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  1. ScottyT

    Sky Sr102 and Netduma R1

    Thank you for you help everyone. Having another issue now not sure if to start a new thread or not? But it’s now saying there was a problem trying to pin make sure device isn’t vpn’d and firewall isn’t blocking it? Has anyone had the same experience? Thank you.
  2. ScottyT

    Sky Sr102 and Netduma R1

    Thank you for your fast replys I shall have a look at your links. Thank you
  3. ScottyT

    Sky Sr102 and Netduma R1

    Hi Guys, Does any body use a sky router with Netduma? I am having a few issues with the set up Sky Sr102-Netduma-Xbox one. I’m having a few issues with pinging and double NATing. May someone please teach me how I could have my sky Sr102 and NetDuma set up please. Many thanks in advance and warm regards, Scott
  4. ScottyT


    Hello Guys And Girls, I’m scott, i game when I can(Xbox One). just recently purchased a NetDuma to make my gaming experience more fair. Please be gentle with me as I am new to forums. Thank you!