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  1. You would think so but it really doesnt, gameplay a lot of the time feels so delayed its not playable its so frustrating. Could just be a EA server thing I dont know but end result is game you cant play as its too delayed.
  2. Mackam

    Fifa 19

    Where are you based, your location? The Netduma server location for FIFA servers doesnt work. I am in UK and my quickest server location is in America but thats because the location must be incorrect in the cloud. If you set GEO filter to tiny distance and put your location in the water then set Ping Assist to fairly low then it will pick lowest ping servers. I would would say it still gives me very delayed gaming but a good ping to that server so not sure the Duma works for FIFA. Below is example of mine, I am based in UK
  3. I noticed that Fraser mentioned that flush fault in another forum post see below so it must be known issue. As for the server location in FIFA its been like this for the whole time I have had the NetDuma (about 2 years). It doesn't get the dedicated server locations correctly. I am in UK and have Ping Assist set to 17ms and I get 15ms servers but it always shows them in West Coast America and I am in England. I have attached another screenshot here below You can see the ping is ms and the server is in America yet I am in UK. The way FIFA works is Single Match games are Peer to Peer so works fine showing where the server is but Rivals and FUT Champs modes are dedicated servers and they always come up in America with the odd one coming up in Europe but they are 35ms and show as Amazon Server. All the 15 - 20ms servers for me are America yet I am in UK. As you can see below its a white circle but the opening post I made is a triangle but that is the only server that comes up and as soon as the game is finished it goes away. My connection is no better using the Net Duma on FIFA which is disappointing and I just dont know what to do with it now as its not worked for me. There is a lot people talking on FIFA community due to connection issues and if we could sort this using Duma and make it the best it could be there could be a lot of interest in the Net Duma from that market.
  4. Wasnt any better at weekend but hadnt flushed the server locations, I have tried a few times to do it but all I get is "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App." Am I doing something wrong??
  5. Thanks much appreciated
  6. Cheers I will be honest had this R1 over a year and the FIFA servers location is still showing West Coast America despite several complaints and giving server info. This isnt what I bought this for its not good enough, this router/software is sold one filtering server location but if the servers are misplaced then its pointless. You cant just use PING as EA use initial ping then bounce to another server FIFA server location is massive issue and lot of chat about it currently as its makes MASSIVE difference and not just the inital Ping as EA sort that there is latency spikes all over the place. If its not improved for FIFA the DumaOS is pointless for that game. Some discussions on it in link below in reddit, on DumaOs it only offers initial Ping and from experience DumaOs makes no odds whatsoever its waste of money.
  7. Any news on this cloud update?
  8. Ok cheers would be good as a general media hub. Thanks for responses saved me scratching head at least.
  9. Ah that explains why I cant get it to work! Seems shame as most routers (even free TalkTalk one) have that feature.
  10. Hello how do I map a netwrok drive if I have a hard disc plugged into the R1? I have searched around but cannot find it anywhere, I have a external hard disc plugged into the R1 like I used to have with my old Talk Talk router but I cannot find a way to access it on my network. Is there a setting that makes it visible to the network?
  11. Any update on this, just wondered if it had been done yet? Not seen any improvement in game
  12. Any word on when this update will be, just want to see if it makes a difference
  13. Anyone know what I am doing wrong here? When I give a server a name it doesnt save it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. See below example, I thought you just put in a name then click Allow or Deny and it adds it to the list but doesnt always add the name I gave it. Also if during a game I click Deny it wont kick me out will it? I assume it will just block it next time?
  14. Thanks good to hear the FIFA Servers will be addressed soon, FYI none of the previous releases have moved any servers I connected to (20ms ping) they are all in West Coast America so be good to finally see where I am connecting to. May help sort out why some are terrible and some are ok.
  15. Do you know when? There was a post last week about a cloud update but that didnt fix it and this has been an issue for over a year, is this update have specific FIFA servers planned to fix or is this a maybe? As you can imagine I am doubtful as its been mentioned a lot for over a year but never fixed and means the GEO filter is useless and can only use Ping Assist.