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  1. jayvee028

    Device Manager NOT Working

    @Netduma Fraser you are welcome. I upgraded back to .40 even though it's buggy lol. I like the Ping Assist feature too, too much.
  2. jayvee028

    Device Manager NOT Working

    @Netduma Fraser i reverted back to an older firmware, and it fixed the problem. Definitely something with .40
  3. I've been experiencing the same thing since upgrading firmware to .40
  4. I've noticed the same thing. I haven't seen buffering in years, now I'm seeing it often since i've upgraded the firmware to V2.3.2.40
  5. jayvee028

    XR500 for PS4

    I always turn off my PlayStation. I never put it in Standby.
  6. jayvee028

    XR500 for PS4

    I haven't had a chance to try yet @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Jack @xlr8r. I do already have my PlayStation setup as a static address. I'm also gonna try clearing my web browser cache and history. I only have three (3) devices connected to my XR500. All three are hardwired CAT6; a PlayStation (static:, a Desktop Computer ( and an Eero Router ( used for General Home Wifi (phones, tablets, TVs, etc.) The Device Manager shows that the Desktop Computer and Eero are online, and I can see their correct upload and download usage on the "Network Monitor" page from both of those devices. I ran a speed test on the PlayStation just to see if it flicked over to Online and if there was any activity on the "Network Monitor" page from any of the three hardwired devices, and there wasn't. I did notice last night that the red light for "High Priority Traffic Detected" turned ON when I did do the PlayStation SpeedTest (even though the PlayStation was still showing Offline) I rebooted the XR500, and all three devices were then showing up in the Network Monitor page. It's just weird how I have to reboot my XR500 for it to acknowledge that the PlayStation is online.
  7. jayvee028

    XR500 for PS4

    Thanks @xlr8r. I will try. Seems like this issue just started whenever I upgraded to the latest firmware a few weeks ago.
  8. jayvee028

    XR500 for PS4

    no it does not. that was one of the first things i tried. very strange.
  9. For some reason, DumaOS is not recognizing my PS4 as being Online in the Device Manager (even though it is). I have to reboot my xr500 every time i turn on my playstation for it to appear online. Anyone know whats causing this?
  10. jayvee028

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Seriously? May 30, 2018 and still no DumaOS for R1?!?!
  11. jayvee028

    New Moderators!

    Congrats, gentlemen!
  12. jayvee028

    Play with other #DumaArmy users on PlayStation Network

    Any NHL18 players on here? psn: jayvee028
  13. jayvee028

    NHL 18

    Can we get NHL18 added to the Geo-Filter sometime soon? Love the Netduma Router. I’ve been recommending it to so many people.
  14. jayvee028

    NHL 18

    Can we pleeeeeeeeease get a NHL18 profile?