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  1. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin I have made a video for you guys.This is about issue that I couldn't find Singapore servers which is the server located nearest to my location.
  2. So ironic, I used mobile hot spot 4g to play bo4 and turned out it plays great. So now i put my ps4 on wireless to play to get less lag com effect
  3. Chaiyoabc

    Black Ops 4: 1.03.6j vs DUMA OS

    Thank You, from what I have notice, both of firmware, when boot up black ops 4, it will bring up all dedicated servers available right? only different was: 1.03.6j --> I can see a little dot on Singapore map. indicated that this FW see SG servers Duma OS --> Singapore's dot is missing. I think that was the main reason why I kept connecting to P2P arab servers. Because Duma OS didn't see the Singapore server.
  4. For some reason, When I play BO4. It is better when I set 60% toward PC, and only 20% toward PS4 I'm not sure if it is placebo, but it makes lag compensation much better than going toward PS4 all the way. Can anyone explain if this was placebo or what ? Thanks
  5. Thanks for clear explaination
  6. Yea, what is share excess and what is difference between ticked and unticked.
  7. I’m still confused about this one should I make download and upload to 100% toward ps4? Or Should I make it all the way to my pc?
  8. I have seen many netduma team recommended all users to set qos at 70/70 just wondering why would be 70? I’m just cirious
  9. due to the fact that there is no way I can identify which server IP is. So I need help from Netduma team to identify this for me. Because This server is very good to play Server ID: ef36c28dd38ea4a9 Location: Singapore. Thank you in advance
  10. I have reverted back to original and everything worked just fine. May be you may need to wait for netduma team to sort out about this issue
  11. for me when it is p2p, player icon will popup randomly in everywhere while searching. When it detects dedicated servers, it will be one standalone white square icon
  12. Chaiyoabc

    Black Ops 4: 1.03.6j vs DUMA OS

    This is what I have been telling Netduma team that there was something wrong in Duma OS. I have zero problem after I downgraded back to 1.03.6j at all I connect to Singapore server literally all the time. For now I suggest you stay with old firmware until they implement ping assist. This would be the best choice for now
  13. that sounds better idea. it is shame that I really love the DumaOS, you guys have done great job for it