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  1. ASonofThunder

    Cannot Connect with Activision servers possible fix Cod ww2

    The Optimization Guides are spot on!! After reading them and grasping what was said and putting them to use was when I stopped having problems. The Netduma was a great investment even if I am just a causal gamer. Thanks to additional help from PharmDawgg it's running perfect. Keep up the good work gents.
  2. ASonofThunder

    Cannot Connect with Activision servers possible fix Cod ww2

    Tested it today with the suggestions you made. Still playing like a champ! This weekend I'll try to dial the Duma in so that it's singing as long as I'm still getting the response I'm getting now which is staying in lobbies without connection errors. Go Dawgs!!!
  3. ASonofThunder

    Cannot Connect with Activision servers possible fix Cod ww2

    I think the ping assist is what is causing it along with the connection problems with the game. I believe the PA is connecting to a host and dedicated server and when the game merges host or changes servers it does something with the Duma and get dropped. I was getting dropped every game. With the GF on and strict mode wo the PA I haven't had any problems and even with being in a party of friends on the game. It may have been some other issues i had or didn't have on with the Duma. I had to share what I had because I saw so many people with the same issue.
  4. ASonofThunder

    Cannot Connect with Activision servers possible fix Cod ww2

    When I was digging through the older forums and Netduma Optimization Guides I had so areas where I was counting on you guys to fill in because I was sure id have some unnecessary settings. Played a little more this evening with a party. All local friends in Ga. and didn't have any problems. Including i didn't add them to the allow list yet. I unchecked Upnp and unchecked Upnp in settings and rebooted the router. Won't get to test it until next weekend. Rarely play during the week. I'll be sure to post back in here or notify you how it goes.
  5. Possible fix for getting booted or kicked after match and lose of Xp and from having to reset cod ww2 for preventing getting a black screen. Read current and older forums and used Netduma Optimization Guides. I'm not tech savvy so I will describe this the best I can. Region: Southeast US Internet: Cox Cable 60mbs down and 6mbs Configuration: Cox Modem to Netduma to Xbox Current Duma settings: Host filtering: Xbox one Xbox live Show Host and Enable both checked. Geofilter: strict mode only checked. Filter distance: 590 miles( used Netduma guide for optimized settings) ping assist: 0. Set directly over my region. Congestion Control: Antiflood: reactive checked( suggested in older forum)although preemptive is suggested for my speeds. Download Cap and Upload Cap: both set to 70 percent(suggested percentage in Netduma Optimization Guides). Device Priorisation: All even. Hypertraffic: Xbox One Profiles: Using Generic Gaming Devices: All are checked( 12 total) while playing. Settings: Port forwarding for Xbox one: 53, 80, 3074 tcp, 53, 80, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500 udp. UPNP: enable checked. Port forwarding rules: demonwareportmapping 3076. Miscellaneous settings: allow auto, allow remote, enable UPNP forwarding, and Enable cookies only ones checked. These are my Duma settings, everything else is as is from manufacturers. My opinion on what was causing the disconnect. With Geofilter on along with strict mode and ping assist set to 50 or some various number which was my previous setting. Geofilter and strict mode would find players and dedicated servers in my range but also would pick up a certain server in Europe or outside my range. Which I posted in the thread incorrect server locations but could be due to ping assist on( 22 ms to server) With ping assist on I believe the setting that I had it set to could be the cause to selecting dedicated servers outside my range( seen in previous forum pictures) because it was within my ping assist range. I traced the signal several times during matches using the Option on the Netduma. The trace would draw in sequence the order of the connection. Starting with me, to the host player in my region to the dedicated server. The trend I saw was if the player stayed or the lobby continued to select him as host then I wouldnt get kicked which was rare but if the lobby picked a new player or the player left the direct line to the dedicated server would be lost and I would be booted. By setting my geofilter in range of a dedicated server and setting the ping assist to 0 and having strict on it only allows for connections inside my geofilter both P2P and dedicated servers essentially removing anything outside my filter that would cause confusion with the game and connection. Played for 4 hours without any problems and had fair multiplayer match connections while in game. May change during peak hours or with another patch. Basically I followed Netduma Optimization Guides to the best of my ability and wanted to share my changes hoping to ease the rage filled threads and players. Sorry for the long post and I hope it is not confusing. I don't know how to upload photos.
  6. ASonofThunder

    Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

    ID: 322d6d38cad11b20 Distance: 4328 mi Ping:22ms my location: Georgia, USA server location: Europe