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  1. Just got the xr500.Cc at 70 70 upnp on.Geo on spectate only.Speed is 100 d 5 up.When i test on dsl reports mydownload is great but my upload is through the roof.Never an issue on the r1.And my cc is on always
  2. MassaDebata85

    Fios with TV and Phone

    i have my netduma hooked up to my ONT..and my fios g11 router hooked up to my netduma..with my ps4 hooked up to my netduma and i use the fios router for wifi..i had to reset both router and do a ip release on the fios router(you may be able to reset the ont instead)
  3. no since it will be on netgear.will we be able to install duma os on out existing netgear router?
  4. MassaDebata85

    AT&T Gigapower (gigabit) with Netduma--HELP???

    if your doing speedtest on ps4 or xbox you wont get higher then that..you need a pc with a gigbit port..i got fios gigabit and i only get 250-300 on ps4..but i bareles use 20 up and down on the duma anyway for gaming
  5. gotya..all the sudden its workin..admin can close this ..thanx
  6. ranked play is the worst..i got beat on by 8 yr olds the other day bullets wouldnt register and the pinging of 1500 is a glitch it does it to me sometimes esp in ranked..try a normal mode and let me know also were are you located and what server are yuou on? im in pa and when it connects me to my closest server i have shitty games..kansas server works best for me..its def ww2 and not the duma
  7. thats what i was thinking..but im plugged str8 into a ont
  8. my settings have literly not changed nat is still open..but since yesterday i have been getting errors sayin cant chat with certain users due to nat..and certain people cant join me but on restart i can only join them?anyone else having this issue? geofilter is disable btw..ive tried it with port forwards deleted and upnp on and vice versa. on ps4 btw
  9. MassaDebata85

    those with fiber connection using super turbo mode..quik question?

    thats kinda what i figured..whats your thoughts on turbo mode?is it just to achieve more speed?or does is affect the algorithm?
  10. do you guess notice you die quiker with super turbo enabled?i feel like i get melted when its on but not so much when its disabled
  11. turn ping assist to zero..or it will find games with pings in what you have it set(in different areas..)i see you connect to the kansas server that is the best server for me and i am in pa..i ping it at 10-13 ms..i ping the nj server at the same but my bullets dnt matter on that server.with fiber they say to turn turbo and super turbo on.but i noticed with super turbo on i get melted..i would turn it off..leave turbo on,and put your sliders to 70-70 .you will get lower speeds but thats what sometimes works for me..today i been having issues so i put my sliders at 10-10 and turned both turbo modes off and switched to premptive..its working for now but its like everyday something different works..its not the duma its ww2..also try playing without the geo filter or strict mode..sometimes that works for me also..other than that play b03 instead lol
  12. MassaDebata85

    Edgerouter x > netduma moderate nat help

    i apreciate the help guys..im just gonna stick with the user friendly netduma and get rid of the x..even tho dsl reports my bufferbloat didnt move a hair with both running,and i was demolishing people on ww2 lol.thanx again
  13. MassaDebata85

    Edgerouter x > netduma moderate nat help

    actually i looked again i see a local ip under my netduma wan ip