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  1. Zennon


    If it becomes popular Netduma should look into their protocol from game packets so DumaOS can prioritise them over the streams packets. It may introduce frame drops / stutters though.
  2. Zennon


    Even if they have implemented game input traffic prioritisation from game stream traffic (which I am doubtful) WiFi is half duplex 😆
  3. Zennon


    It is like the Xbox streaming console that has been announced, they will not be any good for online shooters. local > streaming service > local > host > local Instead of local > host > local I just lol at this quote from the article "In games where split-second reactions are a matter of winning or losing, high latency rates infuriates players. In an attempt to avoid this, Google said its Stadia controller will connect directly to Google's servers via wifi"
  4. If you are playing BF on your PC and watching Netflix on your PC? then having the PC prioritised will cause this.
  5. Zennon


  6. Zennon

    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    My line started to play up, I had packet loss, I changed my VDSL face plate and it is fixed. Filters need changing regularly and so do filtered face plates. RJ11 cables from the faceplate to the modem/router can start to fail also. To save on Sky not having a clue and sending an engineer this is something to think about.
  7. Zennon

    Changing ISP

    Sky uses MER authentication, the router will come set up with your user name and password already. It is just a case of turning on the sky router connecting the two via Ethernet rebooting the XR 500, putting your XR500 WAN IP into the Sky routers DMZ, then enter your new bandwidth into the congestion control and you are good to go.
  8. Just to add, are you using a two router set up? have you turned off the first routers WiFi? What is the GUI like if you connect directly with a device using Ethernet?
  9. Hi again, I mentioned to you in your thread on ping plotter that it is nothing to worry about, here it is from the horses mouth https://www.pingman.com/kb/article/one-poorly-responding-router-5.html
  10. Zennon

    Ping plotter need suggestions

    I am from the UK so we do not have the same set up but from what I am reading on this Web Site under 7db is OK. There is a lot of info on here for you to check against your stats.
  11. Zennon

    Ping plotter need suggestions

    Sync;CM-MAC errors : your modem signals may be out of spec causing line drops. Check that your Downstream Power Level, Upstream Power Level & SNR are within spec, check your ISP for info. I answered your second question in my prior post.
  12. Zennon

    Ping plotter need suggestions

    As the increased ping does not follow through to the later hops this is a hop that sometimes does not respond to ICMP Pings. Nothing to worry about, it will not affect gaming.
  13. Zennon

    Console Bandwidth Settings Survey

    No limit if you are the sole user. Headroom needed to stop local congestion if not, 30% or more.
  14. Zennon

    Blops 4 Menue Lag

    The blue screen on PS4 is a known fault if you use your pad plugged in with a USB cable, especially one longer than 1m.
  15. Zennon

    Blops 4 Menue Lag

    Are you running a HDMI splitter? Have you tried a new HDMI cable? If you have your pad connected via a 3rd party USB cable while gaming this can happen.