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  1. I’ve had it less than 2weeks thank you for you time and sorry for the multiple last messages I didn’t realise I had previously sent it
  2. Hi so I went to my neighbors I tried it on there router in normal and modem mode still have same problem no internet. I did notice that it didn’t recognise that the host router wasn’t in modem mode you normally get a message stating that
  3. Still no connection when hub isn’t in modem either as you described and yes I’m use if Cat6 going to try your other suggestion now I tried this and still nothing
  4. No wan ip In device manager and it is disabled sorry how to I add a screen shot
  5. Yes tried that and still no internet
  6. When I set the hub to modem mode and use my laotop I have internet access as soon as I put the duma into the setup I have no internet access at all including WiFi . When I purchased the Duma I followed the set up instructions to a tee everything was good then it just stopped working everything connected was showing it was connected but no internet access
  7. Thanks for help but I just tried this and it’s still the same no internet
  8. Sorry I should of said I was with virgin not so super hub 3
  9. So I followed the video from the support thread and sorted out a static ip still no internet ( having to use my hub 3
  10. Sorry complete noob but how do I give the netduma static ip
  11. No internet connection duplicate host factory reset has not solved this ( from the interface not button on back of netduma) plz help