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  1. sergiobtst

    Virgin media settings advice please

    Thanks everyone really appreciate it... Jack in your experience and if u had the choice for yourself whats the best and most reliable network to work along side the netduma in the uk ...cheers
  2. sergiobtst

    Virgin media settings advice please

    Thanks everyone really appreciate it
  3. sergiobtst

    Virgin media settings advice please

    Cheers macca... Have u tried ww2 and if so what settings have u found to be the best ... Thank you
  4. sergiobtst

    Virgin media settings advice please

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I got the vivid 300 package from virgin . My down is 380 mb and up 21mb ...could anyone with experience on the virgin media network to advice me on the best settings for netduma and do i need this amount of speed to be competitive on cod ...i play a hell of of lot ,sometimes its amazing 29 kills 6 deaths next game bulletts dont seem to register and the guy who was bottom on the game previous now has the most kills ...also in the uk whats the most stable internet provider you guys can recommend ... Thanks ever so much
  5. Hi jack and thank you for replying. In the evening I started this post I managed to get it working . factory reset netduma and all that , the big problem is since then although my ping with virgin media always is between 12ms and 16ms now on speedtest with netduma connected reads pings of 50ms and above only also my upload is 21mb that I do get on speedtest but my download don't go over 70 mb and I have just now tested virgin hub without netduma and reads 384mb download on speedtest .... netduma has had a factory reset so all settings are as they came all I try was testing with preemptive and reactive. if I cant sort this out im gonna have to send it back as its no good to me. I really know the potential of this device and I cant not wait to sort it out ...please help me ...thank you
  6. sergiobtst

    Netduma no internet

    All working last night ...came back from work and no net in the house it says netduma r1 internet access but no device has net ... Checked the virgin hub and no problems using internet ...can u help me please... Thank you
  7. Wont even allow me to do a factory reset instead its asking to post the problem in the forum
  8. Please help everything connected all week and no probs ,arrived home and no internet ...checked the virgin hub and internet is fine ...connect netduma and no internet at all
  9. sergiobtst

    help please

    hi , just got my netduma and since i connected to virgin hub,my internet speed drops from 380 down and 20 up TO 40 down and 20 up . could you give any guidance as how to solve this ... got the virgin hub on modem enable. thank you