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  1. wolfeman

    vpn coding

    Good afternoon, Alright thank you, my geo filter is fixed. So I decided to test my speed using speedtest.net. With my netduma connected and my devices getting internet from the R1, I only get half of my ISP 25mb (10mb). I decided to disconnect the R1 and turn the wifi back on my centurylink technicolor c2000t and viola I get my 24mbps as I should. Seems some how the R1 is gimping my overall speed. I have followed all previous set up advice and tutorials for optimization. My c2000t is a router/modem combo, hence why I turn the wifi off and use it just as a modem. I am sure there is some easy fix, however, I am very internet lingo/tech impaired. lol.
  2. wolfeman

    vpn coding

    I just ran another diagnostic and it came back Good, Exceptional, Exceptional, no loss
  3. wolfeman

    vpn coding

    Netduma Jack, Thank you for the reply. Since your post not a lot has improved. I only ever used the geo-filter when playing COD otherwise I always turn it off and set my anti-flood back to 100% when I am not gaming. I have a 25mbps dsl service and have had all those setting that you recommended already set. I have not tried to do anything since your post either. The one thing I noticed the day off my post and now it is still like that, is the geo filter tab wont even load?! it just scrolls but never actually loads. All other tabs work normally.....so basically I cannot even access my geo filter at all. It was off before it started malfunctioning. My last isp diagnostic on netduma came back as good. Any recommendations on how to fix the geo filter not being available? Thanks as always
  4. Hello, I have had my netduma for half a year or so almost. I still do not think I have it optimally set up. My set up is through my ISP (centurylink) c2000T router which I have the netduma hooked up to. I followed all previous advice to my questions and followed optimal set up guide, everything that was connected to wifi and hardwired is through the netuma not my isp router. I set in DMZ mode and turned wifi off on my ISP router. Yet I have since still felt that the duma has made my connections worse. Recently it has gotten very bad, my parents were in town visiting and my mother was complaining the wifi kept dropping. Also, I have been playing elder scrolls online and, whoa boy, the latency is bad. the past two days i literally had the whole pvp world freeze on me and I get booted from server (never happened prior to duma). Lastly, my computer has been all hosed up when I try to watch videos and or download a well as my tv when I stream netflix. My TV, Dishnetwork, and PS4 are all hardwired to netduma with cat6 cables, only my computer is wifi. It's almost to the point where id rather switch back to not using the netduma and see if it improves, but then I would have to reprogram all my devices and passwords (laziness) lol. I started wondering if maybe someone recently started jacking my internet because it has gotten so bad lately. I do not think I have any protection because my ISP router is disabled and in dmz. If you go to connect to my wifi it literally says weak security under netduma r1. I logged into the control panel and clicked vpn. I do not have a vpn subscription and have never to my knowledge set one up, yet in the advanced vpn settings box there is a massive code with all different country and city names etc. I disabled it because i didnt know what or why its there and now it wont connect back up if I try. Well, sorry for my ramble. Does anyone have some thoughts? TY
  5. Thank you both for the quick responses. I will do what I can and keep you updated asap. cheers
  6. I have not bridged my isp router/modem. I do not know what half of the setting in there even do or mean. I went in to look but I did not see anything that said modem mode or bridge but I assume its something that is actually labeled one way but called bridging or modem mode. correct? I clicked on my broadband tab and it says my: Wan is ADSL2+Bonding Line mode is ADSL2+ Transportmode is ATM-LLC Bridged MTU-1500 ATM parameter is 8/35 ubr without pcr What all that means.... I have no clue lol Under modem status it reads: Downstream rate 29.3 mbps Upstream 2.2mbps ISP Protocol DHCP I ran ping plotter and did not spike above 35 while hardwired into the Netduma.
  7. wolfeman

    Netduma Router Problems

    I just got mine and the set up info said the default password is the serial number
  8. Hello, I just received my net duma today. I followed all set up instructions, did the tutorials and even set the recommended optimal settings. Then I fired up my ps4 to try a game of COD WW2. At first I thought it seems really fast but then I started to yellow bar periodically and literally jump lag back in time! (never usually happens) I have a DSL service provided by Centurylink and pay for 25mb service (sadly fastest available in my area). My modem is a centurylink c2000t router/modem combo in which I only have the dsl line going into and then thats connected by WAN to the Netduma poe. All other devices are plugged into Duma. I have a moderate nat type still even after DMZing my ps4 using the WAN ip address from my Duma device manager page. Im thinking maybe it just shows moderate in game because of the geo filters being on? Or should it say open even when filters in use? I have always had an open nat type prior to Netduma install. The internet diagnostic test says good, excellent, excellent, no loss But, actually I just ran the ping test again right now and it reads good, good, ok, no loss and a 2nd try said poor, terrible, terrible loss, 5 Please help me understand what I may be doing wrong. Are there certain settings or specific things I need to do given my isp box is a router/modem combo and Duma being a router itself? Thank you and I look forward to lag free gameplay someday