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  1. my country is in Thailand. Southeast Asia I'm not sure how to put those server id out for you since in geo fillter map, I couldln't identify which is host as there are so so many big circle
  2. whenever I am about to enter to a crucible(PVP) match, I get booted out of a lobby. It happens every games after latest update now. I have my host filtering on with restrict mode off.
  3. For some reasons, destiny plays very bad with high bandwidth. Says I have 100mb and I barely win a gunfight because of lag compensation from those who has bad internet from india and middle east. So I reduce bandwidth globally to 7/1 and set 68% down and up in congestion. It plays much better, no more shoot first die first. But only problem is that whenever my sisters watch netflix, My gaming experience will be struggle because of the 7/1 mbs bandwidth.
  4. as the title says, I want to only limit my ps4 bandwidth. but to do that it affect global bandwidth in my home which my sisters won't get enough bandwidth to watch Netflix while I'm gaming
  5. nvm, i got it fixed. it just came back
  6. It stucks on "Connecting to Online Service" for a minute and came back with weird long code saying server is unavailable. using 4G can get to the multiplayer lobby though. So I assume there must be something relate to the Netduma now
  7. I had been aboard for ike 10 days. and when I come back home. and try to adjust my router lllike I do everytime I play a game, Netduma somehow acting weird loading up menu. It takes forever, to load one host fitering menu. I did reboot but still no lluck.
  8. If I disable filtering, I cannot still find lobby
  9. Hi there, netduma users in Thailand here. Currently there is no servers around my location and somehow the game won’t let me connect to p2p servers. It is not that there are no people in my area as I tested joining some random indian friens and still be able to join and play. But matchmaking is the problem. I always ended up spend time in matchmaking lobby forever and unable to find match. I try to use filtering which it works fine in ww2 and filter area to be in Australian servers. Netduma display that there are servers in australia but it still take forever to find a lobby as matchmaking won’t allot me to join any server. My filtering setting is optimal. I have strict mode ticked, my ping assist is 0. It only doesn’t work in this game Please help
  10. I play cod with host filter on and Division with host filter off. sometimes when I got back from the division, I will have to enable hostfiltering. sometimes with host filtering being enable, it still connects to servers that out of radius range. all i do to make R1 applies the setting is to reboot that router which I find it most annoying. is there any quick fix like 'applly' button to let netduma knows that it is being stricted to matchmake servers within radius? Thanks
  11. It was very laggy and delay in Last Stand mode last time I play before I get netduma. Now I want to take advantage by using geo filter. Is it working like in CoD WW2 where it can find p2p or dedicated within set radius ? My location is in Thailand so i doubt there are dedis servers near my location. And is there any sepcific setting I should be aware of ? please let me know Thank You
  12. i did. move the home icon to LA. my ps4 could not access internet
  13. yea i know. ping is only 100 but i always get dropped instantly. its like something weird with the lag compensation. i can even play better on p2p or EU and US
  14. Living in Thailand is very difficult to get a decent room. 120ms is the minimum ping i can get in WW2 as there is no dedicated servers. However, I want to set specific radius to be in Wesr US. But when I do, my ps4 will be disconnected completely from internet connection. I assume i have to make sure the radius cover Thailand too. So is there any possible way to force myself connecting only to West Us servers with full internet connection?