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  1. spawnshotz

    Configuration netduma - isp router/modem

    Ok i will try this settings, but what do you think of having a ISP router/modem?, do you think i need to make any changes in that setup?
  2. New netduma owner. My conection to isp modem/router is faster than conection to netduma for call of duty ww2 online. I follow all the optimized settings: Router->netduma->ps4 ENABLE: Deep pack processing,upnp forwaring, ipv6, Geofilter 1000km 30ms. COD profile Congestion control 80 for ps4 Antiflood 70% 70% Hypertraffic ps4 NAT 2 ( i have not change any ip settings.) Already reset both routers, change new cables It can bet a problem from my ISP Arris mode/router? Is a problems with dedicated global servers?