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  1. Seye

    Black Ops 4 Support

    I will eventually but it's quite laggy at the momment, at least when it's much better than its current state I will update. Thanks for the help.
  2. Seye

    Black Ops 4 Support

    I have returned back to original firmware has I prefer it, my question is how do you identify a Peer and a dedicated server? DumaOs is nice upgrade I rather wait for the final build than using the beta.
  3. Is there a guide on how to setup open nat type on R1?
  4. I have setup port forwarding on the R1 working fine, but wanted to know if this is possible. Can I setup port forwarding on my BT HUB 5 router, then remove port forwarding on the R1. Will it matter? Will I still have open bar type on BO4 connection? Or Does port forwarding has to be done on the R1 instead of my BT router? Thanks
  5. Yeah I'm going back to previous os until stable version is out.
  6. Why did you downgrade? Just curious.
  7. I I can't seem to find the features page can you screenshot it on here for me thanks
  8. Clean and flexible interface, I did come across errors while loading network settings after the update. The only feature I like more on the DumaOS has really done well, its the Add/Deny feature has impressed me. You have a well listed system unlike the old system it's just green or red dots you see, you can't edit individual added friends or server. Good job Netduma Team it was worth the wait, can't wait for the final build to roll out.
  9. Same here, can't find how to put back on the guide other that factory reset which I don't want to do.
  10. Fingers crossed, would love to have this before bo4 goes live in 2HRS:30MS:45S
  11. Oh well I guess I didn't make the cut.
  12. It's a known issue this goes back to 2013, down the line Sony has acknowledge it's an issue but no fix has been given. Here is a thread I once followed while looking for a fix for my friend. https://community.playstation.com/content/pdc/us/en_US/pdc-communities/support/Consoles-Peripherals.topic.0.25.html/intermitant_inputla-gAG8 You might be lucky to find a fix for yours, using the tips and guides on there. Your not alone facing this issue, hope this helps.