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  1. Zennon

    Console Bandwidth Settings Survey

    No limit if you are the sole user. Headroom needed to stop local congestion if not, 30% or more.
  2. Zennon

    Blops 4 Menue Lag

    The blue screen on PS4 is a known fault if you use your pad plugged in with a USB cable, especially one longer than 1m.
  3. Zennon

    Blops 4 Menue Lag

    Are you running a HDMI splitter? Have you tried a new HDMI cable? If you have your pad connected via a 3rd party USB cable while gaming this can happen.
  4. Zennon

    Black Ops 4.....Is it time to

    Specialists ruin it for me, I can play for very short bursts and have some great games but if I get hit a few times by Prophets shock mobile or any of the other noob friendly ability's I turn it off and play something else. It has the potential to be great : only one ability per specialist like in Blops3 with a long timer. A judder fix, the blops series goes into a meltdown if a players internet is jittering. Do away with the fog of war. Let all guns have the possibility to run silencers.
  5. And you are running the speed tests / downloads / surfing from where?
  6. Just sat down lol. It should work with nothing altered on the TP Link Type: ADSL/VDSL over PTM Encapsulation: IPoE NO username or password required VLAN 802.1p: 0 802.1q: 101 MTU Size: 1500 If it explicitly asks for logging : your telephone [email protected] Password : 123456
  7. Sorry first day back at work and it’s been mental. If you web search the settings for TT they are online.
  8. Ah right, you write so much I tend to gloss over it 😂 Copying the settings from a reset HG612 to the TP link doesn’t work then.
  9. Zennon


    If you connect to the router directly, so PC > Ethernet > XR500 do you then see the routers page (GUI)? If not a few Windows CMD to try. ipconfig /all : to check you see a default gateway of ipconfig /release : to release the computers IP ipconfig /renew : to hand out a new IP to the computer
  10. Zennon


    Also, have you installed your network cards Ethernet drivers? as this is a new build you may have over looked this.
  11. Yes sometimes anything lower than a 2.5 can show packet loss when there is non in reality. The difference is not massive from your idle line to when you are saturating it, you have around 5ms of jitter when it spikes while Idle that jitter is only moving to 10ms max when saturated, where if you had no congestion control in may be in the 40-50ms range or higher. I personally think this looks ok for a line that has a bit of jitter to start with. Are any of the devices that are using bandwidth in the traffic prioritisation? as this will make larger spikes as the packets are prioritised. If you want I could team viewer in and run some tests for you tomorrow but I think you have nothing to worry about.
  12. Are your plots flat when your line is idle with nothing using bandwidth ?
  13. Zennon

    Cant get into gui at all

    Still shows .88.1 yeah.