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  1. Hi, How do I setup IP Vanish with my XR500? Thanks
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply and image will give it a try and see how it goes. Is there a reason you put it over the ocean? Regards, Gaz
  3. That is what mine was like on the old firmware, but due to the downloading of the PS4 games (should be finished today), it not had time to settle. I also noticed the GUI also spiking the CPU's. What I had noticed is my load average is always around 4 when I logged in to the router, not sure if that normal or not.
  4. Hi, What settings are you using/recommended for the Ping Assist and Geo-Filter? What distance do you have on your Geo-Filter and are you leaving it in Filtering mode all the time? PS. I am using the NetGear XR500 if it differnet on the R1. Regards, Gaz
  5. Yes I believe you can, as I have had both PS4 and XBox One in Filtering mode
  6. Mine is between 40 and 60 for both CPU's however I am hammering my connection, as I have had to download all my PS4 games. Since the firmware update I have done 2.2TB on download on a 220Mbps download connection non-stop (09:05:56 up 1 day, 10:43, load average: 4.61, 4.62, 4.60). I used this site: https://convertlive.com/u/convert/bytes/to/gigabytes to convert the Bytes from Dashboard (Network Status)
  7. Hi, I am in the UK on Virgin Media playing GTA V Online on Xbox One and PC and neither seem to be working with the Geo-Filter when it on. I have my circle at 350 miles over the UK and it appears there is a rockstar server in the UK, however it still connect to people out side of the area set.
  8. Hi, I am gaming on the PC at the moment, and see GTA 5 is supported, but when I add the PC there is no GTA 5 in the list. What do I pick from the list to get this working? Thanks
  9. Problem sorted. I made a note of the details and factory reset and all working now. Have made a fresh backup just incase.
  10. Hi, When I login to my XR500 and got to Geo-Filter I get an error uncaught exception: Unmatched device And no option to add new ones and current ones don't load I have rebooted the router and it still the same. I am running the latest Firmware: V2.3.2.22 If I need to reset to factory, can I use a restore setting file, that I have just created? Any ideas?
  11. Yes I would of had the issue by now. I was getting it daily from when I added in the Xbox One.
  12. Been a few days now and not had any issues.
  13. Hi, So far it working fine. Will keep monitoring it, for any dropouts.
  14. Hi, Will give it a try tomorrow and update you.
  15. Hi, This has started again for me, and the only change is, I added an Xbox One X with Instant On. I have now put it into Enery Saving. My problem did stop last time, after I disconnected the Xbox One before, due to selling it, it was on Instant On setting.