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  1. Od1n

    VPN Users Required

    I use NordVPN, if theres still demand for testing pre or post DumaOS release let me know
  2. Iain in the past you mentioned that once the R1 DumaOS is out, the R1 will again be the leading development platform instead of the Nighthawk. I assume that plan hasnt been scrapped since it obviously makes the most sense right? If so hook me up on that anti-spike and anti-jitter development project, my R1 is ready!
  3. Will the R1 Upgrade have an Early Adopter Skin? Obviously there was no need for that in regards to the Netgear DumaOS, but lots of early bird R1 models out there would like to keep their spring dresses
  4. Od1n

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    rare picture taken in Netdumas fav pub
  5. Od1n

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    thanks for the insider infos, the person whos in charge for the public communication at netduma should be send back to school, ive rarely seen such an incompetente company communication making an announcement to go full software side would harm exactly no one and would hardly affect the sales too i mean removing the R1 statement from the homepage with no additional info on that? no clue how such a person could get into a leadership role at netduma or how the people above could think thats a good strategy lol either way, ill visit this forum in a few weeks or month again and expect exactly 0 progress until then, pretty sure netduma can at least meet my expectations in that regard
  6. Od1n

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    well said think Netduma is, or at least was, in financial problems as otherwise you would never ever agree to a partnership with netgear but release your own new router it just doesnt make sense, if you have patents and groundbreaking technology then you try to market those by your own and if it was meant to be a pr stunt then i have to tell you that there are better ways to achieve more, pretty sure that 9 out of 10 netgear XR500 users are not aware that DumaOS is done by a company that also sells routers, not a single review or article i read mentioned this, "Netgear with their new DumaOS" was usually their wording instead Netgear has now the last word on which features are Netgear-approved and which arent, i mean honestly, what is happening here? yeah this is a common clause in partnerships but dont you realise you re now a contractor rather than a self controlled router company? and that you will be dropped as soon as Netgears R&D managed to come up with something equal or potentially better? anti-spike and anti-jitter are the only reasons im looking forward to the DumaOS, i could care less about the reskin and rearrangement of buttons the DumaOS still hasnt hit the coal mine and we literally had no status update within weeks... honestly Netduma staff, there are free courses on business development, ecommerce, marketing and anything else you need to know to change the course of your ship, the direction you are heading towards right now is absolutly the wrong one
  7. Od1n

    Geo-Filter | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

    thanks, as a non-native speaker i really appreciate that
  8. Od1n

    Quality of Service (QoS) | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

    sure go ahead and to that, the DumaOS site with a small notation somewhere on how the R1 development will go and the upcoming features should be sufficient enough to prevent comments like mine above
  9. Od1n


    how high would you estimate the software jiiter is on the R1? 1-3ms? just curious, if Anti-Spike ever comes out the software jitter most likely cannot be eliminated by it
  10. Od1n

    Geo-Filter | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

    wait until i sneak into your CoD game running torrents all day long despite being 5km close to you :^) the geo-filter is great, but ping assist and peer ping are even better!
  11. Od1n

    Geo-Filter | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

    perfect, knowing that the best horse is pulling the chariot makes me confident my R1 can reach new heigths! not really into NAS or media player useage so great to hear the usb functionality doesnt affect me that much, the 2.4 wifi is also all i need and its speed is just fine too and yeah more infos is the way to go id say, the lack of communication is what probably caused quite some uproars in this forum over the last year and gave Fraser some tough days lol
  12. Od1n

    Geo-Filter | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

    thanks that does indeed clear up quite a lot Iain you better are part of the lower half dev team, m trusty R1 needs the best inhouse developer that it can get xd if you dont mind your text raises two more questions though id understand it if question two cannot be answered 1) does the usb support really matter? from my experience most routers use that as some sort of optional NAS or media center, is that the case here too? 2) does the licence agreement with Netgear include Netduma to not release a new router with better specs? something like that would make sense as it would just be logical for Netduma to launch a R2 model next to the NH that can keep up with it
  13. for those with an R1 wondering if its worth to upgrade, why it took so long to develop DumaOS and why some of the previously advertised features are still missing
  14. Od1n

    Geo-Filter | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

    this text should be part of the DumaOS website as it clears pretty much all of my worries thanks Iain since everything will be developed on the R1 first before it may or may not come to the Netgear DumaOS i assume the R1 hardware specs are still good enough to handle those new features with eg dampening and software jitter? Iain if not then please release a new R2 with better specs, i rather throw money at you guys than giving it to a competitor who has the last word on which features will be used on their router and which wont
  15. heres a coverage on the netduma router by germanys biggest newspaper/tabloid you might not be german to understand it but not a single word is being said about Netduma or DumaOS, it 100% sounds like its a Netgear achievement :/ and the only other german news site that picked up this topic didnt mention Netduma or DumaOS either sounds like a really good PR for Netgear, doesnt it? :s http://www.computerbild.de/artikel/cb-News-DSL-WLAN-Netgear-Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-XR500-19604413.html