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  1. Ah I see, you do not need a user name or PPPoE. Here are the settings Type: VDSL over PTM Encapsulation: IPoE NO username or password required VLAN 802.1p: 0 802.1q: 101 MTU Size: 1500
  2. You do not need to change a thing in the HG612, leave all as default and connect it to your R1 that is it
  3. What modem are you using? the HG612 if so plug and play no authentication. If you are talking about the TT router I would not use that and stick with your HG612 > R1
  4. Zennon

    R1 issues

    Ping assist is for outside your geo filter so if a game outside your filter matches or is below the threshold set. The ping can be any range within your filter and it will be allowed. Back when I used the geo (I do not feel the need to use it with dedicated servers games I only use it for P2P games) I would set my assist to 0 and only search within the geo or make my geo tiny and place it in the sea and use the ping assist so I only had games within the ping assist range (remembering to add about 30ms on top of my base ping)
  5. Zennon

    R1 issues

    Hi sorry to but in, that is just a server that does not always respond to ICMP pings and is nothing to worry about. You can tell as it does not affect the final destination. Make sure no one is using the connection apart from the test itself, or use congestion control while you test if others must be on at the time of the test. The line looks OK and the little jitter there maybe the server itself if the line was idle while testing.
  6. Zennon

    UK ISP ratings for August 2018

    Yeah not TT, I have used them for years since the ADSL+2 days and I have never had one issue, yeah I do not need to phone for help but if you set your home network up correctly and do not have shoddy BT cables out side of your property it is ace.
  7. Zennon

    UK ISP ratings for August 2018

    People that frequent TBB forums will be the types that read posts, learn good networking etiquette and sign up to the likes of AAISP, ZEN etc. The general public that I speak to at work think WiFi signal is their connections, wondering why they have drop outs in an old build thick walled house, or that using a 20 meter telephone extension cable witha router on the end of it is a good idea to booking in devices saying they are slow and when I test them before servicing they are really quick to find that they do some of these things or live 5 miles from their exchange on ADSL thinking its either their devices or ISP fault. These are the types that use the big company like Sky, BT, TalkTalk and blame them before themselves ,many people do not want to learn about the protocols or devices they use and usually say why cant I just turn it on and it just work the way I want it too. I understand it can be hard for people and that is why I love to help them learn about it. So for me the list is not a real reflection of how good the ISP's are, yes the big hitters have bad call centres but they do have good web sites for help.
  8. To test if it is a modem, ISP or Ethernet cable issue connect your PC directly to the modem and run the tests idle meaning do not download or stream.
  9. Zennon

    High Lag Spikes

    The CM1000 uses a Broadcom BCM3390 chipset so thats a good thing. A guide on how to use ping plotter to check your line, you can test directly from the modem and then from modem/duma to make sure your network is ok. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/?hl=ping+plotter
  10. Zennon

    bandwith allocation

    Yes share excess works a treat giving devices what they need within your congestion control percentage and the head room is left to keep local jitter very low.
  11. Zennon

    PS4 Massive Lag Spikes

    Yes directly to the desk top from the R1 forget the VM router for now.
  12. Zennon

    PS4 Massive Lag Spikes

    Test with a new Ethernet cable from the R1 port 1 POE directly to your PC/Laptop and run the tests again, interval 2.5, focus auto. If this fixes the problem use the new Ethernet cable and use it between the modem/router to port 1 POE to the R1.
  13. Factory resetting the modems would be a good idea if you are going to try both. Just leave it as auto if you have any issue with it not connecting plug the TT router into your computer and have a look at its GUI for the settings but auto should work fine.
  14. Plug in your modem and plug in your Netduma, the end. Its that simple, make sure you have taken out any PPPoE settings you may have in your devices first and reboot them. I just bought a HG612 and turned it on no authentication needed.
  15. Ah brilliant 😊