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  1. Zennon

    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    The game adds your latency to the host and the in game latency together, that is why it is higher.
  2. EE iPhone 6 WiFi Calling does not function.
  3. Zennon

    New Member of Development Team

    Hi Joseph, Congratulations on the job and welcome to the Duma Army.
  4. Zennon

    Switching From Broadband To Fibre

    I was worried when I moved from TT ADSL to TT Fibre and it was my first question on this forum, would my connection be the same with more bandwidth. And for me it turned out to be a great move my ping is the same I have more width to download movies and games etc. I do not use the TT router though as they suck I am sure there are thousands with fibre issues because of the router, with sky it is possible to use another router if you are a tech person that does not mind reading up and learning techniques. So the answer is yeah fibre is great but router's can be flaky.
  5. That is a pattern, test from the modem directly to your pc, use a few different Ethernet cables, that is either a bad cable or a bad CPU.
  6. I must have hit quote on my phone by mistake my apology's
  7. It was a statement that from the big patch update they had moved to 60HZ I had not quoted you.
  8. The servers in the UK moved to 60/60 (67/67) as seen by DumaOS beta after the 12gb update last night.
  9. Cables can go bad at any time or sometime their teeth do not quite touch the Lan ports teeth correctly, I am glad the cable swap has sorted it. Where the graph jumps up in ping in your last plot is that Amazon's destination IP changes during a test and nothing to worry about they have servers everywhere and sometimes a ping test will jump to another server, I have seen it happen when pinging twitter also. All is good
  10. There is a pattern to this plot that is unusual that is why I asked to change out the Ethernet to see if it is faulty.
  11. Connecting how you were but with a new / different Ethernet cable between the two.
  12. That plot is ruling out that it is the R1 creating the spikes so that is good. Can you try a new / different Ethernet cable from your router to the R1 and re test please.
  13. Zennon

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    4b3f713cdceaf6fb Ping 22ms When I check where this is with an IP location finder it comes back as Internap Network Services Corporation, Georgia Atlanta US
  14. Please try another Ethernet cable that connects your modem to the R1 and run another test, also could you connect the R1 directly to your PC and run a ping plotter test to IP
  15. Zennon

    XR700 Dropped Packets

    Is your modem? the PL looks like it is starting from there, definitely change out the Ethernet there or even RJ11 to your wall socket.