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  1. Thanks Jack, really appreciated I ve sent a couple of log files one of which is taken right at the time when the issue occurs (its been labeled as such).
  2. Hi Jack, I have been facing some issues on pasting/attaching the whole file here as I am on the go and tried to do it from my mobile. Can you please give me the Netduma support email address to send them over as attachments via email?
  3. Quite odd thing to hear as my log file is full of DHCP daemon related messages... You see I there is no easy way to tell. This issue is not related to the DHCP lease time (it occurs regardless of what I set there) meaning there is no easy way to test this. My original thinking was to set the DHCP lease time to 10mins and the proceed with my tests. However the issue does not occur when he lease time expires but instead at a 6-7 days of time after the latest router reboot. So doing this kind of test as you suggest would definitely take more than 3-4 weeks given the fact that I am doing quite a lot of travelling for work and since the last thing I want is to experience home WiFi breaking while away and effectively disabling all my smarthome appliances (thermostat, security camera etc) I reboot the router quite often... So there is that. Is there some other way to proceed?
  4. Yes exactly. That means that once this happens nothing connected to wifi works. Security web cams, thermostat, hue lights are all useless. That is a huge problem for me as I am often away on a business trip and can't do anything about it. Yeah this is not a realistic option. Sure thing. Just to make sure that we do this right, could you please post detailed instructions, firmware file locations etc? No the LAN IP is the default ( Also I wanted to ask: Do you care reviewing my log files? Can I send over something via mail?
  5. Hi again Fraser, I am getting the exact same behaviour its just that now it seems to happen every week instead of every 2-3 days. Is there some way to fix the root cause of this issue instead of delaying its occurrence? Log files are full of DHCP related messages when this issue occurs. Would you like to take a look?
  6. No technical restriction of any sort, it’s just that I don’t have the capacity at the moment to get into a downgrading/re-upgrading loop. Of of course I will forward all relevant info. Thanks a lot for the help!
  7. Thanks Fraser I ll give it a shot
  8. Hi Fraser, since I have been in touch with my VPN provider’s support team about the very same issue, I inquired if they can supply you with a temp testing VPN account to perform the test from your side, as I am unable to downgrade my router and to the required testing.
  9. Hi everyone, Since I upgraded to DumaOS WiFi on my R1 has become quite unstable, dropping every couple of days and requiring a router restart in order for all of my devices to join back in. The message I see on my devices when they are unable to join (prior to the necessary restart of the R1) is shown in the attached screenshots. In case it helps the LAN connectivity seems unaffected from this issue. Any idea on how to fix this?
  10. Sure thing I can give it a shot. Could you help me locate the turbo mode setting on DumaOS?
  11. Is turbo mode disabled by default in the pre-dumaOS firmware? If so probably it was disabled. Not 100% sure though
  12. Indeed it is quite strange! So my iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) have proper internet access through my DumaOS R1 WiFi however they can’t connect to the VPN though the VPN app installed locally on those devices that uses the IKEv2 protocol. However if I remove the R1 from my network setup they connect to the VPN with absolutely no issues at all. Pre-DumaOS everything worked fine, I never had to remove my R1 from my network setup to allow my iOS devices to connect to the VPN through that very same local VPN app
  13. Yes UPNP is enabled. No manually defined rules, I can only see the ones that are automatically created because of UPNP. Yes in the older firmware it used to work fine. Merry Christmas by the way! ☺️
  14. Ah I found the setting thanks for the info, unfortunately it didn’t resolve the issue though.