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  1. simjc

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Dark Theme button selection needs to pop to the top of the page; not lurk at the bottom. Tweak need though on colour for quote blocks; when it shows you (your screen name) as being quoted, your name is dark blue/red, and just blends in.
  2. simjc

    Just wanted to say

    Thanks everyone for your supporting my channel. Appreciate it. Thought I'd post the video here... for any of you who may have missed it. Cheers Sim
  3. simjc

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Thanks for keeping us informed. It was looking so close and we were all getting excited, but last minute little surprises always adds a little fun to the mix. Eventhough DumaOS brings new goodies to the table, I also think having the backwards compatibility and being able to roll back to the current firmware will also be appreciated by end users. Sim
  4. I understand that this may be a BT firewall issue; when the firewall does a check, you get that latency.
  5. FYI - That hop 4, is what I am getting on BT Infinity also. I've got the unlimited version of pingplotter at the moment, and have switched it from ping (incase the BT entry point was ignoring pings) and switch to TCP, and I still get it. Was thinking maybe cable from modem to wall socket; but now looking at yours, I am thinking this a BT typical issue. Would love to know other BT Infinity user experiences and thoughts.
  6. FYI - The xbox allows you to assign the default Xbox Live port manually to stop multiple console conflict. You will find this under Network Settings->Advanced->Ports. Note PS4 uses 3074 (and nothing else); so for your xboxes pick two other ports from the drop down menu. For Open NAT in game, that is more down to the game too...
  7. simjc

    XR500 issues.

    I had that as well; but I believe the setting being reported was incorrect, because on a reboot of the router it automatically connected
  8. simjc

    XR500 - script error

    Are you running bitdefender? This has caused issues in the past. I hoping it has now been resolved. BUT it corrupted web browser cache (on hard drive) as well as blocked key scripts loading across the network. So this is the reason they are asking about antivirus software, as some of these products incorrectly identify Netduma webpages as a virus and block it, thus breaking it.
  9. simjc


    May be they are pulling a Dallas, where an entire season... was all a dream..
  10. simjc


    Its all old footage from BlOps to BO3
  11. simjc

    Upnp problem

    FYI - the latest firmware is (been out for approx 1 month) but it did not cure the upnp problem. I https://kb.netgear.com/000054462/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-1-0-6
  12. Yeh the upnp is not reliable... unfortunately. It will only open up the XBL port. Suggest also disabling port triggering and port forwarding, if you have any of those enabled. Hard reset your xb1, keep it powered off, and reboot/power off your XR500... 2-3mins after that has booted (it is slow to boot)... then turn on your XB1. I've never had a party chat problem, but I've hit issues others haven't and it is looking like you are the same. Teredo is a key port and service indeed. The R1 reports all open ports on the upnp table page. The XR500 does not... so it is hard to say whether it is working correctly or not.
  13. simjc

    Upnp problem

    I reported the UPnP issue, along with unreliable port triggering and port forwarding (note this in netgears menu; thus netgear software) as soon as I got the XR500. So the issue along with detailed network captures of what was happening to allow further analyse of what is happening. The suspicion is that the netgear code is using a the buggy version of upnp. Most of the open source community that produce custom firmware have reverted to the older more reliable version.
  14. simjc


    The biggest surprise is the October 12th release date... We all new it was going to be BlOps4.