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  1. I seem to be able to go 5-0ish, die, then can barely go 1-1 for the rest of the match. If someone sees me I instantly die. Seem they helped out the quick snipers too. In kill cams they miss by great margins but get kills.
  2. Johnson30

    WW2 Xbox connection interrupted

    If this helps.... I got my Netduma today... never used it before, never had this problem until I started using the new router.
  3. Johnson30

    Hello Everyone

    I have been wanting to get a Netduma for awhile and I finally took the plunge.... VERY easy to setup even with Verizon FiOS. Only down play so far is I seem to be struggling from the disconnect from activision servers after almost every map.
  4. It seemed to help a little. I can go maybe two maps without the problem. Thank you though
  5. So you think turn off filter first then boot up game? I'll try later
  6. I just got my Netduma today for the first time, XBOX one, I get this same error after every match.. Turned off Geo filters, same problem