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  1. Follow the steps on here I had the same issue, the guide fix mine hope this helps ya too.
  2. Seye

    Nat type

    I finally got it to work, I typed the settings you suggested over 10 times(deleted, removed, messed with my ISP router settings dmz etc) still didn't work at this point I had given up! I decided to downgrade the OS, tried it again worked like a charm! That OS is perfection !!! I love everything about it it just works unlike DumaOS laggy and errors pops up now and then(Which I Know will be fixed in the future). Then I upgraded to DumaOS praying it reserves the settings which it did, I just wished DumaOS was less hassle free, but thanks for the help.
  3. Seye

    Nat type

    I typed in the settings still can get an open nat type, can you please work me through it.
  4. Seye

    Nat type

    I can't get open NAT type on DumaOS, done the I structions on the website but no joy. On the previous firmware it was a breeze for me, but currently update it doesn't work. Can someone please help.
  5. Switch your console completely, wait for a minute switch it ON again. Netduma OS Geofilter isn't good for BO4, it doesn't work properly. I have downgraded firmware until, netduma OS is stable. I suggest you do the same.
  6. Try again or use another browser, it's a common issue.
  7. After the upgrade, the user name and password default to the details below: User Name: admin Password admin Hope this helps.
  8. Nice I'll wait for the next version.
  9. Clear the browser cache, try again if doesn't work then use a different browser this happened to me once.
  10. Seye

    Black Ops 4 Support

    I will eventually but it's quite laggy at the momment, at least when it's much better than its current state I will update. Thanks for the help.
  11. Seye

    Black Ops 4 Support

    I have returned back to original firmware has I prefer it, my question is how do you identify a Peer and a dedicated server? DumaOs is nice upgrade I rather wait for the final build than using the beta.
  12. Is there a guide on how to setup open nat type on R1?
  13. I have setup port forwarding on the R1 working fine, but wanted to know if this is possible. Can I setup port forwarding on my BT HUB 5 router, then remove port forwarding on the R1. Will it matter? Will I still have open bar type on BO4 connection? Or Does port forwarding has to be done on the R1 instead of my BT router? Thanks
  14. Yeah I'm going back to previous os until stable version is out.