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  1. Thanks Jack, that’s great news.
  2. George

    why Host ID not IP

    It seems that way. Perhaps thats why your reply is full of unnecessary sarcasm. That's what I am doing yes. Setting up Wireshark and sharing the laptop's Internet connection to my console. It's not a hard task, so I really don't understand why you are being so salty to a point that your behaviour becomes rude. Really? You didn't? You must have a look on the R1 homepage then because features like Deny& Allow imply exactly that.
  3. Thanks for the information. If I am not mistaken DumaOS has been indefinitely delayed right? Is there a release date for the R1? I also feel the need to point out that the UI run flawlessly in multiple iPad models running iOS 11.
  4. Dear Netduma support, I have noticed that the R1 administration page does not work in any of my iOS devices running the latest iOS 12 public beta. Does that mean when iOS 12 comes out this September we are not going to be able to use safari browser to access the R1 admin page anymore? Is there a hotfix on the pipeline?
  5. George

    why Host ID not IP

    Absolutely unacceptable design decision from an advanced networking device. Same goes for VPN functionality, it can be used maliciously. Let’s strip that away too... Can we at least block specific IP addresses instead of this useless internal identifier? Apparently due to an internet provider performance issues I have a problem in a specific gaming service and I need to block a set of specific IP addresses. How can I achieve that?
  6. George

    why Host ID not IP

    Right. Because it makes absolute sense to temporarily transform my laptop to a wire shark device just to get the ip of a gaming service I use when I am in contact with their support guys for example. If you are willing to perform DDoS attacks it wouldn’t stop you setimg up a laptop with wire shark and obtain the IP. However for me that I have paid for a premium networking product this limitation is irritating to say the least.