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  1. hello all noob question here, how do you get a stable ping on the the ping graph. Do i need to mess with CC settings or is it just my ISP?
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    Halo 5

    Here is the Picture
  3. How come when i load the Geo filter page for Halo 5 i do not see the dedicated servers locations like in cod? Also i don't know if this was covered already but i feel that certain servers i play on such as the Texas server doesn't run as smooth as others. I live in Louisiana and when i search focused i get put on that server most of the time. Is their a time zone for certain servers? Also I was playing late one night ,one of my friends lives in Seattle and the other lives in Cali. I wanted to see if i could get placed on the California server so i changed my home location to that location, rebooted my game, turned off strict mode and set my PA to 80. He searched on focus and after about 4 attempts we got that server and those games felt amazing. Then last night around the same time i tried to get on the same server by myself and could not after many attempts. Is there a problem with my Geo filter settings? Should i factory reboot to get those servers to appear on the Geo filter or with my Cloud settings. Any advice on how to fix this would be much appreciated. I also have a picture of the server i was put on. Thanks, Jabb
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    Halo 5

    Just Saying Hello i am new to the Forums and i love the Netduma, just seeing if anyone would like to play some Halo 5. Not sure if this is the right place to post a topic like this. Hit me up on xbx Gt:CG Jabb