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    That will work!
  2. I can be available almost any time. but my free times are between 6:30PM -7:00AM CST Mondays-Thusday...free on Fridays and can be free on Saturday & Sundays.
  3. i'm certain my PC didn't have a static as I've always connected via Ethernet cable to my Xfinity router. I was also troubleshooting myself and would often run a "ipconfig" to check my ip address... After i set it up the only thing I changed was; removing the static ip from my PS4 and setting it to DHCP, removing my PS4 ip from the DMZ of Xfinitiy router, Putting the ip of the R1 in the Xfinity DMZ, and that was it at the moment. I honestly can't remeber how long it worked after I did these steps no more then a day and a half though. and since then I have started over from scratch over 20 times trying to get everything working and stable again with no luck, so factory reset the Xfinity and R1 routers. what could be our next steps? can you guys login and troubleshoot remotely or send me a new Netduma in the meantime? I can make almost anytime work.
  4. Is Jack or anyone still there?
  5. https://imgur.com/a/AHKSJ this is after I factory reset again so the DHCP lease time reverted back to 12hr
  6. I tried the suggested when I first setup the netduma. I tried to replicate it last night but the Netduma would not hold an IP nor will it issue a hardwired DHCP address to my laptop I can only get a wireless address....DHCP was enabled on the netduma and I changed the lease time to 1day....one thing I noticed looking in the Xfinity router was the R1 was not showing as a connected device it was in dormant but there was activity lights on both routers ports.... no problem, I will get you those screen shots, I was intended to include those and forgot in the mist of troubleshooting.
  7. here are the LAN and WAN settings of the Xfinity Router .... Strange I tried posting the screen shot the same way I did the previous link but now i'm getting a error massage stating that I can't post that here
  8. I've tripple checked with Xfinity about requirements to connect another router to the Xfinity router and they say there should be no problem (no PPPoE) all they would have to do if the R1 didn't work is put the Xfinity router into bridge mode ( just as modem) and it should work fine. I've already tried putting the WAN IP into the DMZ of the Xfinity with no luck. I will look into setting DHCP lease on the Netduma. to be clear, you want me to set DHCP lease on the Netduma, or on the Xfinity router For the netduma?? the strange thing to me is as i stated, initially everything worked for approximately 2 days straight out the box, after that it would grant internet access for only a brief moment and stop. would there happen to be a known bug in this version of code? I'm just throwing my thoughts out there...
  9. I'm aware that the hardwire is not receiving a DHCP ip but thats what it dose. as soon as i powercycle the R1 it will receive an IP then go away
  10. willl do, once i'm home in 2 or so hours....I haven't tried typing in http://r1, I've only typed in the ip address and accessed from there. I've also tried factory rest and unplugging a lot of times... no problem I will try and get the screen shots of both when it connects and disconnects... any other screen shots or test I need to try while i'm at it? I'm a network Admin and understand these things fairly well...just cant understand this problem yet...also do I absolutely have to put my router in bridge mode for it to continue to working because if so I will be back and forward with my ISP.....thanks for you guys help...
  11. sorry, I thought I would get notification when you responded. Didn't change a thing.... I can connect with a wireless device but no internet..