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  1. MassaDebata85

    NBA 2K19

    Upnp seems to always open 9308 Wich I don't even see as a port for nba2k19
  2. MassaDebata85

    NBA 2K19

    No .I use have upnp on
  3. MassaDebata85

    NBA 2K19

    @Flamenation247 have you found any good settings?..xr500 works great with ever game but this. I lag in almost every park game.it seems to be a lil better when I disable qos and geofilter..tho most time it looks more like frame rate drops than lag
  4. MassaDebata85

    Lan Not Working On Any Device

    i had this happen with the r1 it took me restarting my internets modem and waiting 4 hours for the ip to renew...only happened that once tho
  5. MassaDebata85

    Hope this Helps

    so there are 2 dedis on the east coast that look like there right next to eachother.but i only ever see the 1 wich i beleive is new jersey.the one that looks like its on the west coast gives me the same ping and connects me to it more often?so probbaly the other one just mislocated .. i barely use the geo so i keep it in spectating mode but i notice when im not on either of those servers is the only time i have bad games..i cant wait until the xr500 gets ping assist
  6. MassaDebata85

    Hope this Helps

    i take it back just connect me to qhat shows to be a peer on the westcoast i am on the east. but im also in spectating mode and i think its mislocated cause my ping is the same
  7. MassaDebata85

    Hope this Helps

    can can confirm it works on the xr500..and has been connecting me to my closest dedi everytime..pretty odd
  8. not to jump on someone elses topic but i have 150 down and only 5 upload..should i stay on 70 70?
  9. MassaDebata85

    Patch 1.06 (148 megas)

    game has been playing beautifull hit detection has been on point
  10. MassaDebata85

    Patch 1.06 (148 megas)

    did you download and install the patch from blackops?and did you change any settings when you couldnt join before the patch? if so revert..and make sure you have your console off before putting it into geofilter..worst case reboot router or flush cloud?
  11. MassaDebata85

    Todays Patch

    its def on treyarchs side..and skill based match making has already been in the game.i do think the r1 performs better then the xr500..is there anyway i can use the r1 and plug the xr500 jnto it just for my sons wifi?
  12. MassaDebata85

    Todays Patch

    all peer to peer games wirh lag. geofilter on or off. ..but the hit detection is actuall better. just gettin lagged out
  13. MassaDebata85

    problem with upload

    nope no vlan..ipv6 is disabled
  14. i have comcast xfinitity..150 down and a whopping 5 up lol..anyway no matter what i set my qos too my upload speed on the ps4 doesnt change..and bufferbloat on my upload is what i have a issue with..i tried lowering my upload and download to 1 percent..and the download worked but upload stayed the same
  15. MassaDebata85

    How Are People Lagging In Black Ops 4 It's 2018!! | BO4 Lag

    this is the worst hit detection and lag i ever saw in a COD.and i been playing since world at war..still a good game. servers are just junk