ms on fast path because of where I am based and it’s fine.
  11. Because the tt router is trash, I did say not to use it in an earlier post.
  12. Ah I see, you do not need a user name or PPPoE. Here are the settings Type: VDSL over PTM Encapsulation: IPoE NO username or password required VLAN 802.1p: 0 802.1q: 101 MTU Size: 1500
  13. You do not need to change a thing in the HG612, leave all as default and connect it to your R1 that is it
  14. What modem are you using? the HG612 if so plug and play no authentication. If you are talking about the TT router I would not use that and stick with your HG612 > R1
  15. Zennon

    R1 issues

    Ping assist is for outside your geo filter so if a game outside your filter matches or is below the threshold set. The ping can be any range within your filter and it will be allowed. Back when I used the geo (I do not feel the need to use it with dedicated servers games I only use it for P2P games) I would set my assist to 0 and only search within the geo or make my geo tiny and place it in the sea and use the ping assist so I only had games within the ping assist range (remembering to add about 30ms on top of my base ping)