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  1. I'm aware, things are starting to smooth out for me now and I'm finding consistent games. Thanks for your help and input. Cheers!
  2. I feel like I'm right on the verge of getting the results I've been looking for.
  3. I have the entire state of Georgia in the filter and I'm starting to find people now but can't get a full lobby.
  4. I'm trying to keep the radius small so that I can just connect to this specific server. I got it to work 1 time last night and after one game it will never connect me to a game. I also don't live in the state I'm trying to set my filter on but I've read this is not an issue and people do this alot to force a server specific connection.
  5. I have adjusted and nothing has helped. Any other suggestions?
  6. Here is another: Netduma Geo-filter 2 https://imgur.com/a/KtRjQ
  7. Here is a screenshot: Netduma Geo-filter https://imgur.com/a/FPCz4
  8. I'm having the same issue, 0 games found. I can disable the geo-filter and it won't even show me server locations. I have my home set to Georgia so that I can get the Atlanta, Georgia server and nothing. I'm not super frustrated but I'm not sure why things are so out of whack.
  9. How do you know where Dedicated servers are located? I always just see red circles on the Geo-filter. I want to put my search radius on top of the server but don't know where and how to tell what they look like on the map. Also should I be in a match while searching for the Dedicated server on the map?
  10. DuskWork44

    WW2 on PS4 need help setting

    I'm curious, how do you know what the dedicated server looks like on the geo-filter?
  11. DuskWork44

    WW2 Dedicated Servers Suck!

    So do you benefit from a poor connection on dedicated servers?
  12. DuskWork44

    WW2 Dedicated Servers Suck!

    Sorry I'm new to Netduma, does Geo filtering help you see servers? Like on the map can I identify them and choose to play specific ones or should I just turn the filter off?
  13. DuskWork44

    WW2 Dedicated Servers Suck!

    I agree, when it was P2P I was ravaging people.
  14. DuskWork44

    Best Modem to pair with Netduma R1?

    Thanks for the help, I purchased it.
  15. DuskWork44

    Best Modem to pair with Netduma R1?

    What makes this modem better than others?