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  1. Any word on when this update will be, just want to see if it makes a difference
  2. Anyone know what I am doing wrong here? When I give a server a name it doesnt save it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. See below example, I thought you just put in a name then click Allow or Deny and it adds it to the list but doesnt always add the name I gave it. Also if during a game I click Deny it wont kick me out will it? I assume it will just block it next time?
  3. Thanks good to hear the FIFA Servers will be addressed soon, FYI none of the previous releases have moved any servers I connected to (20ms ping) they are all in West Coast America so be good to finally see where I am connecting to. May help sort out why some are terrible and some are ok.
  4. Do you know when? There was a post last week about a cloud update but that didnt fix it and this has been an issue for over a year, is this update have specific FIFA servers planned to fix or is this a maybe? As you can imagine I am doubtful as its been mentioned a lot for over a year but never fixed and means the GEO filter is useless and can only use Ping Assist.
  5. Hello is there any plans to sort the FIFA server locations out, is it even possible? Had the R1 for a long time now and the server location was always wrong for what I suspect are UK/Close EU servers (15ms ping approx) but are shown as West Coast America. There was a long list of server id's posted by myself and others but they never got updated. From the ID are you able to find where is really is or is that not possible? I know I can just use Ping Assist and have to for FIFA but they have been like this for the whole time I have had R1 (all for FIFA 18 and now FIFA 19 so far which is well over a year). You get odd one in Germany showing up but EVERY single one of my quicker hosts is West Coast America. Connection is a massive sore point in FIFA community and if we could find a way with DumaOs to make it a lot better it would make it very popular in that community. Example below and few ID's of others 7d9f632e3c1c9499 c755b07bf266bec3 7d9f5f2a3c1c9499 See below Whiote dot in UK is a general EA connection point which comes and goes even outside match making but the Trianlge in West Coast America is the game server, it also says Peer not sure why as its Dedicated for FUT Champs and Rivals now so think thats also wrong, the Allow Deny list all the Peer are FUT Champs servers so dedicated the one that says Dedicated is the UK General server, that make sense? See below the
  6. Ok cheers the FIFA servers have been the same since I got R1 so its not a maintenance issue the lowest ping is always showing as west coast America this was FIFA 18 as well as FIFA 19.
  7. I use this as well and gets low ping games but it does seem to connect to servers on the West Coast of America (or so the map shows) but ping of about 20ms. Are the server locations not right? if the server locations arent right then it kind of makes GEO filter a bit useless?
  8. Thanks thought so, I will probably keep old version till its included as a lot of the incorrect server locations are bunched together so I would get all kinds of connection based on location. Seems odd not to include it when it was before.
  9. Can you still filter by Ping to dedicated server on this? I read a while back you couldnt and thats the main thing I use it for since a lot of the servers I use are incorrectly located I cant do it from distance.
  10. Is there any plan to update servers as I have had Netduma for over a year now and the FIFA servers have never been update despite being posted. They still show America with 15ms ping from UK
  11. Mackam

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    If above was true we would get money back because it was sold on that basis so that wont be true. I for one need the backwards option as if I dont like it I will go back.
  12. Mackam

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Cheers for info and I agree with the legal team should be option to go back if dont like it or there are problems and another couple of weeks doesnt matter to me.
  13. Be good to get it but will wait to see how others fair before upgrading as would hate to end up with bug feast! Does seem odd its so quiet though, I mean Fraser confirmed it but does seem bit quiet Issues I have with R1 as I understand it wont be resolved with this so not sure how much of a difference it will make, will wait and see,
  14. I take it that this is dead now and Cloud server isnt updated anymore or ever was?